Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So How Big Is Big?~~~Walmart A Country Unto Itself!!

People get very suspicious of large corporations and rightly so in many cases. People also get hysterical about large corporations for unfounded reasons. The attacks on McDonald for everything from their menu to their hiring practices and everything in between are prime examples. There are always similar attacks on Walmart especially when one is being built in your neighborhood.

So here is Walmart by the numbers(from an article in Daily Finance by Loren Berlin):

1.According to Fortune, Walmart sold $421,849,000,000 last year. The largest purchase most of us will ever make is our house: If all Walmart sold were new homes, which averaged $268,900 in April, that would be almost 1.59 million homes.

2. $421,849,000,000 is just about the same amount of money that the United States spent in 2009 for the entire year's worth of Medicare, the government program that provides health insurance to senior citizens and younger Americans who are permanently disabled.

3. That $421.8 billion is also about $9 billion less than Taiwan's 2010 gross domestic product -- the total value of the country's goods and services in a single year -- and $7 billion more than Norway's 2010 GDP. In other words, if Walmart were a country, it would be the 25th largest economy in the world.

4. Speaking of countries, let's talk population: Fortune reports that 2.1 million people work at Walmart, which means there are about as many Walmart employees sprinkled across the globe as there are people living in the African country of Namibia (yes, that Namibia, where Anegelia Jolie gave birth). There are another 95 countries with populations smaller than the retailer's sprawling workforce, including Botswana, Kosovo, The Gambia, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahrain, Cyprus, Qatar, Luxembourg, Belize, Iceland, The Bahamas and Greenland.

5. The company has 952,203,837 square feet of retail space, or roughly 34.16 square miles. That's just about 1.5 times the size of the borough of Manhattan. And that's just the stores: We're not even including their offices or distribution facilities ... or their gigantic parking lots.

6. Discussing parking lots, naturally, brings us to driving. According to Fortune, the company's nearly 8,000 drivers logged 749 million miles in 2010, the equivalent of circling the Earth not once, not twice, not a thousand times, but 30,000 thousand times. No wonder Fortune once called the retailer "Planet Walmart."

Yeppers that is BIG!!! So now you all have more reasons to HATE WALMART for what ever reason you choose but if you complain don't let me catch you shopping at Walmart. Make sure you go to all those Mom & Pop stores that we all love. WAIT!! They are mostly gone from the American Scene.

HMMM!! I guess I will go to Walmart, lol!!

Love ya,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton~~Update!!

I have found that the greatest obstacle to achieving my goal, take Pippa on the date of her life, is the distance between the two of us. Distance not only presents the obvious operational problems but adds immensely to the wear and tear on my Exploratory Team and the bottom line costs of staging my quest.

News has reached me, in the form of first hand knowledge, from my plant inside of Pippa's World, that she may be making a move to the United States for business purposes. Further proof came to me today from an piece printed in the Huffington Post Online.

'Pippa Middleton Oprah Show Rumors Make The Rounds'~~~That's right kiddies Pippa may be coming to the USA and that means I gain Home Court Advantage.

From the article:

'This just in from the check-out line magazine rack: both National Enquirer and In Touch claim that Pippa Middleton is moving toward a television deal.
Per the Enquirer, caps lock theirs: "TV queens BARBARA WALTERS and OPRAH WINFREY are secretly DUKE-ing it out over DUCHESS KATE's baby sister in a battle royal to snag her for U.S. TV! Sources close to Baba and O confirm that both talk-show divas are deep into hush-hush talks with Ms. Pippa-licious."'

'O YES WE DID have to read that thrice to figure out what was being said. Apparently, Barbara previously tried to hire Catherine to co-host "The View," and is now smitten with Pippa. And Oprah is eyeing the 27-year-old for some OWN network programing'.

If these rumors are true; my job would become much easier. With Pippa in England i only had a 50/50 chance at completing my quest. but with her on US soil my chances climb to at least 75%.


I will keep you updated as new information come into my Operations Offices.

Love ya,

Desperate PBS Premieres Nova: Boobs A-Bouncin'

That is the head line that greeted me this morning. There seems to have been so much discussion, on Second Life, about AVI Physics especially as it pertains to AVI Breats Movement. It is no wonder that PBS, Public Broadcasting System, thought a show covering the 'Science Of Boob Movement and the Titillation caused by that movement, would help revive its revenue flow; in light of recent losses of Public Monies to fund the network.

This report was picked up off The Onion News Service this morning:

ARLINGTON, VA—Scrambling to secure much-needed funding, the Public Broadcasting Service began its spring pledge drive Monday with the debut broadcast of Nova: Boobs A-Bouncin'. "We at PBS are proud to present this latest installment in our award-winning science series," PBS spokesperson David Brennan said of the two-hour special devoted to the science of breast mobility. "As you'll see, Boobs A-Bouncin' covers all the ups-and-downs, side-to-sides, and other various jiggling patterns associated with the physics of breasts in motion. Please enjoy this episode, and please, please call the number at the bottom of your screen to donate." Faced with a similar budget shortfall, NPR announced last week that it had retooled its popular show Fresh Air so that Terry Gross would now conduct all her interviews from a Sybian.

For those of you living under a rock; a Sybian or Sybian saddle, is a masturbation device designed for use by females, developed by dance instructor Dave Lampert in the 1980s. It consists of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the center.[1] Various attachments can be added to the rod, which vibrates, rotates and may also stimulate the clitoris externally. The intensity of the movements produced can be increased or decreased through a control box attached to the Sybian's base.

                           I am so watching this show when it debuts, lol.

I am going to suggest that PBS change the word 'PUBLIC' to 'PUBIC' to better represent the Cumming changes in their programing.

                       I knew there was something special about Sarah Palin's laugh!!

Love ya,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canadian Prime Minister Reassures The World On Reactor Safety!!

In a story that broke this past week;  the Canadian Prime Minister,  Stephen Harper ,  reassured the public that its new reactors are safe from the types of damage the we have seen in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami disasters.

The Prime Minister is quoted as saying; "In light of recent global events, I want to assure everyone that our maple syrup reactors are still the safest in the world," Harper said. "A team of engineers inspected every maple syrup reactor in Canada and found that all the backup systems and safeguard measures were in place and functioning properly."

