Friday, September 30, 2011

God Bless You!!~~A Courtesy After A Sneeze?

I read an article today about a teacher in California who takes points off exam scores because the students say 'God Bless You' after someone sneezes. I will not comment on what the teacher did as there is not enough information on the incident to make a judgement. But it did make me wonder about the use of 'God Bless You' after a sneeze. Almost all of us say it and it is almost an involuntary response to to a sneeze.

I have also noticed that it crosses religious lines as I have heard Christians, Jews, Muslims and even an Atheist say it. My curiosity was peaked.

I found some interesting information at Internet resources are abundant on almost ant subject.

The claim is that the origin of saying 'God Bless You' when someone sneezes stems from an ancient desire to safeguard the sneezers soul or to commend the dying to the mercy of God; according to

An Associated Content Article by Yahoo states; 'The practice or tradition of blessing a sneeze dates back to 77AD. The custom originally began as an actual blessing by Pope Gregory in 590AD. An outbreak of the bubonic plague was closing in on Rome and sneezing was thought to be an early symptom. Saying "God Bless You" was thought to be a common halt to the disease.'

'Another explanation behind saying "God Bless You" when someone sneezes, is that legend has it that your heart stops every time you sneeze. Saying "God Bless You" was supposed to ensure that you would continue living and your heart would continue beating.'

'Another legend explaining the phrase "God Bless You" was that people believed that your soul could be thrown from your body when you sneeze. It was believed that sneezing opened up your body to invasion by the devil or evil spirits. Another thought was that sneezing was the bodies' effort to force out invading evil spirits'

'Lastly, many people used to believe that sneezing was a sign that God would answer your prayers or that sneezing was an omen of good fortune or good luck. The phrase "God Bless You" was recognition of that luck.'

Many people, especially of German decent, say 'Gesundheit' after someone sneezes. 'Gesundheit' means 'Good Health' and carries less of a religious connotation.

From Wikipedia; 'There are different theories regarding the origin of this phrase. One idea is that the expression stems from the Middle Ages when the Bubonic Plague was threatening European health. In this case the person saying gesundheit was actually wishing good health upon themselves, since they may have been infected by the one who sneezed. During this time it was also commonly believed that sneezing made one's body vulnerable to evil spirits. Thus another plausible explanation is that gesundheit was a blessing to ward off demons while the sneezer's body was defenseless.

'Superstitions date back as early as Ancient Greece (ref. Herodotus, History 440 BC). The soul was thought to leave the body through the nose upon death, so a powerful sneeze was thus considered an ominous event.'

'The following is a Jewish perspective on the custom: Although not technically part of Jewish Law (Halacha), the custom of saying gezuntheit, tzu gezunt, labreeyut, or God bless you is considered a mannerly custom. It is written in the Talmud that the Patriarch Jacob was the first person to become ill before passing on. Before that, people would sneeze and die. When God infused the soul into Man, He "blew it" into Adam's nostrils. Thus, when it came time for the soul to be returned to its Maker, it would leave through the same portal it arrived.'

In the 'politically correct world' we now live in I am surprised someone has not been sued for using a religious term after a sneeze. In my opinion saying 'God Bless You' is a polite and appropriate thing to say. A courtesy, if you will, to a persons 'involuntary bodily event'.

I read somewhere that it would be nice if we had a saying to cover other ''involuntary bodily event'. Wishful thinking on my part.

Love ya,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look At The Road!~~~~~What Road?

The State of New York, and six other states, have decided to allow driver to 'pinky swear' that they can actually see well enough to drive. People just go online and swear that they can see well enough to operate a motor vehicle and they can renew their licences. Amazing!!

I have an implant in my left eye that allows me to see if I wear a bifocal lens to focus it. Without it I am blind a as bat in that eye but I do see well enough, according to the State of New York,  to drive with the sight in my right eye. I never would get in a car without my glasses but maybe I will the next time I drive through New York just for the excitement I could cause those driving near me.

Lets carry this farther. If the blind can drive in New York why can't a blind person direct traffic? Here is an example of a 'blind traffic cop' on the job.

After watching this can you imagine the blind driver at an intersection being controlled by the traffic cop in that video. If a television show were based on that video it should be named 'Chaos & Confusion'.

I would like to see a war fought by 'two blind armies'. A war with no causalities because the two armies could not find each other and if they did how would they know if they had found the opposite army.

