Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Quotable Bob Marley!!

I found this on FaceBook the the day. I found it interesting because it is Bob Marley's take on 'People who live in glass houses should not throw stones'.

I have always liked Bob Marley's music. The rhythm makes me happy and gets my feet moving. I will admit that more than a little marijuana was passed  around while we listened but even today, with my partying days behind me, I still have his music on CD's in my car. His rendition of 'Knocking On Heavens Door' is a particular favorite of mine

A little background on Mr Marley for those of you who have been living under rocks the past 30 years. 'Robert "Bob" Marley was lead singer and guitarist for the ska and reggae bands The Wailers and Bob Marley & The Wailers. Marley's music was highly influential, not only in the world of reggae which he largely defined, but also introducing the Rastafarian movement to a worldwide audience. Many of his songs featured the struggles of the powerless and the poor, as well as preaching Rastafarian themes such as brotherhood and peace for all mankind. His songs, including I Shot the Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry and Redemption Song, rocketed up the charts. Following his death in 1981, Marley's posthumously released album, Legend, became reggae's best-selling album of all time, selling 20 million copies worldwide.' He was 36 when he passed away but in those 36 short years he lived his life the way he wanted to and there greater tribute to a persons life than to be able to say they lived on their terms.

Why does it take a musician to see the light as to how we should treat one another? Why do our 'supposed religious leaders' and 'supposed bible wielding political leaders' want to divide us by race, religious beliefs, nationality or sexual orientation?

Interesting questions indeed. I am no saint and my closet is full of skeletons but I am proud to say that 'bigotry' in any form is not among them. I will admit to one prejudice and I will never apologize for it. I do not like 'stupid people'!! The word 'stupid' here does not refer to an educational level or any socioeconomic bracket or an particular race or ethnic origin. It refers to those people that lack basic common sense toward their lives and those lives that they come in contact.

Why am I different than anyone else. I was brought up Catholic; having a sense of quilt built into me that was based on superstition and tradition that I ran from as soon as I possible could. As soon as I was of an age to intelligently express my views my mouth started running and has not stopped since. I assure you that my thoughts landed me in hot water more than once.

Quotes like the two above, Mr Marley's and the Glass House quote, produce more questions than answers. I think the reason for that is that they require each of us to draw our own conclusions and formulate a lifestyle that we feel is right for us. They force us to evaluate how we treat others and what reactions we will champion when others treat us in a less than cordial manner.

When we are growing up we absorb all those influences laid upon us by everyone we come in contact. The problem is that many of us, even after reaching a point in our lives where we are able to formulate our own original ideas, rely in those formative years influences to form a basis for how we approach life.

I was so guilty of allowing my up bringing to influence my life choices. Actually it took me more than 40 years to finally see the errors in my thinking and adjust how I dealt with people and society as a whole. At that point in my life I moved from being 'one of the stupid people' to a free thinker who could deal with each person on an individual basis and not 'qroup people' into categories.

If we meet on the street; please meet and judge me for 'ME' not any preconceived stereotypical idea of what an Italian American, with a Catholic upbringing, brings to your mind.

Kiddies I am not that person anymore. You all are not the people you were just a few years ago. We evolve in mind and spirit every day . It is how we handle our 'personal growth' that will define us.

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!", Bob Marley

Love ya,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Am Under The Weather~~So What The Hell Does That Mean!!

I have been feeling ill the last three days and the term 'Under The Weather' seems to fit. In Southeastern North Carolina this time of years our weather changes to the extremes almost daily. This past 7 days we have had highs in the 70's, lows in the 30's, hard winds and cold rain. Until cooler weather sets in to stay, in maybe mid December, we will struggle staying healthy.

My present predicament is further complicated by my 'caffine addiction'. When I am feeling ill coffee does not taste very good but without it I can not tell if my headaches are related to caffeine withdrawal or my battle with my allergies and the weather.

I can tell you that my headaches are much less today than they were yesterday when I had no coffee. My caffeine addiction is feeding into all this quite strongly. I am an admitted 'caffineaholic' and I am sure my lovely wife will quickly agree.

So what does the term 'Under The Weather' mean and where does it originate?

According to the blog Grahams Random Ramblings; 'Most references I could find refer to seasickness. During bad weather passengers would get sick due to the rocking and rolling of the ship. Passengers would go below deck to avoid the bad weather, and where the rocking and rolling was slightly less. Therefore under the storm, or bad weather.'

That makes sense and I do not think I would be remiss if I said that many of the sayings we use today can claim their origins in the old sailing ships.

By the way; this term has been extended to include the 'hangover' after a night of heavy alcohol drinking. Which also makes sense.

The first actual recording of this term was by American author Donald Grant Mitchell in his 'Reveries of a Bachelor'.

So there you have it. I AM Under The Weather!!! This is why I have not posted a blog since Saturday.

I found one other thing in Grahams Random Ramblings today. A quote by Mark Twain. 'The difference between an average person and a clever person is the understanding of a thousand words.' I love this quote and it certainly rings true.

A person who commands a vast vocabulary can win an argument through the mere use of that vocabulary even if he has come down on the wrong side of an issue.

Your words to cogitate upon today my examiners of operable wisdom and knowledge!!

Love ya,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love Remembered~~A Short Story By Randy Nicholls~~

This is my entry in the November 2011 Erotic Short Story Competition held within Second Life. Our inspiration for this competition was this picture. I do not normally write in this genre so this was a challenge for me.

Love Remembered

The water feels cool flowing across her bare feet. Her cotton dress moving with the breeze reveals her slim figure. Sitting here on this old dock brings his memory rushing back at her forcing tears to flow.

This dock was their play place as children. They learned to swim and fish here. They made all their promises here too. Promises they both desperately wanted to keep. Promises that faded into the ground with him.

She continuously stares at a heart carved into the end of the dock. Their names, Laurie and Johnny, still clearly visible after all these years. The piercing arrow, that was promised upon his return, still missing.

No one comes here anymore. It has become a cold and lonely place but it is her connection to him. The only place she feels his presence.

Letting the warm spring wind wash over her she lays back and thinks about him and the day he left. The day he promised to meet here in their favorite place when he returned. She is tired. The crying wearing her out. The weariness washing over her forcing the sleep she desperately needs.

Slowly she gives into weariness. Slowly she fades away into sleep.

A hand on her leg awakens her. It is sliding around her knees gently. Her eyes will not open but the touch is welcome, familiar. This lone hand slides up her body caressing her as it moves. Lovingly touching her and finally stopping at her face.

The hand moves gently across her face touching every part of it. She feels a kiss on the tip of her nose. When she forces her eyes open to see who is touching her a dark face greets her. The sun leaving this face in shadow. There is a familiarity to its form.
Gentle kisses cover her face while a hand moves through her hair. He playfully tickles her ears and kisses them.

