Friday, September 16, 2016

What Is That Noise?

What is that extremely loud sound echoing across the United States? It seems to get louder every day and at times the ground seems to shake. That sound is the Greatest Generation rolling over in their graves in response to the state of our beloved country.

I can imagine them asking themselves, "How could our efforts to save this country from enemies without end in losing it to enemies within?"

I have no simple answer to give them. There is no single person or group to lay the blame on for our condition.

This country has a cancer, Political Cancer', that has invaded every facet of our lives. There are no new drugs or advanced cancer centers that can combat this disease because we seem no longer to have the will to fight it.

Our government has given us warning labels for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs when what we really need is a warning label stuck to the ass' of those elected to serve in Washington, DC, "WARNING~POLITICS MAKES THIS PERSON SELF ABSORBED, SELF RIGHTEOUS AND SELF IMPORTANT".

We  have been witness to the death of common sense and personal responsibility. We have watched the bastardization of  'The Rule Of Law'. We live in country where those who illegally immigrate are pushed to the front of the line with amnesty over those who choose to immigrate within the law.

We raised a generation that  needs 'safe spaces' so they can avoid discourse with those who hold different views because they live in fear of  having their feelings hurt. By the way, there are no safe spaces in the real world.

We elected a black president and racism seems to be worse than before his election. Was racism bubbling under the surface and we just didn't notice? Are we talking about it more because the news media is reporting on it more?

We are on the verge of possibly electing our first female president. Does that mean that we will follow suit and have sexism increase as racism increased under a black president?

We have witnessed the self destruction and demise of the Republican Party over support or non support of their own candidate. A case of the political elite snubbing and not listening to its own party members.

We are losing 'the war on poverty', 'the war on drugs' and 'the war on runaway government spending'.

Bipartisanship is a concept bandied about in public and laughed at in the halls of congress.

All these things are results of the political cancer that is running rampant throughout the country. Those we have elected to deal with this cancer do not seem to have the will or skill to solve with the problems.

The Greatest Generation has to be so disappointed!!!

VOTE!! It is the only cure for this disease.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

What He Is Doing Is Not Easy!!

I wholeheartedly agree with Colin Kaepernick's right to protest in his chosen manner. I do not agree with his chosen vehicle to convey his feelings and it is one that I would never employ. Oppression, of any kind, is reprehensible and needs to be addressed in an open and honest discussion among all Americans.

The root of oppression, in The United States, I believe, is firmly planted in poverty. Our government has fostered an atmosphere of 'Economic Oppression' for decades producing  desperation and distrust among our people.

While race has been pushed to the forefront; American oppression runs much deeper than the color of our skin or how we worship God.  It has become interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives. It did not happen overnight. It was a gradual  process that pitted our political system against our citizens.

In truth; this is our own fault. We continually elected people to represent us that in many cases represented their own interest over that of the people. Time and time again we sent  people to Washington, DC who we knew, in our hearts, were not there for us.

We allowed a few hundred people to lounge safely inside the beltway and dictate what The United States should become.

Americans were, and still are, held in poverty, by government programs that discourage ambition and encourage crime. Working to attain the "American Dream' was replaced  by 'legislative attempts' at achieving it.

It will take many lifetimes to instill a sense of  responsibility back into our everyday lives, to replace political correctness with common sense and decency and to eliminate the sense of hopelessness that eats away at our very existence.

We need to elect individuals that will put our country first and move us toward values that make sense for all Americans.

I hate what Colin Kaepernick is doing but I encourage him to continue doing it.

I encourage you to vote. We are in the midst of a nightmare presidential election cycle and I believe that there is no winning for us, no matter who we choose, but complacency in expressing our constitutional voting rights is a grave mistake.

Continue to dream, continue to hope and respect each other. We do not need government to do those simple things.