Sunday, October 21, 2012

Standing In The Back Of The Room Can Payoff Big!!!

On August 22, 2011 I was standing in the back of The Roof venue listening to music on a night that was meant to be my last in Second Life. Second Life drama, and we all know how that story goes, had taken its toll and I had had enough. I had decided that if nothing good happened this night, a new friend or at least something interesting, I was going to log off and, for the most part, leave Second Life behind.

Toward the end of my night I decided to ask someone to dance and had she said no I believe that would have been it for me. Her name was Friendly Story and she said yes. We talked and danced for over an hour hitting it off pretty well.

We have been together pretty much every night since. I am truly blessed. In a short time she had pulled my Second Life out of the crapper but amazingly she did the same for my Real Life. In time we started to enhance each others lives.

When I got sick, earlier this year, she was there at my side to keep me going. There are times that I truly believe that if not for her I would have given up. Like I said; I am truly blessed.

Today, October 21, 2012 we celebrate our first year of marriage. In all my life I have never felt this strongly about any woman or have been as committed to a relationship. That old adage about 'her completing me' is true; Friendly, my Christine, completes me.

I Love You Precious!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Single Issue Voting~~Dangerous, Selfish Or The Right Thing To Do?

 By single-issue voting, I mean casting a ballot for a candidate with whom one is in substantial disagreement on major issues of present public concern, or whom one judges to be inferior to an alternative candidate in character or competence, because one is in agreement with the candidate’s views on a single issue which one judges to be of overriding importance. ~~John Langan(The Morality of Single-Issue Voting)(

Now that was a mouthful, lol. I believe that our country is inundated by single issue voters who put their needs or beliefs before the country as a whole. I do not want to diminish the importance of their paramount issue as to them it is their motivation to vote.

Gay Rights and Marriage, Reproductive Rights, Universal Healthcare, Medicare, Gun Control, Nuclear Disarmament, Poverty, Civil Liberties, The Economy, The War on Terrorism, Immigration, plus many more~~all are important issues important to the election process. The problem I see is that when a person chooses one issue and makes that their 'point of choice', with disregard to the consequences of the other issues, they put the country at risk.

I find that I am a Moderate. God I hate that term as it implies that I take no stance on any issues. Of course this is not true. I take a stance on every issue, individually, and do not subscribe to an far right or far left propaganda. I weigh each issue and decide what weight to give it toward my voting choice.

Lets look at how I see the above issues and how I might approach the 2012 Presidential Vote.

~Gay Rights and Marriage~Sexual Orientation is not a choice; it is a fact. I believe people find love where they can and the right to express that love through marriage and raising a family should be given to everyone.

~Reproductive Rights~Personally I do not believe that I could ever abort a child. But having that as my belief does not mean I have the right to tell anyone else how they should behave. It's their body and it's their choice.

~Universal Healthcare and Medicare~Everyone is entitled to the best possible healthcare available at a reasonable price. I do not support Obamacare because I see it as a massive government program that we will struggle to pay for and that will place a burden on generations to come. There has to be a better way.

~Gun Control~I would support the restriction on certain weapons and ammunition, such as fully automatic weapons or armour piercing bullets, but oppose any restriction on my Second Amendment Rights to to own a firearm.

~Nuclear Disarmament~I would be happy if everyone got rid of every nuclear weapon and we went back to using sticks.

~Civil Liberties~Equality is the basis of any society. It is unfortunate that we have to legislate equality and I support laws that try and accomplish that task. I do not support laws that place a burden on today's society for things done in centuries past; such as reparations for slavery.

~The Economy~I am not rich nor do I have desires to be so but I would like to see a return to full employment and a grocery bill that does not require a bank loan to pay.

~The War on Terrorism~Is it winnable? Maybe! Will it end? Never as long as we continue to mix politics and religion and we elect leaders that seem to be paralyzed into inaction or reckless toward action. But it has to be fought to protect this country. Its cost in dollars is tremendous but its cost in the lives of our best and brightest is such a heavy price to pay.

~Immigration~My grandparents came here legally and forged a new life for us all and for that I am eternally grateful. We have created a country that attracts millions of people with Hope and a desire for a better life. I fully understand that and sympathize with their plight. But there is a breaking point for any society and I believe we are quickly reaching ours. A solution to the illegal immigration problem has to be found that balances the hope of America that lived within our ancestors with the needs of our society as a whole.

So I am all over the map with my thoughts. Do I vote for Obama because he and I both support Sexual Orientation Rights and ignore a horrid record on the economy? Do I vote for Romney because I believe he has a better chance of turning the economy around but ignore what I believe is an archaic belief on Sexual Orientation rights?

A predicament indeed!

If I was a single issues voter this would be an easy choice. Screw the rest of the countries needs and vote my issue.

But life is not a single issue entity and voting should not be as simple as a single issue that I strongly believe.

Look at everything my friends and vote for whomever will help this country as a whole. In the long run we all will be better for it.