According to Canadian maple syrup authorities, a 30-day assessment of the nation's Pressurized Heavy Syrup Reactors determined the sugar-maple cores were sufficiently cool, xylem sap levels remained stable, and spent maple-candy rods had been disposed of according to regulations. In addition, engineers were reportedly encouraged after monitoring sensors indicated boiling temperatures remained in a safe range that would prevent a devastating maple syrup catastrophe.

 Liam McGraw, the chairman of the Canadian Maple Syrup Safety Commission stated; "As you can imagine, we have numerous fail-safes in place in case of emergencies," said McGraw, gesturing toward several diagrams. "These include protective barriers consisting of thick steel, concrete, and batter-cake walls with indented lattice patterns that soak up and contain the sweet, sticky liquid."

McGraw further stated, "We've learned our lesson from the 1998 Winnipeg incident," McGraw said of the infamous core meltdown, which released dark amber material into the environment, coating vegetation and wildlife in the viscous liquid. "If there were a disaster, we'd be prepared for it. We have protective flapjack fortifications in place to ensure containment."

I have volunteered to spear head an American effort to assist the Canadians in any cleanup effort should there be any kind of a leak. At present the newly formed group, Americans For All You Can Eat Pancake Meals, is hording in bulk  a good creamy butter and pancake ingredients and storing these supplies in our new warehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Love ya,

PS......Two things I need to mention now before I move on to other topics; 1. This story came from the website The Onion and 2. Please keep in mind that I am a writer of Fiction.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton~~Update!!

My 'Exploatory Committee' has been hard at work establishing a line of communication into Pippa's World. We seem to have accomplished that but in order to protect our contacts I can not give specifics. Suffice it to say that these people are close enough to Pippa to relate to me the specifics of her perfume choice on a daily basis.

In other news; we have established a headquarters in London. The specifics of our location will be revealed in my Sunday Update.

Love ya,

PS.....If anyone wants to join my quest; please a message at the Blog or if you our inworld at Second Life join my Group 'Night Lines'.

I Have Never Heard A Man Complain About Large Breasts~~Until Now!!

It seems that a lawyer in Chicago can not concentrate because there is a Large Breasted Woman at his opponents table. The headline reads; 'Chicago Lawyer Files Motion Complaining About 'Large Breasted Woman' At Opponent's Table'.

I am thinking that maybe he missed the course on 'How Not To Be Distracted While In The Court Room'. Seems a shame because I am sure that this particular course is one if the only fun courses offered in law School.

Attorney Thomas Gooch, who is representing a Rolling Meadows car dealership in a small claims case, filed a motion last week asking Cook County Circuit Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers to order his opposing counsel's paralegal to sit in the gallery with other spectators. Gooch claims that the woman sitting next to the plaintiff's lawyer has no legal experience and was placed there to "draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings."

This picture is meant to be representative only. An actual picture of the woman in question was not provided in the article.

OK! So you are sitting across the room from these Big Girls and you can not concentrate? I was wondering if Mr. Gooch had a problem with not liking big breasted woman but he is quoted as saying; "that he likes "large breasts," does not believe that Atencia is a paralegal and apparently has a problem with the way she dresses in the courtroom."

I wonder if Mr. Gooch is trying to claim that these Big Breasts are a distraction so as to DISTRACT from the possible lack of merit of his case. HMMM! Food for thought?

In Mr Gooch's defence; I could be distracted by those breasts but I could also do my job at the same time. Of course; I would ask her to dinner after the trail ended, lol.

Love ya,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Someone Always Supplies A Laugh When I Need One!!!

I was searching the Web for things that would make me laugh this morning and came across a site that had 'The 9 Funniest 'Crap Souvenirs' of the Month! ' I thought I would share a few of them with you. With summer vacations coming up ad so many of you traveling; I thought you might want to know what is out there, for you to bring back, to grace your families Nick - Knack Shelves.

Hard to imagine anything as adorable as a blow fish (or perhaps a potato) with a custom fitted sombrero and eyes that move when shaken.

Conjure up that stoned, expensive memory every single morning. For a perfect cup of coffee while waiting to get your lab results back. This is my personal favorite, lol.

These South Korean wooden members are not just handcrafted, they can also stand on their own two legs! You know you all want one of these~~Come on admit it!!

Just leave it to the Dutch to come up with this eco-brainchild. This high-tech vase utilizes wind power to generate enough energy to safely hold a bouquet of fake flowers for hundreds of years without needing to be replaced. I love the Dutch!!!

Show off your financial acumen by keeping your coins in this refined and practical Cane Toad Purse.

This seaworthy garden shoe will sail one of your feet away to a paradise island, which you can then declare a Dutch colony. Comes with three sails, three flags, and as many Dutch icons as you can reasonably squeeze onto a single shoe. LOL!! My Second Life Partner, who is from Holland, will be convinced that I searched for things from Holland on purpose. I promise Thinkie; I DID NOT DO IT!!

Last one,,from another source and what I want for Christmas,,HINT HINT!!

                                                  I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you Doug Lansky for giving me the smile I needed today. I hope one day I can return the favor.

Love ya,

PS.....I will post a Pippa update some time later today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Looking For a Few Good Business Partners~~Deal Goes Down On October 21, 2011!

It seems, according to those in the Biblical Know, my sexual orientation precludes me from being Ruptured on October 21, 2011 with all you Righteous People. HEY IS THE REVEREND CAMPING KEEPS PICKING DATES EVENTUALLY HE HAS TO GET ONE RIGHT!!.

This morning I read an article by Bruce Watson entitled 'What Would the Rapture Do to Real Estate Prices?'  Yes kiddies my mind went wild with the possibilities of Turning A Profit after the Rapture.

From the article; 'While the broader impact of mankind's final days raises some powerful philosophical and theological questions, I live in New York, where everything from environmentalism to religion is filtered through the lens of rents and property values. Camping predicted that everyone who wasn't called into heaven would be completely obliterated, but other theorists -- including LaHaye -- imagine a post-Rapture world in which those who are not pulled into heaven will remain on Earth. Which leads to an important question: Where will those who are left behind hang their hats?'
'Recent events -- notably Wall Street's 2008 meltdown -- would seem to suggest that bankers are not among those who will be ruptured, which means that some version of the current rental/mortgage structure would likely be a part of the post-Rapture world. Admittedly, a plummeting supply of tenants and landowners would likely drive prices down, but would the effect be consistent across the country, or would certain areas be especially hard hit? In short, what would a post-Rapture real-estate market look like?'