Maybe the military transports could be driven by New York's blind drivers who are taking directions from blind traffic directors. Sounds like a Peter Sellers movie; 'The Blind Mouse That Roared' or 'The Pink Panther Loses His Glasses'.

There are some things that can not be left to our own discretion. Proclaiming our good eye sight 'online' I believe is one of them.

I am hoping that one of the other six states that allows this idiocy is not Florida. With their aged population a trip to Disney World will be just about the same as driving in a 'demolition derby'

Love ya,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Books At Home?~~~Shame In You!!!

I was asked once how many books I have in my house? The person asking the question was surprised to hear that my book total, both in the house and in storage, was well over 1000 at last count. I never throw a book away but I do regularly cull my collection and donate books to my local library.

I can honestly say that I have never walked into a book store and not purchased at least one book. I just finished Dan Simmons 'Drood" and have started reading both Patridcia Cornwell's 'Port Mortuary' and Preston & Child's 'Fever Dream'.

For me reading is an escape from everyday life and as a writer reading allows me to study accomplished writers techniques. All my children were required to read at home but once they started there was no coaxing needed to get them to pick up a book.

There is a very sad issue swirling around the homes of Americans and I suspect homes all over the world. Fueled by the ease of the electronic media; many homes have no books within there walls.


Personally I think with holding books from your children, not encouraging reading and a general disregard for their reading level should be considered a form of 'child abuse'. A child that does not read is being set up for 'failure'.

The results of the National Literacy Trust Survey has found that THREE IN TEN CHILDREN HAVE NO BOOKS AT HOME. The online survey questioned more than 18,000 children from the ages of eight to 17 – the majority of whom were aged 11-13 – about their reading and book habits. It found that four in every ten boys questioned did not own a book, compared with three in ten girls.

The survey concludes that: “When compared to peers who do have books of their own, children who don’t own books:
  • enjoy reading less
  • read fewer books
  • read less frequently
  • read for shorter lengths of time when they do read
  • have less books in the home
  • read less of every kind of material not just books
  • are less likely to have been bought a book as a present
  • are less likely to have ever visited a library or bookshop
  • have more negative attitudes to reading
  • find it harder to find books that interest them
  • are twice as likely to agree they only read when they have to
  • have lower attainment.”
I urge you to read the article “Don’t Got No Books at Home”, by Josie Leavitt ; which has been referenced inn this blog before. Some of you may well find it shocking.

Another intertesting article is 'A Book in Every Home, and Then Some', by David Bornstein.

The thing about books in the home, and this is my opinion backed up only by my observation, homes without books is a 'Hereditary Disease'. I am guessing that if the parents, of these book less children, were asked of they had books at home while growing up there answer would be a resounding NO!

I further believe that ONLY PARENTS can solve this problem. Parents have to stop relying on Our Schools and Libraries to do all the work for them. Parents need to take responsibility for educating their children beyond the classroom and libraries.

If y'all do nothing else for your child this coming Christmas; PLEASE BUY THE A BOOK!! In the end they will be better for that present.

So what got me started thinking about this today. I found this picture on Face Book this morning.

LOL! I would not go as far as withholding sex but I would say 'Do Not Have Children With Them Until They Agree To Start Buying Books And Reading Them!!!

Love ya,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Man Who Washed Truck Naked Gets Probation In Massachusetts; HUMMM!!

ATTLEBORO, Mass. — A man who scrubbed his pickup truck in the nude at a Massachusetts car wash has been sentenced to a year of probation.

Robert E. Bailey, of Cumberland, R.I., pleaded guilty on Monday to open and gross conduct for being naked at Economy Car Wash in North Attleborough on May 31.

The Sun Chronicle  reports that a woman vacuuming her vehicle at the business called police after she saw the 65-year-old Bailey in the nude.

Police say Bailey was wearing shorts by the time they arrived at the scene and denied doing anything wrong.

A judge also ordered Bailey to stay away from the car wash and the witness and to continue counseling. He will also be required to register as a sex offender.

My first thought, after reading this, was that it was funny and the guy needed a lot of help. my second thought, after looking at myself in the mirror, was that of I had done it I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN LIFE IN PRISON!!

Following this train of thought I wondered what infractions some of the famous people, that we love to read about, may be guilty of and what 'I' would sentence them too.

My List:

MSNBC's Martin Bashir~~Who made, what some are saying are underhanded remarks about Governor Chris Christie's weight.  Judge for yourself.

