Monday, January 5, 2015

Patience~The Number One Tool For Defeating An Asshole

Patience is not a virtue that I hold in abundance. But as I have learned over the past few months it is the key to defeating an asshole.

Human beings have an asshole whose purpose is to channel the waste we produce away from us in a healthy manner. Humans who ARE assholes spew there vile waste on those around them causing misery and pain where ever they go.

These human assholes have taken the art of ASSHOLERY to new heights in Second Life. Anonymity seems to make these cretins think that they have carte blanche to spread their manure among decent people.

Patience is the key to defeating any asshole. Given enough time they will shit in the wrong place, in front of the wrong people and be wiped off our shoes like so much cow flop.

To my great satisfaction  I saw this occur in my favorite Second Life Group recently.

But remember, for every asshole that is wiped from our lives; others rise and spew their crap into our lives. Be patient my friends. Eventually they will shit their own pants and we can flush them from our sight.