Do You See The Possibilities? On the morning of October 20, 2011; we make extremely low offers on expensive properties in very good areas. After Rapture, when the owners of those properties are gone; we will have an offer in place. Bankers, being the greedy bastards they are and being stuck with so many abandoned properties will accept our offers to get out from under the mortgage. The we rent or sell these good properties and take our PROFIT and do it all again until we own a large section of the United States.

At this point, and using the confusion that will be inevitable Post Rapture, we declare ourselves to be OUR OWN COUNTRY. Establish a police force and army to protect our sovereign land. At the same time we form a group to promote commerce with other areas of the United States and eventually other countries. We get Switzerland, Ireland or Iceland to establish embassies, on properties we control, giving us Legitimacy(I picked those three countries because they will acknowledge anyone that calls themselves an Autonomous Region.)


Can you tell I am excited!  I am jumping out of my skin, lol!

I will give you a very good price on this one because the neighborhood is a little questionable and frankly I do not see many from this area being Ruptured, lol.

If interested leave a message at the Blog or at FaceBook. We Will Be Epic!!!

Love ya,


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Do Not See The Racism In The Dove AD~~Am I Blind Or Not Sensitive Enough!!

I Do Not See The Racism In The Dove AD~~Am I Blind Or Not Sensitive Enough!! Maybe I have put myself in a 'Bubble Of Non Racist Thought'? Or maybe I do not interpret things the way others do?

I do not see what others see in this picture. it has been widely professed to be RACIST. I do not see it.
When I looked at this picture, for the first time today; I saw three woman that are supposed tot be using this Drove product with before and after picture of what their skin might look like,

This is what some people see; Via Copyranter, comes the image for the brand's VisibleCare body wash, showing three women -- one black, one possibly Latina and one blonde -- standing in front of "before" and "after" images. Copyranter's takeaway: "Dove body wash turns Black Women into Latino Women into White Women." Jezebel refers to it as "unintentionally(?) racist,"adding, "Bye-bye black skin, hello white skin! (Scrub hard!)"

I have never been Black and I can not expound about to the feelings of people of color when they look at something like this but honestly, I just do not see racism.

So I will ask questions so I can be enlightened.

~~Do we to easily and quickly call something Racist?

~~Do companies really and purposefully put out advertising that is Racist when trying to promote their products.

~~If companies purposefully put out Racist advertising do they really believe that they will not be caught given the present  climate of non tolerance for such things.

If we can answer YES to questions 2 & 3 then Dove and other companies are TOTALLY STUPID.

If we can answer YES to question one then we need to take a hard look at how we approach the process of Calling Something Racist.

What we see, in anything, is an individual prospective. What are your thoughts?

Love ya,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr. Tererai Trent~~Proof of What Africa Can Provide The World!!

Today I am reprinting an Op-Ed piece written for the New York Times, on November 14, 2009, by Nicholas D. Kristof. The article is about the woman that Oprah calls "Her favorite quest of all time". In itself that would be an accomplishment of great magnitude but it only begins to tell you what kind of woman Dr. Tererai Trent has become.

Triumph of a Dreamer

Any time anyone tells you that a dream is impossible, any time you’re discouraged by impossible challenges, just mutter this mantra: Tererai Trent.

Of all the people earning university degrees this year, perhaps the most remarkable story belongs to Tererai (pronounced TEH-reh-rye), a middle-aged woman who is one of my heroes. She is celebrating a personal triumph, but she’s also a monument to the aid organizations and individuals who helped her. When you hear that foreign-aid groups just squander money or build dependency, remember that by all odds Tererai should be an illiterate, battered cattle-herd in Zimbabwe and instead — ah, but I’m getting ahead of my story.

Tererai was born in a village in rural Zimbabwe, probably sometime in 1965, and attended elementary school for less than one year. Her father married her off when she was about 11 to a man who beat her regularly. She seemed destined to be one more squandered African asset.

A dozen years passed. Jo Luck, the head of an aid group called Heifer International, passed through the village and told the women there that they should stand up, nurture dreams, change their lives.

Inspired, Tererai scribbled down four absurd goals based on accomplishments she had vaguely heard of among famous Africans. She wrote that she wanted to study abroad, and to earn a B.A., a master’s and a doctorate.

Tererai began to work for Heifer and several Christian organizations as a community organizer. She used the income to take correspondence courses, while saving every penny she could.

In 1998 she was accepted to Oklahoma State University, but she insisted on taking all five of her children with her rather than leave them with her husband. “I couldn’t abandon my kids,” she recalled. “I knew that they might end up getting married off.”

Tererai’s husband eventually agreed that she could take the children to America — as long as he went too. Heifer helped with the plane tickets, Tererai’s mother sold a cow, and neighbors sold goats to help raise money. With $4,000 in cash wrapped in a stocking and tied around her waist, Tererai set off for Oklahoma.

An impossible dream had come true, but it soon looked like a nightmare. Tererai and her family had little money and lived in a ramshackle trailer, shivering and hungry. Her husband refused to do any housework — he was a man! — and coped by beating her.

“There was very little food,” she said. “The kids would come home from school, and they would be hungry.” Tererai found herself eating from trash cans, and she thought about quitting — but felt that doing so would let down other African women.

“I knew that I was getting an opportunity that other women were dying to get,” she recalled. So she struggled on, holding several jobs, taking every class she could, washing and scrubbing, enduring beatings, barely sleeping.

At one point the university tried to expel Tererai for falling behind on tuition payments. A university official, Ron Beer, intervened on her behalf and rallied the faculty and community behind her with donations and support.

“I saw that she had enormous talent,” Dr. Beer said. His church helped with food, Habitat for Humanity provided housing, and a friend at Wal-Mart carefully put expired fruits and vegetables in boxes beside the Dumpster and tipped her off.