'MARTIN BASHIR: The real will-he-or-won't-he fervor is around the massively popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While Christie has said he won't run, he hasn't exactly pushed away from the table and left the room. But if it's such a piece of cake to walk into the White House next year, why doesn't he do it? Or is it possible that President Obama won't be that easy to roll over?'

My punishment~~30 days of being forced fed Big Macs at Bashir's local McDonald's. Maybe after a month of that he will be a little less likely to look at a persons weight.

Nancy Grace~~For letting a BOOB pop, out on last nights Dancing With The Stars. Why does that not ever happen to one of those actresses that I like to drool over.

My punishment~~A month on Fox and Friends. She will be bald by the end of the month from pulling her hair out after listening to that shows drivel.

The Mother Of These Two Bear Cubs~~For her obvious favoritism to the cub on the right when it comes to food distribution and hair grooming.

My punishment~~Watching Martin Bashir eat 30 days worth of Big Mac's and getting none herself.

This Guy~~Christopher Cristwell, a 25-year-old California man, was fired from Starbucks on Tuesday after posting the "Starbucks Rant Song" to YouTube. If you are going to mock your employer don't put on YouTube, lol.

My Punishment~~Help him find a job. I certainly agree with his song even if his posting of It was stupid.  Give it a look!!

Love ya,

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Talk To Myself~~So What!!!


Talking to yourself can be good for the brain, aiding concentration and helping to lift depressive moods, scientists have found.

Last night I mentioned to someone that before I go to bed each night I talk to her. You know general stuff; bouncing ideas off a person that is 1500 miles away and out of ear shot. Thank God she didn't run off screaming. All she did, in her ever so supportive way, is to ask what I talked about. So upon waking this morning and after lots of coffee I had 'talking to myself' on my mind.

Am I nuts? Do I need to see a counselor?  Generally what's wrong with me talking to myself? I ran across the above statement in an article written by a women who is a confessed 'Self Conversationalist'.

I have always bounced ideas off myself as an exercise in 'feasability' as to the realism of a story line. That always seemed natural to me. I also know that conversation with others does stimulate the brain and I crave brain stimulation. Given that I live alone and spend much of my day alone my conversations with myself also seemed normal. But what of these private little conversations between 'me and myself'?

I believe I found my answer to that question in 'helping to lift depressive moods'. I am a diagnosed 'clinically depressed' so maybe talking to myself may be little way of healing those moods. God I hope so, lol. Because the alternative is that I am a 'flaming loon'.

Dog eared: Tessa Cunningham often finds herself having wide-ranging conversations with her dog Milo. I no longer own a dog so!!!

From the article by Tessa Cunningham; 'Will I ever stop chatting to myself? Unfortunately, I've discovered one very good reason for keeping it up. Once upon a time simply making a mental 'to do' list was enough. Now, unless I tell myself out loud what I need to do (repeatedly) I am liable to forget.'

'My daughters are convinced that I just need a good talking to by someone else. But I know I'm now far beyond hope.'

'And besides, it's always interesting never knowing what I'm going to hear popping out of my mouth next.'

Of course there are times when talking to yourself,in a public place, brings interesting looks form those around you. Recently I was in a bookstore, Oh Yeah I read out loud to myself sometimes, reading the jackets of books in the mystery section of the store. Out loud! I did notice a woman moving away from me with a quizzical look on her face. I own a Blue Tooth thingy for my cell phone but never use it. Now I wear it into the bookstore. People never seem to question it when one is talking and has it stuck in their ear. I wonder how many people are actually just talking to themselves?

I have found the same method works while driving. It covers both talking to yourself and those times when you are caught singing, in a very bad voice, while stopped at a traffic light.

So there is another one of my little oddities for Y'all to mull over.

Another one to think about is 'Why is a guy born in Brooklyn using the word Y'all' in conversation? One more thing to scratch your head about and say 'HUH!' to yourself of course.

Love ya,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seven Billion Served And There Is No Stopping Us!!

Yeppers!! We are about to welcome our Seven Billionth Human to the planet. SEVEN BILLION!!! An amazing number indeed. Can you imagine if we never had wars or disasters? Wars and disasters, as cruel as this may sound, are a populations way of culling its numbers. A sort of natural order of things even though they are an unwanted presence.

