Sunday, May 22, 2011

It’s OK to be Takei!~~Want To Know More!!

I am sure that people, on FaceBook have, have seen the Pink Button that is attached to my profile picture. So let me explain it. There is a faction of USA society that wants to sweep all gay people back into the closet and make believe that we do not exist. I AM NOT GOING INTO A CLOSET EVER!!

The State of Tennessee has a plan to try and sweep us away by passing a bill that is titled 'The Don't Say Gay Bill'. The idea is that if you never talk about Gay People they will simply disappear. Imagine that!! I can tell you that 'Not Talking About Any Subject' does not make it go away. I have tried that with so many politicians and the suckers just keep coming back.

George Takei, of Star Trek fame, has a new campaign to fight this attitude. Please watch the video because George can explain it much better than me.

The 'It’s OK to be Takei' Campaign suggests that if the law passes, and I actually believe that it did pass this past Thursday, we should replace the Word Gay with Mr. Takei's last name.

So in the Backward and Insignificant State  of Tennessee; if you wanted to state that you were Gay you would say, 'I Am Takei', as George is lending his name to the campaign. On his video, at the above mentioned website, he gives fantastic examples of substituting his name. I will not repeat them here.

Can you imagine if we applied this archaic thought process to the Immigration Problem and passed a law that said was entitled 'Don't Say Mexican'. Maybe we could approach racial problems by passing a law entitled 'Don't Say Black'. Can You Imagine The Uproar!!! Both are absurd to the point of ones tolerance for ignorance and sense of what is Right And Just!!

If you want to attach a Button to you profile picture go to It is a very simple process.

I am now and have always been proud of who I am. I ran, Yes Ran, out of my closet when I was 15 years old and have never looked back.

Tennessee must be a very strange place indeed!!

Love ya,

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