Soon afterward, Tererai had her husband deported back to Zimbabwe for beating her, and she earned her B.A. — and started on her M.A. Then her husband returned, now frail and sick with a disease that turned out to be AIDS. Tererai tested negative for H.I.V., and then — feeling sorry for her husband — she took in her former tormentor and nursed him as he grew sicker and eventually died.

Through all this blur of pressures, Tererai excelled at school, pursuing a Ph.D at Western Michigan University and writing a dissertation on AIDS prevention in Africa even as she began working for Heifer as a program evaluator. On top of all that, she was remarried, to Mark Trent, a plant pathologist she had met at Oklahoma State.

Tererai is a reminder of the adage that talent is universal, while opportunity is not. There are still 75 million children who are not attending primary school around the world. We could educate them all
for far less than the cost of the proposed military “surge” in Afghanistan.

Each time Tererai accomplished one of those goals that she had written long ago, she checked it off on that old, worn paper. Last month, she ticked off the very last goal, after successfully defending her dissertation. She’ll receive her Ph.D next month, and so a one-time impoverished cattle-herd from Zimbabwe with less than a year of elementary school education will don academic robes and become Dr. Tererai Trent. 

                  Dr. Tererai Trent in front of the hut in Zimbabwe where she grew up.
Our lives are full of people we can turn to for inspiration when we need it.  I can now count Dr. Tererai Trent among them.
Love ya,
PS....I like offering you works by other writers because there are so many good stories and worthwhile pieces available that I feel need to be broadcast to you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It’s OK to be Takei!~~Want To Know More!!

I am sure that people, on FaceBook have, have seen the Pink Button that is attached to my profile picture. So let me explain it. There is a faction of USA society that wants to sweep all gay people back into the closet and make believe that we do not exist. I AM NOT GOING INTO A CLOSET EVER!!

The State of Tennessee has a plan to try and sweep us away by passing a bill that is titled 'The Don't Say Gay Bill'. The idea is that if you never talk about Gay People they will simply disappear. Imagine that!! I can tell you that 'Not Talking About Any Subject' does not make it go away. I have tried that with so many politicians and the suckers just keep coming back.

George Takei, of Star Trek fame, has a new campaign to fight this attitude. Please watch the video because George can explain it much better than me.  http://www.georgetakei.com/

The 'It’s OK to be Takei' Campaign suggests that if the law passes, and I actually believe that it did pass this past Thursday, we should replace the Word Gay with Mr. Takei's last name.

So in the Backward and Insignificant State  of Tennessee; if you wanted to state that you were Gay you would say, 'I Am Takei', as George is lending his name to the campaign. On his video, at the above mentioned website, he gives fantastic examples of substituting his name. I will not repeat them here.

Can you imagine if we applied this archaic thought process to the Immigration Problem and passed a law that said was entitled 'Don't Say Mexican'. Maybe we could approach racial problems by passing a law entitled 'Don't Say Black'. Can You Imagine The Uproar!!! Both are absurd to the point of ones tolerance for ignorance and sense of what is Right And Just!!

If you want to attach a Button to you profile picture go to http://www.picbadges.com/its-ok-to-be-akei/1728529/?login=1. It is a very simple process.

I am now and have always been proud of who I am. I ran, Yes Ran, out of my closet when I was 15 years old and have never looked back.

Tennessee must be a very strange place indeed!!

Love ya,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

After Our Close Call With Death~~My Sights Are Firmly Back On Pippa!!

In all the confusion, at London's Heathrow Airport last night, my dedicated staff was unable to get to Pippa in time to bring her to safety here on Pawley's Island. They tried hard and at times risked their own lives to bring Pippa to me. Thank God we were given a reprieve from destruction. I am extremely proud of  my team and their dedication to my cause.

My quest is back on track. After a day of rest, for my team, we will get back to work on Monday. We are dedicated to the task and prepared to carry it through to a satisfying conclusion.

Love ya,


It is now May 22, 2011 in parts of the world and we are still here. We have been given a reprieve from destruction and I for one are very happy!

That WHOOSHING SOUND that you are hearing is the population of Earth SIGHING IN UNISON!

There we are Kiddies!! All in one piece!! Now lets start all our debauchery again. God has let us off the hook. PARTY TIME!!!



Maybe we better put those celebrations on hold and GET OURSELVES RIGHT AND READY!!

Love ya(and coming to the surface from my bunker on Parley's Island)

The Last Day Of Our World Is Here!!~~I Will Wait And Watch!!

It is May 21, 2011, 10am EST. I am monitoring world events so I can keep us all apprised of the flow of disasters that may be headed our way. Kiddies this is serious stuff. Please be prepared.

I was at the grocery store a little while ago, stocking up on Ding Dongs, and was surprised to see that there has been no rush on the stores for food supplies. This tells me that the pubic, at least here in and around Myrtle Beach, SC, are not taking this seriously. I fear for your mortal lives!!

I do not want you to look out your window and see this site when your pantry is devoid of Snack Cake Products that can see you through this crisis.

If you are not physically prepared; PLEASE PLEASE, be spiritually prepared. It does not matter what church you attend, what name you call God or what religious text you study because God is God is God and there is no getting around that fact.

If I am still here later tonight I will post an all clear and we can let loose a sigh of relief together. Be strong Kiddies. Live today with love in your heart and hope for your fellow humans. Live every day like that because if you do; the next time we have a call to rapture you will be ready and will not even have to worry about your Ding Dong supplies.

Love ya,

PS....I was trying to stock up on Ho Ho's but DJ Annie Lane has staked a claim to the worlds supply!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

OMG!!! The End Of The World!!~~~Pippa Will Be Devastated By My Loss!!

Yes!! Pippa Will Be Devastated By My Loss!!

I have instructed my committee to draft a letter detailing my intentions toward Pippa and have that letter delivered to her hands no later than 11:45pm London time so she will know that I am trying to bring love into her life.

She will be told that I have room in my compound for her and that I will protect her from all the horrors of a long drawn World Ending Event. I will dispatch transportation to bring her directly to Parleys Island and the safety that I can and will provide.

We will meet our maker, hand in hand, and show what love really is and how beautiful it can be.