This event is supposed to happen on October 31, 2011, Halloween. Seems appropriate I think because for the Earth more people mean more stress on our ecosystem. No I am not a Global Warming, Tree Hugging, Animal Before Humans, Abortion Pushing Liberal!!!! Get that right out of your heads. But I do have concerns about how much pressure we put in the Earth. And with the end to our Space Program our escape route to the stars is cut off. So we need to learn to live and thrive together.

Thank God for technological advances in agriculture and medicine. Without them we would have long ago starved ourselves off the planet or succumbed to disease. Thomas Malthus once warned, in the 19th century, that an Earth Population of over One Billion would be disastrous to the human race. Only technological advances has dulled his predictions.

I am certainly not advocating a moratorium on pregnancy. As a parent I could never deny anyone the pleasure of having children. But we do need to think about how we can all lessen the impact on Mother Earth. She is only going to take so much abuse before she gets pissed. Remember she is a woman and like most women  every thirty days she does seem to lose her mind for at least a week.

That's right I just blamed natural disasters on Mother Natures Menstrual Cycle. Dispute that Bitch, lol!

My 'Stupid Award' for this week goes to? I am doing a Drum Roll here. Just make believe you hear it, OK!

And he winner is~~~The Center For Biological Diversity~~for their campaign to commemorate our Seven Billionth Human by distributing 100,000 Endangered Species Condoms, through 1200 volunteers, to people in all 50 states.

Now I am not a condom fan anyway(I do see there need) but if I am going to use one I do not want to see an African Egg Frog staring from my pecker and leading my way.

I need to share these pictures with you because I find them hilarious.

Would you not have loved being in the room when Adults had to come up with those advertisements.

Love ya,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confession~~The Spark(Real Life Experience), By Ms Tora Maven

I pushed open the door and walked in like I always do, chin up, shoulders back, my step sure and steady.  There was no way I would ever give the slightest notion that I was anything but confident.  Don't get me wrong; I was nervous but not for the reasons you may think.

I paused just inside the door and scanned the interior of the coffee shop.  My eyes quickly jumped from face to face, trying to find the one I am suppose to meet.  I knew who I was looking for; I had spent the last six weeks getting to know him through pictures and emails.  Who would have thought that when he first contacted me on FetLife that I would ever end up agreeing to meet him but he had passed all of my tests and trials.  He had done everything I asked as instructed; eager and never with a word of compliant or impatience.  Now it was time to see if there was the right chemistry between us face to face.

This is what I was nervous about.  I liked this one and there was no doubt that he would like me but just because we clicked in theory and through electronic means of communication did not mean that same connection would be there when I could physically see, hear and touch him.  How many in the last two years had I gotten this far with only to find out within five minutes of meeting face to face that the relationship would never progress. 

It was never their fault; none of these previous potential boys ever misrepresented themselves or did not try their best.  The issue was always me; I am picky and have learned long ago if that spark is not there from the beginning, it never will be and it was not fair for these boys not to have the best of me.

My eyes swept the room back and forth before catching sight of him sitting in the corner on the opposite side of the shop.  We waved at each other and then I made my way to him, weaving in and out of people and furniture like an obstacle course.  He stood when I got close and flashed me a smile that I have to admit I wanted to see again.  He took my hand in his.  It felt warm and strong; just the right amount of softness and roughness that I expect a man's hand to feel.  Just the right amount of strength in his grip and I wondered what those fingers would feel like as they caressed my skin in other places. 

I got the smile again as he looked into my eyes before he leaned over as previously instructed and kissed my hand.  I felt my eyes go wide, my mouth gap a little and I am pretty sure a small gasp escaped my lips.  The spot where his lips had touched my skin felt like it was on fire and it slowly began to spread like brandy, making my heart beat faster and my breathing quicken.  But he did not stop with just the one kiss. His lips and nose roamed over my hand to my wrist, combination smelling my skin and kissing it.

I became lost in the moment, completely forgetting where we were.  My mind flashed back and forth; picturing what those lips would look like curled back in agony or maybe ecstasy.  I wanted to know first hand how red his skin can get from spanking or flogging instead of just guessing what the colour was from pictures.  I wanted to know how he would react to a whole host of ideas that were swimming in my head.  I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to clear the thoughts flooding my senses and concentrate on the situation at hand.