When his lips finally brush against hers all her muscles seem to tense at once. Her mind screaming "Stop' but her body aching for the touch.

As his lips move across her neck her body begins to give into her needs. This mysterious hand slides across her breasts and her back arches to the touch forcing her body upward and into this gentle hand.

She feels his mouth pressing against her dress and kissing her breasts through it. Her nipples responding and inviting him to continue. Her control quickly giving way to her pent up desires.

She knows this touch. Somehow she wants this to continue.

His hand starts to lift her loose fitting dress up her body as it slides across her smooth skin. Reaching her breasts he rolls her nipples between his fingers gently putting pressure on them and causing her to moan.

He cups her breasts roughly massaging them as he pushes her dress over her head and presses his lips to her nipples. Sucking them into his mouth as they harden to his touch. Her moans mixing with a smile that betrays her inner desires and encourages this stranger to press on.

His hand reaches her inner thighs and gently strokes them before he cups it over her and gently squeezes. His thumb applying slight pressure to her clitoris and starting a flow of wetness that covers his hand. As he begins to massage between her legs he lowers his head to kiss her stomach. Using his tongue to draw a visible wet line down her body.

Her hips start to lift in time with the pressure of his hand and her back arches upward to allow him better access. Her legs relax and begin to freely open for him.

Still not a word spoken between them.

Somehow her panties are taken off and she lays in the dock naked and exposed. Memories rushing back to her from a time before he left.

Now she feels his naked body pressing against her side. His muscles tight and his skin smooth. She feels his manhood hard against her leg. She has missed this feeling.

His leg moves over the top of hers opening her legs wider and sending a sense of anticipation through her entire body. She relaxes her body and awaits his entrance.

He stops for just a brief second and replaces his hand with his mouth. Forcing her to expel air so quickly she feels faint. Shivers racing across her body. Her hands reaching for the back of his head.

His mouth covers her clitoris and his lips apply pressure to it. She is starting to lose all control and giving in to him is her only thought.

She squeezes his head with her legs to keep him in place but he has no intention of moving. As he continues to pay attention to her clitoris he slowly begins to open her by inserting a finger into her. Then a second as she starts to loosen up.

Her tightness betrays her inexperience. He is gently preparing her for what he knows has only happened once before.

As he opens her wider his tongue begins to kiss and lick each fold, each petal of her womanhood causing a steady flow of her wetness into his mouth. She thrusts her hips downward offering him easier access and pushing his fingers deeper into her.

Her hips driving her body in a grinding motion on his face causing him to move his tongue faster and pushing it in as far as it could go.

Her back arches once again as she feels an intense orgasm send her body into convulsions. She tries to muffle a scream but it bellows out unencumbered mixed with unintelligible words.

He slides up her body, keeping one hand clamped on her, while he kisses her breasts before firmly pressing his lips against hers. Her mouth opens to suck in his tongue tasting her love on his lips.

How could this be happening? Only one man made her feel this way.

He took her hand and moved it to his cock. It automatically encircled it and began to squeeze and move along the shaft. She found herself kissing his neck and then his chest.

Her mouth sucking in his nipples and feeling them harden. Something was drawing her head lower on his body kissing her way down until her lips brushed against the base of his shaft.

Taking him into her mouth she hears him moan and then run his fingers through her hair. She could not believe that she is doing this but can not stop herself.

He stops her after a minute and pulls her back up for a long passionate kiss before mounting her and slowly pushing his cock into her. His first thrust moving slowly inward until her pussy totally engulfs him.

His hips start moving with increased speed as she matches each thrust with a rise of her hips. She feels the power of him within her. Her body gyrating with each thrust.

He rolls her over on her stomach and raises her hips to enter her from behind. Driving deep into her she feels her release her loins with an intense orgasm while feeling him spill his love into her.

They fall into each others arm. Their legs dangling into the water. Her breathing is fast and she is gulping for air. He holds her until her body calms down. Kissing her face and lips.

She tries to speak but he covers her mouth with his hand. Looking deeply into her eyes he says.

"I love you Laurie. I will always live in your heart".

Then he uses his fingers to close her eyes and he fades into the shadows of her mind.

She wakes as the sun is beginning to set. She is naked, her clothes lying by her side, she is surprisingly warm. No one is around and the only sound is the crickets and an occasional fish showing off its jumping skills.

As she dresses her eye catches the heart on the end of the dock. The piercing arrow freshly carved through the heart. Tears start to flow and she collapses to her knees.

Remembering his words; "I love you Laurie. I will always live in your heart".

It was true and the thought warmed her and for the first time in months made her feel safe.

"I love you Johnnie. I will always live in your heart".

Friday, November 25, 2011

Libyans Are Exacting Revenge~~Why Are We Surprised?

The headline reads;'Leaked UN Report Reveals Torture, Lynchings And Abuse In Post-Gaddafi Libya'.  Why are we surprised? These people just fought a very hard war against a regime that, from what I understand, was ruthless in the way the treated its people prior to the war and during it. Revenge is a normal course of action after such a war; albeit an undesirable course.

We have seen revenge taken against the enemies of the victors in wars throughout history and I do not see this trend changing ant time soon. While this is disturbing to all of us; stopping it, in a post war atmosphere, is near impossible.

I can hear the self appointed guardians of the thought that 'This would never happen in The United States' trying to convince us that the people exacting revenge against their enemies is barbaric and that we, as Americans, would never take part in such an act.

Enter Charles Lynch((1736 – 1796), American Revolutionary, from Virginia. Mr Lynch  was a Virgina planter who headed an irregular court in Virginia to punish Loyalist supporters of the British during the  American Revolutionary War. The terms "lynching" and "lynch law" apparently derive from his name.

In several incidents in 1780, Lynch and several other militia officers and justices of the peace rounded up suspects who were thought to be a part of a Loyalist uprising in southwestern Virginia. The suspects were given a summary trial at an informal court; sentences handed down included whipping, property seizure, coerced pledges of allegiance, and conscription into the military. Lynch's extralegal actions were retroactively legitimized by the Virginia General Assembly in 1782.

"Lynch's Law", referring to organized but unauthorized punishment of criminals, became a common phrase, as was used by Charles Lynch to describe his actions as early as 1782. Variations of the term, such as "lynch law", "judge lynch", and "lynching", were standard entries in American and British English dictionaries by the 1850s.

From the article Persecution of the Loyalists (or Tories) by Angela E. M. Files; 'The noun "persecution" means "pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment especially because of religion, race or belief." For their belief in the British system of government and the Crown, the Loyalists or Tories were persecuted before, during and after the Revolutionary War. Most historians of this war agree there were two types of persecution to which the Loyalists were subjected, oppressive treatment by lawless mobs, and abuses carried out constitutionally by unjust and cruel laws authorized by the Thirteen Colonies. It was at the hands of the mob that the Loyalists first suffered persecution.'