To the rest of you!! GOOD BYE! GOOD LUCK! AND AS ALWAYS,,,,I LOVE YA!!

Night Lana Nicholls

The World Ends Tomorrow!!~~What Should I Wear??

With the news of the world ending on May 21, 2011; many people are starting to prepare for it, albeit to late I think. Since, a long time ago, I made my peace with God and feel comfortable with my relationship with her; I am at peace with that circumstance. Also, since I have been prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse; I can apply that preparation to the world ending. I have not been told if it will be a quick end or a long drawn out affair but either way I am prepared.

So, in reality, my only problem is 'What To Wear For My Last Day On Earth'. This is more of a problem than one might think. I want to be comfortable and yet I need to be dressed well enough to meet my maker. I know that the people predicting Worlds End will say that my being a lesbian precludes my entrance into heaven; but I still need to be dressed for my judgement trial.

One school of thought is that I should dress slutty and get judgement over with quickly. One website is saying that women should wear Fishnet Stockings until the world ends. http://blog.seduzioneleggs.com/2011/04/wear-fishnets-till-world-ends.html

I will admit to a certain love of fishnet stockings but for this occasion I feel they may not be appropriate. A more conservative look will be better I think.

I think that this outfit is a little to formal. After all I do not want to appear that I fell above others who are standing in line, with me,  for their judgement.

Both of these outfits seem to casual. I need to make an good impression while not looking to be to confident.

In the end I believe that I should arrive at my judgement the same way I arrived into life; with nothing to hide open to whatever awaits me.


Love ya,

PS.....BTW; I nave asked for Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins to act as my counsel during my Judgement trial. I they can not get me a positive judgement no one can.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pippa Quest Update!! I Get What I Want!!!

Pippa Middleton's bottom is favourite to win Rear of the Year after its display at the Royal Wedding.!!

This is my goal Kiddies!!! The Lesbiantion Of Pippa Middleton!! She Will Be Mine!!!

Do not doubt me when I say that she will be mine.


Love ya

A Sign That We Are Winning The war On Illegal Drugs!!

I have listened to all the rhetoric about the War On Drugs for 20 years. Every time we arrest a Drug King Pin another rises in his place almost immediately. And each year the drug problem seems to get worse even after the BILLIONS of dollars and loss of life, by our brave law enforcement officers, that we have invested on trying to win it. 

But today I saw a sign that we may be winning. Three Hundred Pounds of illegal contraband was seized at a Mexican border crossing this thwarting its movement into the United States and stopping its distribution to our citizens.

                               That's right!! 385 POUNDS OF BOLOGNA!!

The headline reads:

'Bologna Bandit Busted Smuggling 385 Pounds of Lunchmeat'

Can you imagine the damage to our youth if this illegal lunch meat had hit the streets and with the price of meat in the USA now its street value would have spurred even more smuggling of this Cholesterol causing pathogen. 

'In what is reported to be the largest bust of bologna ever at the Santa Teresa, New Mexico point of entry, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 35 rolls of the pork product (385 pounds!!) from a Ciudad Juarez resident. That's enough for about 4,000 sandwiches.' Can you imagine! FOUR THOUSAND HITS OF THIS POTENT KILLER DISTRIBUTED TO LUNCH BOXES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

And this is not the first time that these Powerful Bologna King Pins have tried to cross our borders with this Death To America Product. 'This recent seizure is not actually Guinness World Record worthy, however. In November 2003, 81 rolls of Bologna (756 pounds!!) were seized in El Paso.' Again they were stopped at the border.

They have even tried to smuggle in other types of food drugs. 'Other non-traditional food seizures include 10 tons of chocolate bonbons, bushmeat and 230 pounds of snails.' Where will this madness end.

I want to congratulate the Border Patrol and Border Guards for their diligent work in beating back this menace. Mush more work needs to be done.

DAMN! Now I have this craving for a Fried Bologna Sandwich!!

Love ya,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton~~New Developments !!

Today new developments arose in my 'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton Project'.  This quote, from an article, that appeared on StyleList.com today; 'Move over, Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncĂ© and Jessica Alba! Pippa Middleton is the new ideal for U.K. women who want a tighter, firmer bottom. A leading cosmetic surgery clinic has even coined the popular treatment "The Pip Package Perfect Posterior." It can cost up to $12,000.'

Now this would seem to be a road block for most women seeking my goals with Pippa but not me. Lets take a look at this sweet posterior package of joy.

Yes! I will admit that it is a perfect little package worthy of copying by any woman that seeks to improve her posterior anatomical view. But kiddies after 20 years of soccer, running and daily exercise; my butt is ready for the challenge. You can bounce quarters off my butt and have then rebound back to you at light speed. I AM NOT INTIMIDATED!!!

I have dispatched one of my committee members to London to investigate this Posterior Phenomenon and bring back all the information I will need to not only match that Sweet Posterior Package but surpass it in ways that will have Pippa begging her physicians for 'The Night Tush And Tickle Posterior Beautification Plan'.

I am up for the challenge. Pippa will be mine!

Love ya,

Why Do We Celebrate Others People's Misery?

Why Do We Celebrate Others People's Misery? I have often asked myself this question. It seems that when ever a celebrity or person of note gets into trouble or makes a mistake we can not get enough news about what happened and what misery they are suffering. The latest fodder for our consumption is the destruction of the Schwarzenegger/Shriver marriage. I certainly can not condone Schwarzenegger’s conduct but at the same time I can not support the over blown media coverage that has to be having a polarizing effect on Maria Shriver.

This need to exploit, and exploitation is what this is, someone else's misery is a trait that no one should condone. All done in the name of television ratings and a quick joke from opportunist comedians. These people care little about the damage that this coverage might do to the child involved. RATINGS! RATINGS!  RATINGS!

This obsession does not only manifest itself on the national level. The same obsession appears at the local news level and is just as damaging. A few years ago I was having a dispute with the IRS. The dispute was not that I owned them money, both the IRS and I agreed that I did owe, but rather over how much was owed. There was never a disagreement as to whether payment would be made; because in reality I had already paid their number and was looking for a settlement and return of some of the money to me. But the local media grabbed the story and decided it was news worthy to broadcast it.