I opened my eyes and purred softly, "Good Pet."  His eyes raised to mine and nodded.  He straightened back up.  "Yes Mistress."  He drawled softly and moved to pull the chair out for me and inquired what I wanted to drink.  I told what I wanted and watched him move to order it, impressed that he was clearly comfortable with himself, with me and more over, comfortable with being in public serving me.  As I sat watching him, my mind focused on his voice.  I wondered what it would sound like screaming or begging.  I liked how he said Mistress.

My breath caught for a moment.  The spark that I was afraid wouldn't be there was burning brightly.  I sat back in my chair and smiled to myself.  Unless he did or said something radically stupid over the coarse of the evening, he would be Mine.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road!!

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”~~Frederick Keonig

After a week of angry blogs I was reminded, last night, that I was a 'Glass Half Full' kind of person. So this morning I washed my glass so I could see a little more clearly and find that I am in a much better mood. I will also admit to you that I have avoided looking at the news so far today so my 'pissed off factor' is quite low.

Frederick Keonig's quote made me pause and give thought to what is important in my life. I could even carry Mr. Keonig's quote a little farther than he did in saying that when I sit back and survey my life, realizing and appreciating what I do have, I do get more than a man deserves.

I have four fantastic children that I can be very proud of and that are my legacy. Legacy has always been a concern of mine. The concern has always been that I would not leave one. But all the while I was concerned about my legacy; it was growing up right in front of me in the form of my children.

This is my youngest daughter Andrea(17yo in maroon) doing what she loves to do. Now kiddies that is a legacy.

My life has not been a picnic but when I take into account where I have been and what I have accomplished over its span all in all it has been a good life. I am not rich but I have enough.

I have found love, lost love and found it again. That puts me in very good company. My Real Life relationships have been a mess for a long time but when I look at my children I know that they are worth the pain. They make it more than bearable.

My Second Life relationships have had there ups and downs but in truth mostly ups. A Forty Month relationship ended recently because of my stupidity but again I would not change a thing because if I did that relationship would never have existed.  To every one's surprise, I am sure, we are still friends and talk several times a week trough email and IM inworld. Thinkie is an amazing woman, even if she does not see that, who I will always love and always feel close too. The fog will clear one day babe!

In times of despair funny and sometimes wonderful things happen. A simple question like "Why are you standing in the back of the room?"; has turned into a budding relationship and friendship that may well have saved my life. NO! I was not suicidal! I love myself way to much to ever do anything like that.

What I mean really is that she, Friendly Story, reached down and pulled me to my feet. She dusted me off, sent me to buy some decent clothes, made me look like a serious person inworld and generally took care of me and has given me a life. Friendly, upon reading that, will say as she did last night, "We have a relationship and we both contribute". But I know, given my history, that she is our glue. For that I am eternally grateful and for having my love returned ten fold is a blessing I cherish.

Does one relationship tarnish the other in any way? I do not think so. Each had/has its day in the sun light and each is a wonderful experience along my personal 'yellow brick road'. The difference in the two is simple really. Now I am me!!! No white wash and no glitter. Just me to the bare bones and that will never change again.

So why am I so angry all the time. It certainly has nothing to do with my relationships or my 'legacy quest'. I have decided that I just plain hate 'stupid people' and have this need to reach out and bat them in the head at every turn. I can assure you this will not change.

So all in all life is good. I am loved, I have been loved and my 'yellow brick road' while a tad tarnished is starting to show some shine.

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”~~Anonymous

For the first eight months I wrote this blog my signature, ending each day. was the same. Lately I have just written my name. It's time to recover.

Love ya,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kirstie Alley Lost Weight Again~~~And The World Has Gone Wild!!

'Hey Bob did you hear that Kirstie Alley lost like 2,000 pounds?"

"Wow tha's amazing. had no idea she was that over  weight. How did she do it?"

"She went on that new Pigs Feet Diet everyone is raving about. They eat nothing but pigs feet for two months and it's so disgusting they throw it up and lose weight."

"I would do that but I am in love with my pig and could never take her feet off."

"Bob your such an ass! Eat your neighbors pig.'

"Hmmm! Now that makes sense."

There are days when I want to open my head and scratch my brain directly. Ever day I read about people who are said to be to fat, or to skinny or to ugly, or to petty for their own good. Let me say this as directly  as possible so no one reading this can possibly misunderstand where I stand on these issues.


That felt really good.

Kirstie Alley has a weight problem. So What! It's her life. Let her deal with it in her own way. When will people finally learn that a persons life is their own and to stay the fuck out ot it.