Many of these 'mobs' were under the control of 'The Sons Of Liberty'. 'On 26 August 1765 Sam Adams organized the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization of artisans, shipyard workers and wharfingers of northern Boston who were opposed to the Stamp Act that had been passed by the British Parliament for raising revenue in the thirteen colonies.'

'The Sons of Liberty planned and incited atrocities against the Loyalists through the use of mobs and propaganda. Sam Adams was the Master of Propaganda against the Loyalists.'

That description dose not jive very well with what we have been taught in school or have seen in movies does it?

It has always amazed me that people are so eager to see the 'evil; in others while denying the 'evil' that may reside in their histories or withing themselves. The tactics of The Sons Of Liberty can be seen in segments of our 'political society' even today. Look at the tactics employed by all our political parties, some political blogs, both conservative and liberal talk shows and even in some of the 'rhetoric' spewed by Occupy Wall Street.

Yes!! The revenge in Lybia is reprehensible. As was that in Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan. As it has been post every war.

Condemn it!! Fight against it!! But never feel that as a people, we by virtue of being Americans, are above it!!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Boxes, Kids And Cats A Love Affair!!!~~And Rick Santorum Is An Ass!!!

In the summer of 2000 I was forced to buy a new washer and dryer as my old ones were worn out and died within a week of each other. So I headed out shopping. After about 500 different stores I arrived back at Lowes, which is the first store I went in that morning, and purchased the first washer/dryer pair I had seen. No wonder I am divorced from that woman, lol.

The next day the new appliances arrived and were installed. The old ones were hauled away and my kids ran off with the boxes and built a fort that they played in for 2 or 3 days before the rains came and destroyed it.

Why do kids love boxes so much? A very interesting question. Why do cats love boxes so much?

Kids/Cats love boxes therefore either kids are cats or cats are kids. I see another opportunity to get an Obamination Stimulus Grant to study this phenomenon. My house in the Caribbean is within site.

I know that y'all are saying to yourselves; "Why is he rambling about such a silly subject?"

Thank you for asking, lol. I have been trying to stay away from a subject that really pissed me off this morning. I have tried and tried to be good today and spread sunshine and flowers around all of you but now that you have expressed concern for my behavior I am going to let loose.

HEADLINE: Rick Santorum: Gay Marriage Would Make Our Country Fall

Before I start; sorry Angel for my language. This is going to get a little rough.

Rick Santorum is a fucking idiot!!! We live in a world where heterosexual marriages fail at an alarming rate. We have celebrities that get married and 72 days later divorce after spending $34,000,000 on a wedding. We live in a society where infidelity is rampant. Where children are being raised in single parent families at an amazing rate. A society that, through the antics of some celebrities, puts a stamp of approval on out of wedlock births.

Where FAMILY has almost become a dirty word!!!

Our society has made religious education and church attendance things that are radical to our pallets. A country where the rights of a minority dictates the path for the majority. A place where priests and ministers are molesting our children and visiting prostitutes.

Where our politicians pander to special interests and can barely agree on a course of action to revive our damaged economy. A place where our political leaders spend time sending naked pictures of themselves to people. Where a President thought it was alright to get a blow job in the Oval Office from an intern and then had the balls to ask us to 'define the word IT'.

A place where our supposed news outlets spread bad news as being the most important news of the day because it is sensationalistic. Where some of those same news outlets hack personal accounts in search of a story and dismantle what ever privacy we have left.

All this is going on around us and Rick 'The Asshole' Santorum spreads hate by claiming that 'Same Sex Marriage' will cause the United States to FALL. GOD!!!! It is Mr Santorum and people of his ilk that will destroy our country.

"We have to fight the battles in the states," he said Saturday night at Iowa's Thanksgiving Family Forum. "We cannot defer. We can't say, 'The 10th Amendment, they can do what they want.' This is too important for that. There's a basic and central value. The family is the bedrock of our society. Unless we protect it with the institution of marriage, our country will fall."~~A Rick Santorum quote.

Our society has been experiencing the failing of the family unit for decades and all of this failure can be placed at the feet of our 'heterosexual population'. Our 'homosexual population' has been denied marriage and designation as 'a family'; so how can we determine that they will destroy our country and bring us to the brink of failure.

We have a group of people that want to strengthen there bonds as a family unit but we deny them that because we are prejudiced and just plain stupid.

Will some same sex marriages fail? Of course they will but I believe that their failure rate will be no greater than that of heterosexual couples.

Do same sex partners love their children any less that the rest of us? HELL NO!! They love them as the rest of us do and probably with far less prejudice.

Kiddies lets clean up our own houses before we try to impose our misguided will on others. Lets leave others to lead their own lives and spend our energies strengthening our own lives.

Rick 'The Asshole' Santorum is a Neanderthal!!!!! This man will not be President thank God. He needs to conduct a massive soul search to find out if he is actually a human being or just a political hack trying to gain votes.

As much as I dislike the course being plotted by President Obama; I will withhold my vote rather than cast it for the likes of Rick Santorum.

Love ya,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Imagination Is What Drives Me!!

Have you ever met someone that had no ability to imagine anything outside the box in which they live. It pains me to talk with this type of person. It is like talking to a piece of wood that, while floating on the ocean, keeps repeating "the world is flat, the world is flat".

I would go mad if I did not have a way to release all the things that float around in my head. My ability to imagine anything is going on 24/7 whether I am awake or asleep. Much of what I write stems from my dreams.

According to Remez Sasson in his article 'The Power of Imagination'; 'Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, are not present or have happened in the past. Memory is actually a manifestation of imagination. Everyone possesses some imagination ability. In some it may be highly developed and in others it may manifest in a weaker form. It manifests in various degrees in various people.'

'Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables one to mentally explore the past and the future.'

A writer could not put a single word on paper without imagination. If not for our imaginations we would still be looking for fire or the wheel. We could not have conceived the concept of God without first imagining how we got here.

I have seen parents and teachers try and stifle daydreaming as an idle and useless activity. While I agree that excessive daydreaming can be distracting to the learning process; daydreaming is a source of imagination development.

I am an admitted 'chronic daydreamer'. I should probably attend 'Daydreamers Annonymous'. But it is daydreaming that has formed my ability to imagine anything and to convert that imagination into stories. It is my ability to imagine anything that allows me to act out, in my mind, the actions of characters I am developing.

Sit and and watch little boys with their toy soldiers or race cares and you will see imagination at work. I use to love to sit and listen to my youngest daughter make up story lines for her Barbies. Her imagination was a wonderful thing to watch develop.

Give your children some drawing materials and let them go wild. What they draw may look silly or strange to us but to them it all makes perfect sense. People have tried to bring some children's drawings to life, Here are some examples.