The result was a loss of a very good relationship that I was lucky to be in at the time. The news also coincided with the release of my first book and my publisher blamed that publicity for poor sales. Soon after I lost my publisher. It took nearly two years to get signed by another publisher. In the mean time my work went stagnant. I was writing for myself and my family. I was not a happy camper kiddies.

Misery loves company!! An old English proverb that has many meanings. I believe that those who report on other people's misery, even though they are culpable in the damage that can be done, are not the worse offenders to celebrating others misery. The worse offenders are those who seem to have the need to consume the bad things happening to others and celebrate it.

I believe that people, when celebrating other's misery, are doing so because it makes them feel better about there own miserable lives.

Schadenfreude~~is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. The Human Race suffers from this condition.

If you do not want to believe me or others who find this situation  distasteful, believe The Bible.

The Book of Proverbs mentions an emotion similar to that now described by the word schadenfreude: "Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him." (Proverbs 24:17–18, King James Version).

I am sure that similar thought can be found in the other Books Of God; like the Koran or Torah. Please think about how you would feel on the receiving end of this crap. Maybe thinking about, 'What if it was happening to me?', would make you think twice about celebrating misfortune.

By The Way,,The Buddhist concept of mudita, "sympathetic joy" or "happiness in another's good fortune", is cited as an example of the opposite of schadenfreude. Take a look at it. Maybe it will help get your thoughts straight.

Love ya,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton Exploratory Committee Formed'!!

The formation of my 'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton Exploratory Committee' is complete. Eleven of my closest friends, female, male, lesbian, gay and straight, met yesterday and formed the committee. The first committee vote, on whether this is a viable project, was a unanimous affirmative vote to move on with the project.

The second vote was to establish a target date for my Date. After much discussion; it was decided that I look better with a natural tan, which I can get in South Carolina by April 15th, and that Mid Spring tends to be my best time of year so a Target Date Of May 1, 2012 has been set.

That leaves just under one year to turn this South Carolina Country Girl into a Lady acceptable to English Society. HMMM! Is that enough time?

                      Damn those hats will take a lot of work for me to master!!!

The first order of business was to break down into sub committees to study our options and prepare an Action Plan.

Sub Committees:

1. Base Of Operations Committee~will explore out best options for a London based office and living space when we move to the active phase of the operations.

2. High Society Committee~to study English High Society and form a plan of instruction to teach me to blend into it smoothly.

3. Wardrobe Committee~to study Posh Fashion Trends, in England, and prepare a suitable ensemble.(I will approach my Posh and Beautiful Scottish friend Cally, in Second Life to serve on this committee.)

4. The Approach Committee~to study the best ways to approach Pippa so she will be receptive to our meeting.

5. The Get Rid Of Pippa's Boy Friend Committee~to remove obstacles that may hamper my progress.

I will keep you abreastt(God I love that word,lol) of each committees progress with daily reports.

Love ya,

Love Yourself!!~~~Then Others Will Love You Too!!

    “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”~~Buddha.

Many years ago I came to grips with who I was and soon after that I started liking what I was seeing in myself. There was a time in my life, like I believe many people have experienced, that I hated myself. There was nothing that I saw in me that I really thought was worthy of loving. But as soon as I started to realize that what I was feeling was normal and that I had a lot to work with; I started to find peace with who I was and with what I could make of myself.

I was reading the 'Abundance Tapestry Blog' yesterday and found some sound advice on loving youself.  'How To Love Yourself In 17 Ways' by Evelyn on March 20, 2008 holds some very good advise for those searching for a way to embrace themselves. http://www.abundancetapestry.com/how-to-love-yourself-in-17-ways/. I will summerize and let you read the article for yourself if you wish.

1. Fall in love with yourself.~~Think about what makes you You.
2. Eliminate Self Criticism.~~Do you often berate yourself over the tiniest thing? 
Be Kind And Positive.~~When you start to think kindly and positively about yourself, the love you have for yourself just grows.
4. Acknowledge Your Effort.~~ It’s not always about winning or having success in everything that you do. 
5. Let Go Of Worry.~~ Loving yourself requires you to let go of your worry. It is a horrible way to live a life filled with constant worrying.
6.Trust Yourself.~~ Have confidence in your abilities.
7. Forgive Yourself.~~ If you have made mistakes in the past that had caused you to feel less worthy, then you need to forgive yourself. 
8. Be Truthful To Yourself.~~ Loving yourself requires you to be truthful about your own feelings. If you are happy, acknowledge the joy. If you are sad, acknowledge the sorrow.
9. Grow Spiritually.~~ When you spend time growing spiritually, loving yourself is an automatic thing. 
10. Make Positive Affirmations Everyday.~~ Post affirmations that can help raise your self esteem everyday. For instance, say this to yourself “I love and accept myself completely and unconditionally.” Read your affirmations out loud several times a day. (I have an affirmation written on Cure Chaser Tower, in Second Life, that I read every morning)
 11. Express Gratitude.~~ Express gratitude for the person that you are. For instance, cultivate an appreciation for your strengths and gifts.
12. Nurture Your Dreams.~~ Why deny yourself your dreams? When you nurture your dreams, you would love the life that you are leading.
13. Boost Your Self Confidence.~~ Make a deliberate attempt to look for opportunities that can help improve your sense of Self.
14. Relax.~~ You need to give yourself space to take breaks every now and then.
15. Have Fun.~~ Inject some fun into your life. Life is meant to be an enjoyable. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. 
16. Look After Your Body.~~ It is important that you strengthen yourself with proper nutrition and regular exercise.
17. Learn To See Beauty.~~ When you learn to see beauty in every thing, you will also see beauty in yourself. 

I would encourage you to read the entire article if you have any doubts about Loving Yourself. Especially the quotes and the beautiful affirmation that concludes this offering.

Life is way to short to not learn to love yourself. You will find that once you love yourself; others will see that and learn to love you too.

Love ya,
PS.....Later today I will give you an update on my Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton. It is going to be EPIC for her once the date is secured.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Going To Climb That Mountain Named~~Pippa Middleton!!!

I have decided to start making a log of my 'QUEST FOR A DATE WITH PIPPA MIDDLETON'.