I so wanted to write a funny story today about some insignificant thing like Navel Lint or Stray Mustache Hair. BUT NOOOOOOOO!! Y'all had to piss me off.

Kirstie is quite a good looking woman; with or without the weight. None of these cretins that write about her struggle with weight would kick her out of bed if they were lucky enough to find her there waiting for them. And yet they write about her weight like it is an Earth Shattering Revelation that requires page after page of garbage reporting by people that are probably 200 pounds over weight themselves.

I picked this story off the Huffington Post and by the way no writer was attributed to the article. How would this writer, if he/she/or it was out in the open, like it if I wrote a blog complaining about their significant others abundance of or lack of weight. Or if their significant other had Pea Sized Boobs or a Penis that requires a magnifying Glass to find. I am sure they would be beating down my door with law suit papers in short order.

Please find something to write about that is significant. Something the appeals to our intellects not that tiny tabloid grabbing part of our brain that we need to evolve out of our physical beings.

Kirstie you are a beautiful woman. Slap these assholes with a law suit and get on with your life.

The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life is the source from which self-respect springs. ~~Joan Didion


PS....There were no Huffington Post reporters injured in the making of this blog but how I wish!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hate Thy Neighbor~~Hate Thyself!!

In can barely handle my every day life let alone worry about what other people are doing with theirs. What is it, in the psyche of some  people, that makes them feel like they have a duty to police the behavior or lifestyles of others? Why do people feel that my life, or anyone else's, needs to be managed by the influence that others, like certain religious and political groups, try and imprint on society?

Good questions that do not have easy answers. In my mind; the asking of questions like these is the responsibility of every one of us because if we do not ask them we do a disservice to not only ourselves but also our fellow citizens.

The past few weeks I have sat on the sidelines and watched people attack Chase Bono for becoming the person that he feels he was born to be. Whose business is it that Mr Bono changed gender?  HMMM!  Wait! Wait! I know the answer to this one!

It's Mr Bono's business and his alone. Not that of the Religious Right. Not that of any politician. Not that of any national, state or local organization in existence today or in the future.

Judge Mr Bono on his dance performance and on that alone and stay the hell out of his life otherwise.

What right do any of us have to tell a gay man or woman that they can not marry or raise a family. I can not stand these Religious Bigots proclaiming  God as a reason to discriminate against anyone. God, my God, loves everyone, accepts everyone and wants happiness for everyone. How dare these Bigots claim to speak for God.

I proudly served in the military and I can tell you that I did not care if the man or woman, in the fox hole with me was gay, bisexual or straight. All I cared about was if they had my back. Being gay does not make you less of a soldier than the next guy. The stupidity of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' was obvious for me from the very beginning. Why did it take us so long to rid ourselves of this discrimination?

My point here is that we all need to live our own lives and where our lives intersect with that of our fellow citizens; Just Be Respectful. Be a good neighbor. Be a friend.

Reserve your hate for those that deserve it and have earned it. I am sure that with just a little thought you can figure out who those people are.

'A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn't climb over it.'~~Arthur Baer
'If I try to understand what it means to be a Christian, I look at the two instructions that were given in the Bible that are paramount, and those are to love God with all your heart and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. That's it.'~~Bruce Cockburn


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Do You Get When You Combine Two Mentally Sick People And A Nomination Loser From The Last Election?


I am a conservative and I am very afraid of this group of people. I thought a closer look at them was warranted.

Michele 'I have never met a baby my husband did not want to abort' Bachmann~~I separate myself from the GOP on the issue of abortion. I have never believed that anyone but the people actually involved in a pregnancy have a right to decide what will become of that pregnancy. I personally am against the act of abortion but that is my choice on this issue. YOURS may be different and I have no right to impose my will upon you.

Beyond this issue I am very uncomfortable with some of the things she has said. They make me feel like we pulled her from a mental hospital to run for president.

Some Examples:


Need I say more!!!

Rick 'lets line them up for execution' Perry~~There is a need for Capital Punishment. Some crimes demand it. But when a person seems to feel pride, and I really feel he does feel pride, in the killing of another human being I must question there insanity.

My second issue with Perry is his, seemingly, over the top Christian views. Upfront I will tell you that I am not a Christian nor a member of any of the major religions that I like to call 'the warring religions'. For all the hype around whether President Obama is a Christian or a Closet Muslim; one would think that more people would question Perry's Ultra Christian Attitude and how he would apply it to the Presidency.