Who knows if these are close to what the child who drew them was imagining but what we have to realize is that they are interpreting what they see and imagine around them.

Let them daydream a little. Listen to them when they try and explain their drawings. You may learn a little about the way they think and maybe about the way they perceive you.

Love ya,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Living On A Dirt Road~~It's All About Your Neighbors And Dust!!

Recently I have been working on a series of short stories based on a family that lives along a dirt road in North Carolina. The series is loosely based on my neighbors as along with them 'I live on a dirt road'.

There is a belief that those who live on dirt roads are poor or at the bottom of the human heap and in many cases this belief would be true. The road I live on remains dirt because of the way North Carolina property laws are written.

The road I live on is over 10 miles long and only 1 mile of it is unpaved. In North Carolina all the residents on a stretch of road have to agree to giving up about 3 feet of their property to allow a road to be properly paved. On the section I live on one family refused to give up those 3 feet so we remain unpaved. The laws governing this are old and, I am sure, written at a time when people feared having their land usurped by the government. I can understand this and as a renter have no standing in this battle that plays out every winter.

The most inconvenient thing about living on a dirt road is the constant battle against 'dust' that is fought 24/7. I might add here the the battle is never ending and unwindable. If you were to drive this section of road one thing would jump out at you. Almost every car is white or a light color to hide the dust. Unfortunately my car is a dark green and requires rinsing off every time I drive it.

The key to living here is your neighbors as I am sure it is every where. But in a place like this, where everyone knows everyone else by first name, having good neighbors is a key to a relaxed living atmosphere.

My neighbors, on either side of me, are as different from each other as people can be but in both their cases I could not ask for better people.

My neighbors to the east of me are a young couple, both being 20 years old, who have a 3 month old girl and are struggling to make ends meet. The young wife stays home with the baby as any job she can find would barley cover the day care expenses. Staying home is the best choice. Her young husband works for a fast food restaurant as an assistant manager. Low pay and long hours with little chance of advancement.

They do not own a car so I drive him to work almost every morning at 2 or 3am. It's an inconvenience but in a place like this it is the right thing to do. I even drove them to the hospital the night the baby was born.

They are good people and have become like my son and daughter. It is funny how having someone to help take care of gives me a sense of joy. I believe that I get as much out of helping them as they get from me. I have even moved my dog pen closer to their house so she can keep watch at night.

Now my neighbor to the west of me is a freaking mess that has wasted most of his life in a liquor bottle. These days he only drinks beer but he drinks an 18 pack of beer every day. EVERY DAY!!!

And even with all the beer he still manges to get to work and actually never misses a day. He works about 6 hours a day, spends $140/week on beer and cigarettes and is drunk and asleep by 6pm every evening.

He has a habit of falling asleep in his recliner and is so loose that he slides onto the floor and sleeps the night there. I find him there most nights when I check on him late evenings. I check because he also has a habit of falling asleep with a cigarette in his hand. I was gone a week to Florida, last December, and I really did not expect him to be alive when I got back. Some how he managed to stay alive. The grace of God I guess.

But if I ask him for help doing something around my house he is always ready to help in any way.

When I lived in New York City I never knew my neighbors. It seemed that we went out of our way to avoid contact with each other. It is impossible to live like that on thus dirt road. People are always stopping to chat with you about everything form their arthritis to how well the cotton crop is doing.

Mowing my lawn, if I were left alone to get it done, takes about 2 hours. But on this road the second you step out of your house my neighbors find reason to visit and mowing takes twice as long.

I would not have it any other way!!!

Love ya,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apathy!!!~~~It Has Made Me Her Bitch Today!!

Apathy, in the form of a severe lack of motivation, is awash over me today. Maybe its the warm weather or my desire to sit at the park and read while my dog torments the local duck and geese population. She never catches any of them but does make a show of being 'a great hunter'.

On a day that started off so well; being this unmotivated is actually surprising. I flew out of bed this morning, rushed to make coffee and had my required 3 cups to kick start my ass, ate a little breakfast and then sat down at the computer to work on a short story that I am submitting to a contest next week. When I started too write the only word that came to mind was 'apathy'.

I was told recently that I can not be at my best every day and she was right. So instead of fighting this feeling of an apathetic fog over my head; I will give into it and see what the day brings.

So far I have walked the dog twice, she is starting to look at me with those 'leave me alone eyes', read at the park, stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up a prescription, no not for my apathy lol, and spent time chatting with some neighbors. Still awash in my apathetic state I sat down to make a plan for the rest of my day.

How foolish making a plan is when you are in an apathetic state. I am like an organization with no defined leader and a membership that believes everyone should lead. Sort of like Occupy Wall Street, lol.

So what is Apathy? The definition changes according to who the state is being applied. The dictionary definition is; 'an absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement or lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting'.

Well that does sort of define my present state. The only thing I am finding interesting today is 'apathy itself''.

I found this interesting. 'Christians have historically condemned apathy as a deficiency of love and devotion to  God and 'his works'; this interpretation of apathy is also referred to as Sloth and is listed among the Seven Deadly Sins'. SLOTH!! I love that word and always wondered what it meant. An aside; 'Are 'sloths' apathetic?' Maybe this is a subject for another day.

                   Come to think of it; this dude looks pretty apathetic!!

As far as a lack of love or devotion to God goes; there is no possible way my apathy could be caused by or related to God in any way. I am quite secure in my spirituality.

This brings me full circle to the 'whys' of my apathy today.

Putting a finger on this is quite difficult. I am happy with my life. Especially my life with Friendly. I have had a good good week planning with my children for the upcoming holidays. I am even considering putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in about 5 years.

It is probably a good time to throw in a few of my favorite quotes about apathy.

“The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.”~~Robert M. Hutchins

This is the most revealing comment on the future of our democracy that I have ever read. Right now, at this very moment, our democracy is under siege form every possible angle and we seem to be sitting back and watching it happen. I do not support 'Occupy Wall Street', as I feel that they are a bit misguided and naive, but at least they are doing something. I am not an avid 'Tea Party' supporter but at least they are doing something. The rest of us seem to be laying down for big government and business as usual.

HMMMMM!! I am starting to get some life back in me.

“That only a few, under any circumstances, protest against the injustice of long- established laws and customs, does not disprove the fact of the oppressions, while the satisfaction of the many, if real only proves their apathy and deeper degradation”~~Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

During the American Revolution not all the people living in the American Colonies supported the cause or took up arms against Britain. There were many willing to live under the 'crown' in an apathetic state for the sake of peace. Had the few followed the many into apathy toward injustice we would still be kissing the royals ass. There are a couple of royals that the prospect of 'kissing there ass' may well be a pleasant experience but I will take our democracy over that anytime.