I can not put a finger on what makes me attracted to her or my desire to place many more than one finger on her cute little ass.  But today I will start documenting my activities to MAKE HER MINE FOR AT LEAST ONE NIGHT!!

Today I am holding meetings with some of my most influential Lesbian friends and together we will form a 'PLAN OF ACTION' to make Pippa beg to be at my side.

Stay tuned for more information on that plan and my list of Pippa facts that I will need to conquer this British Nymph.

Love ya,

Phobias~~People Fear The Strangest Things!!!

I have always been fascinated by Phobias. I personally have only one and it has weighed heavy on me all my live. I have not found a phobia description that fits my feelings toward dying alone but a simple Google search tells me that many people have thought about it. Thanatophobia, the fear of dying,  is the closest I have come.

My fear of dying alone has little to do with not ever having a life mate. My fear is dying alone, in my house, and not being discovered for a month. I had a minister once, a wonderful man, who retired from his church and soon after his marriage fell apart. About two years later he passed away, in his home, of natural causes but he was not found for over a week. This is my fear. Sometimes I think that people settle on partners just because being alone produces situations that are less desirable than waiting for a person who GETS YOU.

Being alone has its advantages and I embrace them all. I am not a person to settle. My housekeeper is a wonderful woman and close friend but I could manage without her. But having her come to the house every morning is comforting. OH! BTW! I am not dying, lol. But knowing that I have someone to check up on me everyday is a comfort.

Some Phobias I find interesting and a little funny.

Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens~~Most people, who are suffering from this weird kind of fear, start to sweat when around chickens. They feel a constant tickle of worry that the chicken might become aggressive or conspiratorial and attack them and contaminate their body with infection on their body. The actual fear lies in the fact that the person may think that the chicken may peck him at any time or swoop upon to cause unnecessary fear.

Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic~~Apparently people with alliumphobia get severe panic attacks or anxiety when in close proximity to garlic. A person with alliumphobia must have quite a rough time because almost everything we eat in contains some form of garlic!

Bibliophobia- Fear of books~~Some of us think we have it when we try to do our homework. The symptoms of this phobia include breathlessness, dizziness, dry mouth, excessive sweating, nausea, feeling sick, heart palpitations, inability to speak of think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a sensation of detachment from reality of a full blown anxiety attack. Bibliophobia can cause disruptions at work, school, and in social relations.

Others Include:

Anthrophobia or Anthophobia- Fear of flowers
Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia- Fear of money
Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer
Samhainophobia- Fear of Halloween
Ephebiphobia- Fear of youth
Samhainophobia- Fear of Halloween
Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia

I find the human psyche one of the most interesting subjects one can endeavor to study. We place ourselves, both consciously and subconsciously, into amazing and sometimes complicated positions. I believe that our ability, and I call is an ability because it is a behavior that our species seems to have perfected, to suffer or produce these phobias are one of the things that make us a higher functioning species.

With the continued understanding of our own brain development and our continued evolution toward being able to tap into more and more brain functions; will come even more strange and bizarre thought offshoots of the phobia phenomenon.

Love ya,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friggatriskaidekaphobia~~Sounds Like Something Said Every Night In Brooklyn!!

'The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom "Friday" is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen)'~~From Wikkipedia. We have great names for almost everything, lol.

I personally have never had a fear of Friday the 13th; but I have friends that will not even leave the house when this day arrives. I always figured that if we were destined to have bad luck on any particular day; whether you were in or out of your house would not be a factor.

According to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a "Friday the 13th" superstition before the 19th century.  The earliest known documented reference in English occurs in Henry Sutherland Edwards'  1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini:
Rossini was surrounded to the last by admiring and affectionate friends; Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky
But the fear of the #13 has been around for centuries. Huffington Post has a nice article about the #13 phobia at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/13/friday-the-13th-history-a_n_681152.html#s51638&title=No_room_in.

Some things that triskaidekaphobia has effected are:

~~Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.
~~Many cities don't have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue.
~~Many airports skip the 13th gate.
~~Airplanes have no 13th aisle.
~~Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery.
~~More than 80% of high rises lack a 13th floor
~~On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half.
~~Traditionally in hangings, there are 13 knots in the noose and 13 steps leading up to the moment of death.
~~In France, socialites called quatorziens (fourteeners) make themselves available as 14th guests to keep a dinner party from an unlucky fate.
~~Tarot Card number 13 is the Death Card, depicting the Grim Reaper.

Humans are amazing creatures and those that study them have a job that will not end until God calls us all to Peace and explains what She was thinking.

Love ya,

PS....This post was supposed to appear yesterday but the Blot site was down most of the day. I may spend a few days reviewing Human Phobias next week as I find them interesting.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Am A Heartless Bitch~~And I Stand Proud Along Side Other Heartless Bitches!

I am an avid reader of the website Heartless Bitches International. I actually came across this site by accident and have been a fan ever since. The word Bitch is described by HBI as;'Being In Total Control, Honey'.  I liked the site a soon as I read that on page one.

Today I am reprinting a story written by an HBI regular contributor; Twisted Sister. I have quoted her before and find her quotes and writings to be straight forward and refreshing. This particular offering struck me as important because, being a supporter of school sponsored sex education by QUALIFIED educators, I have found that any discussion of female ejaculation seems to be swept under the rug as something not worthy of discussion. I can tell you this, by personal experience, that if your partner is knowledgeable in helping you reach this event; your partnership will be on step closer to being long term. Female ejaculation is not as rare an occurrence as you might think. Finding a partner that understands; first, how to help produce one and second, its value to a women's sexual experience is a rare occurrence.

Why isn’t Female Ejaculation taught in schools?

If you had sex education at school I’m sure you were taught about male ejaculation. But I’d be willing to bet that no-body even mentioned female ejaculation to you.

When I first had sex as a teenager I was surprised when I gushed clear liquid which made me feel amazing. My boyfriend was disgusted and thought I had wet myself. His horror affected me and made me think there was something wrong with me.

I have to say the majority of men that I have slept with thought it was cool and were happy to find what worked for me and made it happen (lord love each and every one of you!)

Some though, were disturbed or disgusted by it. They felt it was weird or wrong. I guess their 2ml ejaculation seemed puny in comparison. They were squeamish about the mess and they also thought it was urine – which I can state categorically it isn’t.

