Friday, August 8, 2014

The Weight Of Religious Conviction

Why do religious zealots prefer to wear sleeveless shirts and blouses? Because sleeves can not stand up to the weight of carrying their religious convictions around on their sleeves for all to see!!

I have never minded people spouting off about their religious beliefs. If it makes them feel better than by all means do it. What I do find troubling are those people who feel that God has given them leave to try and force their beliefs on others.

I want to scream when someone tells me that 'THEIR GOD' is the one true God. Kiddies there is only one true God and He/She allows us to worship Him/Her the way that we feel comfortable.

Ever since God decided that humans were going to be a higher order by allowing us to crawl out of the primordial soup and evolve into thinking productive creatures; we have made it our sick and immoral duty to bastardize what is good about worshiping God. We, as so called evolved creatures, decided that religious zealotry would rule over common sense.

We base our assumptions on who God is from books written by man, interpreted by man and distributed by man. Based on someones interpretation of these books we attack anyone else who may have had a different interpretation or understanding of the works. Under the cover of religious belief we kill, make war and force our beliefs on others in the name of  our interpretation of God.

We go around spouting, what I call, The Kennel Ration approach to religious thought. Do you remember the old Kennel Ration dog food commercials? "My dog is better than your dog, my dog is better than yours, my dog is better because he eats Kennel Ration, my dog is better than yours". All you have to do is reverse the letters in the word dog(God) and you have a commercial for human religious thought.

Man is not infallible!!! We are a mistake prone species that is truly not trustworthy with the responsibilities that God has given us.

There is two things that all species need and strive to obtain. It does not matter if you are a human, cat, dog or tree frog these two things are always true.

Every living creature seeks love and a life free from suffering. There is my religious beliefs in 11 words. That, I believe, is what God intended for us. These two simple needs. These two simple truths.

Find these two things and your life will be significant. All the riches in the world can not replace the joy of a life filled with love and safety.

Worship God within yourself and stop trying to sell your beliefs like fruit at a grocery store. Then maybe you will be able to wear shirts with sleeves again.