Isn't it funny how I can start out with no point in mind and find somewhere productive to go with my thoughts.

Love ya,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coping With The New Women's Movement~~OCCUPY THE BATHROOM!!!

Men all over the world have been taken by surprise as women have moved to 'Occupy The Bathrooms' for their own use. The National Coalition of Free Men, which has been fighting for men's rights for over 35 years, has stated that 'the Occupy The bathroom movement' is a thinly veiled attempt by women's groups to force men out of the house and into 'out houses' to do their business. Richard Haddad, a founding father of NCFN, stated that "this continued assault on the basic needs of males is just another attempt to force men back to the stone age and into subservient roles under the control of women".

With more men the victims of 'domestic violenc'; NCFN is calling for new laws to protect men from the increasing wrath of women that are using 'PMS' and 'lack of satisfaction in the marital bed' to beat and humiliate their men into a state of subservience. The latest 'Justice Department' figures state that 20 - 25% of all domestic violence involves men as victims. This number could be even higher as men tend to report abuse a a lesser rate than woman.

Just last week I was witness to such abuse taking place at a local convenience store. A woman was verbally and physically attacking her husband yelling "men have no place in a bathroom". The abuse continued until the man finally relented his protest and did his business behind a 'dumpster'.

The abusers are using tactics that leave men with a feeling of 'helplessness and dispair'. I will list just a few that I have uncovered through my extensive research.

~~Perth Amboy, New Jersey--the wife of Mr Alfonse Demarco was seen degrading her husband in a Victoria Secrets store because he had no good anawer to this question, posed to him by his 400 lb spouse; "Honey do you think I would look good in this 'pink thong in a small size?" Mr Demarco was hospitalized after a beating, administered by his wife, after she accused him of 'rolling his eyes' as an answer to her question.

~~Bent River, Kansas--Mr Peter Walcott was found beaten and dumped near a barn, about 20 miles from his home, after neighbors witnessed an argument between him and his wife Bertha. It seems Mr Walcott tried to use the bathroom to relieve himself and was caught by his wife when she returned from a local spa. A witness statement  tells us that Mr Walcott was not seen again until his discovery early the next morning. Witness' also state that they saw Mrs Walcott dragging something, wrapped in a rug, out to her SUV and driving off. Mr Walcott has not pressed any charges.

~~Brooklyn, New York--The body of Wilbert Cranston, age 63, was found stuffed into a trash chute after he was reported missing by his wife. Neighbors state that Mr Cranston was in constant argument over 'bathroom privleges' with his wife Louise. An autopsy revealed that Mr Cranston had not used the bathroom in several days and that he had been fitted with a catheter. Police noted an area behind Mr Cranstons's apartment building that had a very strong urine smell and where they believe Mr Cranston had been emptying his catheter bag.  He had been banned from the bathroom by his wife two weeks prior to the discovery of his body.

I could go on and on with these horrific stories but I believe you get the drift as to the seriousness of this problem.

The number of men suffering inhumane conditions is growing at an alarming rate. Discrimination against men is rampant within the 'marital community' where men are relegated to second class citizenship by 'pussy wielding heartless women' who feed on men's penchant to 'think with their little heads rather than their big ones'.

I am totally sickened by this situation. It is so unnecessary.

When I was growing up; the bathroom was a man's sanctuary for a moments peace and quiet. Where he could read and take care of things his wife was not handling. Now the bathroom is a 'room of terror' where men can no longer feel safe and where the room is actually awash in progesterone at levels that shrivel ones manhood at alarming rates.

Love ya,

PS.....Kiddies; Please remember I AM A FICTION WRITER!!,,LOL!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Michelle Obama Is Not A Porn Star~~~Is Allowed To Read To Children In School!!

First Lady Michelle Obama, by virtue of being married to the President and because she has never had sex in a pornographic video, is welcome at any school to read to students.  She does this quite often and it is an admirable undertaking.

To my way of thinking any celebrity should be allowed to participate in this program. So today I found it interesting that parents at  Compton's Emerson Elementary School, in California, are upset because Sasha Gray appeared at the school and read to first and third children as part of the Read Across America Day.

Lets take a closer look at Ms Gray to see what the big stink is about. She is a 23 year old actress who is a regular on 'HBO's Show Entourage'. Recently she appeared in the film 'The Girlfriend Experience'.

Oh and By The Way!! Ms Gray is an 'ex porn star'!! Ah now I get it. The parents must be upset about this part of her life.

This begs the question; WHY?

I see a woman that is an 'EX PORN STAR', now in legitimate film, who seems to be making a good life for herself and has corrected the course of her life. Remember she is only 23 years old.

I think that unless she is reading 'Lady Chatterley's Lovers' to these first and third grade classes there is no big deal here.

Let me clarify with 'two questions' for these well meaning, but misguided, parents.

1. Do your 6 - 8 year old children know about Ms Gray's porn career?

 I think not!! If they do have this knowledge maybe it is the parents who should be criticized and investigated.

2. Do you  6 - 8 year old children know about or have seen the show 'Entourage' or the movie 'The Girlfriend Experience'?

I think not!! Unless you have allowed them to see these shows which would be 'inappropriate parental behavior'.

3. What do these 6 - 8 year old children see or think when Ms Gray sits down to read with them?

They see a pretty woman who is reading. The mind of a child is simple in this respect.

This is what I see when I read about parents who find problems where there is none. I see mothers who are threatened by a beautiful and experienced 23 year old woman and take there perceived inadequacies out on her. I see fathers who, when learning of Ms Grays appearance at the school, rushed home to google her and look for any videos she may have appeared.

There are so many people that have messed up their lives and continue to do so. Why do we penalize someone who seems to be turning her life around? I would much rather see Ms Gray reading in the classroom of my children than Lindsay Lohan or Jesse James.

If First Lady Michelle Obama was reading 'Lady Chatterley's Lovers' would you attack her as hard as Ms Gray is being attacked for reading 'The Little Train The Could'.

Think before you act kiddies!!

Love ya,

PS....Today is my 300th Blog Post in the past 11 months. I want a gold star on my Blog Page and Sasha Gray reading 'Lady Chatterley's Lovers' to me at my house.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Roller Derby~~It Is Not For The Faint Hearted~~Or Dim Witted!!

As many of you know; I skate in the Second Life Roller Derby Association as a member of The Psycho Riot Bitches. Yeppers; an 'all female team'. I use a female avatar for roller derby only. It's fun and the players are special and some of my best friends. A little weird I know but such is Second Life.

I have one more game to skate; the league championship, before I hand up my skates for good. I just saw my new wife smile very big!!!

At practices we use voice to communicate; but since I am a male in a woman's avatar I do not use voice so spectators don't get confused. This affords me an interesting prospective on what is going on and my 'real' reactions to what the women are saying stays hidden behind my computer screen.