It wasn’t until I was 25 and read an article in a magazine about Tantric sex and found that people paid money to learn how to do this, that I discovered that it was perfectly normal and even desirable.

What I want to know is why are we so embarrassed about women’s sexual pleasure that this is just completely ignored during sex education? Why is it seen as something weird and kinky? Just to have known about it would have saved me a lot of anxiety and problems with my confidence and self image.

My wish is that we can ‘normalise’ this so that female ejaculation is seen as the normal functioning of women’s bodies and not some weird add-on; that we can deal with the fact that women can and do enjoy sex and that women are able to talk about their ejaculation as comfortably as they do other aspects of sex.
~~By Twisted Sister

Anyone that wants to be a good lover or wants to please their female partner needs to educate themselves on the sexual needs that women have and how they can best bring those needs to fruition.

I know what I am asking of my girlfriend for my next birthday! Maybe you should learn to give this gift to your partner. SOON!!

Love ya,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Women~~Knowing The Value Of A Good Photo Opportunity!!

Many celebrities take advantage of photo opportunities to keep them in the news. Many even have their publicists leak where and when they will be somewhere so the paparazzi can be there to get the shots.  Sort of 'Product Placement For Humans'. But the key is not in the producing of photo opportunities for yourself; but rather in the quality of that opportunity. 

We see how many celebrities get caught in compromising positions that cause them to be involved in bits of controversy. If the controversy is minor and legal then it becomes useful to there careers but if they are the sort that Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan find themselves in damage can and will result.

This photo of Kate Middleton is a perfect example of taking advantage of a photo opportunity in such a wonderful way. She is simply dressed, looks cute, sexy and tasteful. The 'Girl Next Door Look' in someone that is definitely not living next door to me; DAMN IT!

Now compare this photo with Vansesa Hudgens. A beautiful woman in her own right but the flashiness and an outward 'I am a sexy bitch attidude' that is portrayed in this photo cheapens that beauty.

Beautiful? YES!
Sexy? YES!
Necessary to sell her beauty or her talent? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

This is an example of Hollywood's demands that a woman needs to portray a sexy exterior before she can display her inner abilities to act.

Paris Hilton is the 'Mistress of taking  advantage of photo opportunities'.  This is a woman that does not need the publicity, because of her wealth, but she knows how to take her turn in front of the camera better than most celebrities. She can show us the 'Innocent Girl' look on Monday and the 'Sexy Vixen' on Tuesday. All done tastefully and with purpose. I am not totally a fan but I would not toss her from my bed either, lol.

And finally:

WTF is this? This is the use of sex and shock value to sell a product through an outrageous image. Not many can pull it off and Lady Gaga is someone that does this to perfection. I am someone that does not find this sexy or even particularly shocking. I guess I have grown immune to her antics.

Oh & BTW!! I would toss her from my bed!!

Love ya,

PS.....Celebrity men are not immune to this situation. They are just way less enjoyable to snap photos of by the paparazzi.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nights Dance To Day~~~Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The next day. at six in the morning, Dylan Collins was sitting in uncle Sean’s kitchen drinking coffeeand laughing at his own jokes. Dylan was like the Barry Fitzgerald character from John Wayne’s ‘Quiet Man’ movies. The difference between the two was that Dylan was dripping intelligence and an air of respect.

“You look like you need sleep”, Dylan to me as I sat down with a cup of coffee.

I knew I looked bad and was in need of sleep. I just could not manage it. “I have not slept well in a month. Probably won’t until this is over.”

“I have set up a meeting with Bailey. On neutral ground at my house. We will travel down there today and you can rest for the day.”, Dylan. “When does your team get here?”

“They will be in today. Uncle Sean has made arrangements for a place for them to stay that is out of site and where they can prepare if we need to make a move.” I trusted Dylan but I did not want anyone knowing where Pete and Wailer were staying. “Tell me what Bailey told you?”

“He is a man showing some remorse and I believe him.”, Dylan.

Dylan related this story. It seemed that Bailey did not know the nature of the cargo when he arranged for the transportation. He expected that he was going to be the middle man in a weapons deal. There were two things that made him leery about taking that particular job. First, the owner of the shipment did not specify what was being shipped. Secondly, they sent their own security on the flight.

Bailey said he owned this guy a favor and the guy was calling in his marker. Looks like he had no choice about taking the job . The debt had to be paid back. If he had known what he was carrying; he would have found a way to get out from under it. Once they had gotten on the plane; the damage was done.

“Who was he working for and what happened after they landed?”

“I will listen and out respect for you be calm as I can but I need to know everything. If he holds back on me I will know it.”

“ Like I said I believe him.”, Dylan

“And Diego; all guns will be checked at the door.”

Love ya,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Mother's Day" Or "Mothers' Day"~~What A Change An Apostrophe Makes?

Growing up Mother's Day did not mean very much to me as I lost my Mom to cancer when I was four years old. But it is a day that has always held a fascination for me. My Dad, and I think he told me this to soften the blow of no celebration on a day everyone seemed to be celebrating, always told me it was  a 'greeting card company made up holiday'. I know now that this was not true. I think that he was trying to protect not only me but also himself.

Mother's Day or Mothers' Day, we will get to the difference in a moment, has been celebrated, in one form or another, since ancient times. In modern times it is celebrated in, by my count, 157 countries. The second Sunday in May seems to be the day most countries celibate this holiday but days of celebration are spread across the entire calender year.

Wikipedia has a list of countries and when they celebrate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother's_Day

Now as to this APOSTROPHE discussion. In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases "second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day", and created the Mother's Day International Association. "She was specific about the location of the apostrophe; it was to be a singular possessive, for each family to honour their mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world."

To quote my SL Partner Thinkie, "English Damn Language". An apostrophe is the difference between YOUR MOM having her own day or sharing it with everyone else's mother.

So today give you mother a hug and kiss. Make sure you call her if you can not make it home Or visit her final resting place like I do. HONOR her because she was/is the greatest resource in a young girls life and continues to be so when womanhood has arrived.



Love ya,'

PS...Tomorrow Chapter 20 of Nights Dance To Day.