In truth; most of the time they forget I am a male and let the conversation fly to what ever pops into their minds. The mind of a woman is a wondrous thing, lol.

Let me preface anything thing I say with this; these women are intelligent, beautiful, from all walks of life, honest, married, single, divorced, mothers, pregnant, straight, gay, bisexual, diverse as any group could possible be and did I mention 'intelligent'.

That being said; 'Holy Shit What Comes Out Of Their Mouths"!!!!

There are some nights I am about falling out of my chair laughing at the conversation. Take last night for instance. We practiced for an hour, a short practice, and the entire hour was spent on a discussion of 'oral sex'. The images conjured up by this conversation would bring a lesser person to their knees, Come to think of it; getting on ones knees was a 'talking point last night', lol.

But for all their wildness. For all their roughness while on the track. For all the language, that could make a sailor blush, that pours from their mouths. For all their aggressiveness. Taking into account all of this; when away from the track they become something totally different.

The times that I have found myself in 'social situations' with them, away form the track, has forged bonds that I cherish. I count some of them in my short list of friends that I can talk with about anything. One even helped me with 'pre proposal' advice for when I asked Friendly to marry me.

That is me in pink when I was a member of Poison Ivy and before I transferred to Riot Bitches. The other skater is MizDemeanor(Miz) the best pack skater in the league and the person who taught me.

By The Way, Miz may be the only person on Riot Bitches who is exactly the same on and off the track. You just have to love this woman.

Come see a game. You will become an instant fan. Where else can you see all these beautiful woman, and one faux woman lol, kick the shit out of each other and love every second of it.

Love ya,

PS.....The league is always looking for new players. Roller Derby is fun and a fantastic place to meet new friends. Leave a message at this blog, on FB or IM me in world(ZoiloBrando) and I will get you hooked up.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 2011~~Sacrifice!!

I have always been proud of my service. Serving in the United States Military has been a tradition in my family. Those that served before me returned home to instill a sense of honor, duty, service and responsibility to our country that has always drive my life. My father served 30 years in the air force beginning with his WWII service. His two brothers served. My mothers six brothers served. Most of my numerous cousins served. Our family names, Mantovani~Schimmenti~Marinelli~Malerba~Bruno, can be found on the lists of soldiers serving in The Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

My son serves even now. He serves as a 'Medic' attached to a unit at Fort Bragg North Carolina. He became a Medic because that is what I did when I served. I am very proud of him but, I must admit, I did not want him to join. I did not want him to see what I saw or what members of our family went through. Joining the United States Army was the first time he did something he knew I was against and I could not be prouder.

There is a sense of pride that service to ones country instills within you. I have that sense of pride. All those who served have that sense of pride.

Today we celebrate Veterans Day 2011!! We honor those that served and those that lay in fields the world over. Those that sacrificed their lives so that we can live our lives.

I say 'celebrate' because we need to not only remember those that sacrificed for us but we also need to extend their lives through living our lives to the fullest. We need to be the best people we can be so their sacrifices are not wasted.

'But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument to-day, and for aye.'~~Thomas Dunn English

I was siting in the San Antonio airport, two years ago, with my son who was in uniform. A woman walked up to him and said "Thank you for your service". Those FIVE words are all the reward or acknowledgement a soldier needs. Like my son that day; they will say thank you and do it humbly because serving is the right thing to do.

Say 'Thank You' to a veteran today. Let them know that you appreciate their service. In acknowledging their service you will be saying 'Thank You' to those that sacrificed for us. Believe me they will hear you!!!!

Love ya,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

For The Murder Of John Doe You Are Sentenced To 18,250 Bowel Movements!!

The headline that got me going today was, 'Babatunde Omidina, Nigerian Actor, Freed After 25 Successful Bowel Movements'.  It is a very short article, at The Huffington Post, so I will reprint here here so you can read it.

'Some prisoners cross off the days until they are set free. This prisoner had to wait until his 25th bowel movement.

Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina, known by his stage name Baba Suwe, was arrested last month at Lagos' international airport on suspicion of trying to smuggle drugs to Europe, according yo AFP. But after 24 days in detention during which his bowel movements were closely monitored by authorities, a judge ordered Omidina's release, AFP reports.

"There have been several examinations carried out on him and no banned substances have so far been found," his lawyer Bamidele Aturu told the court, according to the BBC.

A family source told The Nation that Omidina was recovering from the "gruesome experience" of being held by the country's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Omidina, whose arrest shocked his fans, acts in both English and Yoruba language films, the BBC reports.'

Y'all know how my mind works. This could be a great new sentencing technique for all crimes. Today's Blog Title basses the murders sentence on 50 years for doing the crime and assumes that the prisoner will have ONE BOWEL MOVEMENT each of the 18,250 days of his 50 years of confinement. But here is where sentencing can get creative.

A prisoner with 'constipation' would serve more time. One with 'diarrhea' may serve less. It is a 'Crap Shoot' as to how much time they will actually serve. Also, a creative judge could say that a bowel movement that was mainly diarrhea must be done 2 or 3 times and only count as one bowel movement. After all we do not want some conniving prisoner finding a way to give himself 'dysentery' and serving only a few weeks for a major crime.

Of course there is a price associated with this type of sentencing. Training for 'prison poop inspectors' to recognize actual bowel movements from those being faked will be very important. I do foresee an underground market for feces smuggled into prison and used to try and 'clog up' the system.

There will also be associated costs on increased documentation; such as photography of each movement for the records. Also DNA testing of each movement to make sure it actually belongs to the person who claims to have 'produced' it.

This is a work in progress obviously. I think if the Federal Government could see their way clear to grant me approximately One Million US Dollars I could do an adequate study from my new house in the Caribbean, lol.

Love ya,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twinkies~~Manna From Hostess!!

The writings tells us that when the Isrealites were wandering in the wilderness God dropped 'manna' apon them so they could be nourished. There has been an argument as to what 'manna' actually is ever since.

I am convinced that God 'rained down' Twinkies to nourish the people. What is more heavenly than a Twinkie with its yellow/white cake wrapped around a center or cream so fluffy clouds are jealous of its lightness.

Lets take a closer look at this heavenly treat.

From the Hostess Website; 'One of America's best known and most loved snack cakes, Twinkies have been tantalizing taste buds and filling lunch boxes since 1930. Twinkies are the stuff of legends—President Clinton put one in a time capsule—and have achieved the status of cultural icon, with the American Society of Media Photographers recently mounting a photo exhibition featuring Twinkies. But to most people, they're just fun to eat.'

Twinkies have had 'green filling' in the Shrek series and more recently 'strawberry and chocloate' filling. My favorite will always be the original and I will admit I have kept them in my glove box and at one time, when my kids were young, a box or two could be found in my trunk. NO!! My children are not fat, lol!!

But there has been a 'Holy Grail of Twinkies' and I belilieve that I was witness to it at an early age.  I say that I believe because being young sometimes memories blend with fantasies.

Grwoing up on Marcy Aveenue, in Brooklyn NY, my house was right around the corner from a Hostess Baking facility. Twinkies were made there. This particular Hostess facility, in my memory, had a small, what we would call today, thrift shop attached to it. In this shop everyday wide eyed children, me included, could drop their precious pennies on the counter and buy any Hostess product. I always bought Twinkies.

Back then they were, as they are today, yellow/white cake filled with a white fluffy cream. YUMMY!!! All the kids would race home to grab a glass of milk and enjoy there purchase.

This is where my story gets a bit fuzzy because I am not sure if I wanted this to be true so bad my young mind lacthed on to my fantacy or I actually experienced 'Twinkie Nirvana'.

I rememember that for a very short time Hostess manufactured a 'CHOCOLATE COVERED TWINKIE'. I can see the the eyes on all you 'Twinkieaholics' glazing over with desire.

My childs mind remebers this as a 'real' occurence and to this day I will swear that it happened to me. God I hope it did.

It is quite possible that my very first orgasm happened when I bit into that amazing treat. Prays my memory is a real one.

I will leave you with a Twinkie recipe I found on the internet today. It proves that Twinkies are 'just not a snake cake anymore'.

Twinkling Turkey (serves 15 to 20)
1 (8 1/2 ounce) package yellow corn muffin mix, prepared and baked according to package instructions
6 Twinkies halves lengthwise
1 (14-18-pound) turkey
1 tart apple, peeled, cored and diced
1/4 cup honey

In this recipe, the cake part of the Twinkie is used as a stuffing ingredient while the cream filling becomes a sauce for turkey. For the stuffing, Twinkies and a Hostess corn muffin mix are combined with diced apple and stuffed into the bird. For the sauce, the cream filling is combined with honey and brushed on the turkey during the last fifteen minutes of roasting.

I have no idea if this is good or not but I am willing to try it. Anything with a Twinkie in it can not be all bad!!!

Love Ya,

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little Housekeeping After A Fantastic Week!!

I will be returning to my usual rants and raves tomorrow as Friendly and I will be returning home form paradise. This past week has been the best I have ever spent in Second Life as evidence by this picture.

I guess I will have to start doing things around the house, lol. Hopefully no laundry because I suck at doing it. If you take a quick look into my underwear drawer you will find 'pink' boxers. I did not buy them that color. Honest I Didn't!!!

Friendly and I would like to thank Robinnurse Rowlands &  Mal Goldfarb for providing us with a wonderful experience. Las Birsas Island, and in fact all there honeymoon properties, are beautiful, provide couples with an amazing experience and are unbelievably reasonably priced. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

We would also like to than the 'inworld creators' Kris Juneau, of JJ Lanes Furniture & Caribbean Designs, Jodi Morane, of Xplicit Furnishings, Leyla Firefly, of Passion Inside,  and Paula001 Goldschein, of THE Beachstore, for their realistic and mostly unique creations. Realism in Second Life animations is hard to achieve but these talented creators have done well.

Love ya,
Friendly & Zoilo Brando

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Honeymoon~~We Are So Taking All This Furniture Home With Us, LOL!!

To say that I am enjoying being married in Second Life would be an Epic Understatement!! The intimacy shared between us is amazing and the hours spent alone has drawn us even closer than we were before. Somehow the 2000 miles between us seems to fade away in those private moments that all of us are searching for and craving.

           Y'all remember that old saying 'She Completes Me'? She really does!!!

Now the furniture!!! I generally do not do 'commercials' for Second Life Builders but the furniture, in our little cottage, is first rate in all aspects.

The name of the store is JJ Lanes Furniture & Caribbean Designs and the builder is Kris Juneau . Every one of his designs, and believe we are attempting to study each one personally, is well crafted and contains multiple animations. I have been in Second Life for over four years and many of these animations are new to me. They are all close to spot on in positioning and with the adjustment ability the realism is fantastic.

LOL!! I do not know Kris Juneau and am not being paid to do this commercial. I am thoroughly enjoy Kris Juneau's work.

A couple of examples;

We will be in Paradise for three more days but after today I will not talk about it any longer. We are going to disappear into each other for awhile before we return home  and she makes me to 'houswork, lol. Joking Babe!!

Also, there will be no blog tomorrow. I am off early in the morning for a soccer game with my daughter. Her team is involved in the 'state tournament' for 17 year olds. They have made it to the 'final eight'.

                                     That's my 'baby' in the maroon kit.

Love ya,

Friday, November 4, 2011

The World Keeps Turning While We Are In Paradise!!

We are still on our Honeymoon but life is moving on back home and I thought I would take today to comment on a few things I saw going on this past week.


~~Bieber's Sex Life May Be Investigated By Police~~A woman who claims Justin 'the weenie' Bieber fathered her baby in a backstage bathroom could be investigated for having sex with a minor because the singer was 16 at the time.

First of all; Justine 'the weenie' Bieber has a sex life?  That should be the headline. This kid could not get laid if he was in a brothel waving $100 bills around. Oh Wait!! He is a teenage celebrity with more money than Fort Knox. Let me revise my statement; 'This kid could not get laid if he was in a brothel waving $1000 bills around'.

If he was a 'normal' teenager the police would have to investigate his 'right hand' to make sure it was not born a year before him. Believe me, even in these days of easy sex, most 16 year old boys are still having sex with 'Rosey Palm and her 5 Sisters'.

All in all this is good for the 'weenie'. It is a good source of publicity, he may have fathered a child will make him high on the 'Hollywood Cougar List' of teenage boys he can 'get it up' and finally, and I can not believe I am saying this, all the teenage girls now have another 'Hollywood Stud' to use as a role model when picking their prospective 'cleracil using boyfriends'.

I will be having a chat with my 17 year old daughter about all this today, lol!!

Headline~~Wedding  News:

~~ Kim Kardashian ~~Pretty much just saying her name is enough to piss me off. You were all taken in and deserve what you are getting. 'Bend Over and Grab Your Annkles'; she will be riding your ass on this one all the way to her bank.

~~News From The Gay Community~~First of all I hate that statement. There should be no 'Gay Community'. There should be only 'One Community' and we all part of it.

This is my 'Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down' section!

~~A big THUMBS UP~~ To Conan O'Brien for this headline~~'Conan O'Brien Officiates Gay Wedding Of Scott Cronick And David Gorshein On Air'. Nicely done!!

~~THUMBS DOWN for this story~~Kristen Cooper, Gay University Of Texas San Antonio Student, Allegedly Assaulted, Given Concussion'. When will people learn to deal with their own pathetic lives and let others live in peace.       

~~THUMBS DOWN  For Rick Santorum~~Rick Santorum To Gay Marriage Advocates: 'I Can't Find An Accommodation Where There Can Be None'. This bastard is dead to me. The GOP 'Hypocrites' that attack same sex couples right to exist will jump into bed with just about anyone to get elected. If Gay men and woman had real power in the United States Rick Santorum would be on his knees somewhere earning their vote.         

~~THUMBS DOWN to the Florida DMV~~Florida Lesbian Couple Calls Driver's License Change Rejection 'Humiliating'.  They went for new drivers licenses and had all the documentation including a marriage licence and were recognized by the federal government through new Social Cards but were told that Florida does not recognize 'out of state same sex marriage licences' and that the couple needed a 'court order' and passports to have their new names put on their drivers license. Shame on you Florida for continuing this 'descriminatory' behavior.

Enough ranting for the day, lol. Back to PARADISE for me.

Love ya,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honeymoon~~Our Private Little Paradise!!

The sun came up and we actually got out of the house for a good look around. This island is beautiful and because we are in Second Life we can make the time of day anything we want. I love sitting and watching the sunrise or sunset while sitting next to Friendly and holding her. It is comforting having her there and enjoying our life together.

I took a few pictures of the island so you get an idea of how really beautiful it is. I am not a photographer, as these photos will attest, but you will get a feel for the place.

                                            View from the top of the lighthouse.

                                       Lagoon and waterfall near the house at sunset.

                                              View off the back porch at sunset.

                                              Outdoor dinner area at sunset.

                       An amazing party place. You can spend hours here and never do it all.

The funny thing about finding someone to love in Second Life is that there never seems to be enough time together even when spending every minute together when in world. We get dragged back to our First Lives and forced to face our realities. The responsibilities and necessities of our First Lives are like a slap in the face to wake us up to the realities of life.

For a few of us, the very lucky ones, Second Life will spill into our First Lives and give us some comfort. There is a sharing of our First Lives that brings a real sense of reality to our Second Lives. It has become quite comforting to know that Friendly is just a text or phone call away. There are still 2000 miles to deal with but somehow that does not seem very far.

There is also an amazing comfort in using our 'real names' in our private conversations. "I love you Randy" sounds so much better than 'I love you Zoilo'. Who names there kid Zoilo anyway, lol.

"I Love You Christine"

It is so nice to say that out in the Real World.

Love ya,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Honeymoon~~God Did I Marry Well~~WAHOOOOO!!!

Friendly; "Dearest it is so dark in here. I thought you were taking pictures?
Me; "I am Love."
Friendly; "No one will be able to see anything because of the dark."
Me; "Exactly!!  They can just use their imagination!!"

So here are some pictures from our Honeymoon.

                                          Love you look amazing!!

                                           This bed is fantastic!!

                                           Oh My! That Big???

                          Precious hand me one of those blue pills please!!

Ok!! Now sit back and fantasize,LOL!!

The Island we are on is really a paradise. Just the two of us with no one else allowed on the island. We have a lighthouse, picnic area(we had a picnic last night,,I am sure there was food some where, LOL!), a hot tub, two waterfalls with fun animations, an outdoor tent for our meals, swimming, water sports(not that kind perv), pose balls everywhere and a bed that has gone on our wish list for our house.

We slept together all night and woke to each other this morning. My wife has an amazing way to wake me, smiles.

Some people think it strange that we are Honeymooning in Second Life. I can assure you we are not the only ones and if you marry in Second Life and do not go away together; I think you are missing an opportunity to really get to know each other.

Take the time to learn what each other is all about, what you both like and what makes you happy. Spend the time actually living with your mate not just seeing each other a couple of hours a night and then forgetting about each other until the next log on.

I can honestly tell you that I think about Friendly all day and can not wait to get home to her.

Tonight we will see a couple of shows and have dinner in a nice mountain top restaurant I found.

Second Life~~~Live It~~Do Not Just Play It!!

Life is good kiddies!!

Love ya,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Honeymoon~~Day One~~Traveling To Our Private Island!!

After a fun night of going to Halloween parties and staying up way to late; Friendly and I were up early to start our journey to 'our secret Honeymoon location'. It will be a harrowing trip that will start out at Second Life International Airport.

We decided to take a limo to the airport this morning because the only vehicles we have operational, at the moment, are our motorcycles and they do not carry luggage very well.

Arriving at the airport 3 hours prior to our flight, as our travel agent had suggested, we checked into Second Life Air and then headed off to go through security and then hopefully some breakfast. Friendly says that I will need my strength. I have no idea why,lol!!

I have a dark complexion so automatically I drew the attention of an over zealous TSA agent who seemed to not believe my ancestors came from Italy not Afghanistan. Our travel agent, Lingual Markus(what can I say the man does everything in Second Life) had warned us that the TSA was on a close watch for another 'underwear bomber' so we were vigilant not to wear any underwear.

Anyway; this over zealous TSA agent decided that I needed 'further checking out' and took me off to a little room for a 'search of my person'. Two things came to mind at this point; no breakfast anytime soon and 'WOW the government has a cute name for a cavity search'.

Friendly told me to relax and not to worry. YEAH RIGHT!! She got to sit outside the room while a 250 pound man reenacted a 'prison scene on my ass'. Truthfully he was gentle and even offered me his phone number when he was done. Wonders if that is strange?

I was reunited with my bride and we went off to grab a bite to eat at Cinnabon. I love nice size buns, lol.

Our flight went uneventful and we landed in Puerto Rico for our transfer to a smaller aircraft and our flight to Saint Lucia. The flight was uneventful except for my first new discovery about my wife. She 'hates flying on small planes'. While the flight was uneventful; the fingernail marks in my arms will take a few days to heal. I suffer for my Love, hehe.

In Saint Lucia, a beautiful island, where banana's are put in everything, we transferred to a boat for the final leg of our trip to our 'secret island location'.

This is where Friendly started to get a bit agitated. She said to me; "dearest, if the islands location is a secret and we are to be totally alone; how will we keep the boat captain from revealing our location?"

This problem needed some thought. I could blindfold him but then how would he find the island and how would he come back to pick us up. My mind was really locked in on the Honeymoon(HEY!! Shut Up!! It is our Honeymoon after all. Did you think we were taking knitting classes, lol.) Thinking about this was to overwhelming as the blood from my big head was already flowing toward my little head because I had already taken my first 'little blue pill'.

We finally decided that we had to trust the captains integrity and we were landed on the island safely. The entire trip took 11 hours and we were exhausted. We decided, after a quick look around our 'hideaway', a short nap was in order.

Damned Little Blue Pill was kicking my ass!!!!!!!

Love ya,

PS........Tomorrow pictures of our island. NOT OF MY WIFE!!! Damn Pervs!!