A worry for me indeed!!

Mitt 'my medical plan is nothing like Obama's' Romney~~Number One; I hate anyone who uses a name like Mitt but when I discovered his real first name is Willard; I now understand why he uses it.

A comparison of his Health Care Plan for Massachusetts  and Obama's National Obamination Health Care Plan shows a lot of similarities. I worry that if they think that closely about health care; what other similarities do they share?


At least I know where he stands!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend At Bernies 3 Being Filmed In Denver?

I do not think that I have ever laughed harder than when I saw 'Weekend At Bernies'. The movie took a completely stupid premise and made it not only funny but put it into the realm of possibilities. I was delighted when 'Weekend At Bernie's 2' came out. While it did not reach the level of the original it was entertaining and funny.

So when I picked up this story, coming out of Denver, I was jumping for joy. Bernie was going to make a return in a THIRD movie. I am sure Bernie fans every where were as happy as I.

The plot line looked to be hilarious.  In version three; Robert Young arrives at Jeffrey Jarrett's house( I am assuming we are learning Bernie's real name here) and finds him dead. Robert, in a total concern for his friend, rushes to find his friend Mark Rubinsion and they both return to Jeffrey's house and confirm he is dead.

In their grief they put Jeffrey into a car and drove( not to a hospital,,where is the comedy in doing that) to a local nightspot and drank for an hour with Jeffrey's lifeless body left in the car. They even used Jeffrey's credit card, without his permission of course, to pay for the drinks.

Later that same night they drove Jeffrey home and gently placed him in his bed. I guess he was exhausted from all the driving.

After putting the exhausted Jeffrey to bed Mark and Robert, being the rocket scientists they obviously are, ate at a burrito place and took in a strip club. All on the $400 they removed from Jeffrey's bank account. What a generous person Jeffrey must have been in life to extend his generosity to the afterlife.

But this amazing story does not end here. I quote; 'As the men left the Shotgun Willie's strip club parking lot, one told the valet and a police officer standing nearby that "they were driving around with a dead guy and they didn't know what to do with it and they were just going to go home really fast," general manager Matthew Dunafon said.'

The police went to Jeffrey's house and discovered the body.

At this point it is unclear how Jefferey Jarrett died. Probably of boredom from having friends like these two cretins.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

That pretty much says it all. I am still waiting for 'Weekend At Bernie's 3'.


PS.....Baby I hope these are not relatives of yours. I do not want 'Weekend At Bernie's 4' filmed in North Carolina,,lol,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Rock~~A Hard Place~~The DMV~~And I Am A Human YoYo!!

Following the law can be a struggle at times. Bureaucratic Grid Lock can make a simple task harder than squeezing a size 12 girl into a pair of size 6 pants. You will get it down eventually but it is a painful task, both for the girl and her many assistants, and the end result is less than desirable.

My task on this beautiful Wednesday was to get my car registration renewed. Seems a simple task; go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles and hand over $28 and get my new sticker. I was so deluding myself when I left the house to get this down.

The cast of Characters for my adventure:

~~The DMV Personnel(3 of them)
~~My Insurance Company
~~The County Tax Office(2 employees and a manager)
~~A Motor Vehicle Inspection Station
~~A Fax Machine(with a mind of its own)
~~ME(The Human YOYO)

I arrived at a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station at 8 am and it took a little under an hour to finish the inspection and pass it.  So Far So Good!!

Just after 9 am I enter the County Court House and pay the taxes on my car. Taxes have to be paid before registration can be done. This only took 15 minutes but it is where my problem began.

The machine that gives Receipts was broken down but I was assured by the person taking my payment that it will show in teh DMV computers as paid. So off I go to DMV about 2 blocks from the court house. It is now 9:45 am.

The DMV office is fairly empty so I am able to go directly to the counter. Happily giving the DMV Girl all my paperwork, sans tax Receipt. I am in anticipation of a quickly getting done and hitting IHOP on my way home.

But as the comedian John Pinette says, "Nay Nay", was my response from the clerk. It seems she was miffed by lack of a Tax Receipt. I explained the machines malfunction to her but she said, "We need a receipt in order to process the registration". It also seemed that the payment was not in the computer system as promise. So back to the Court House I go.

Now as my luck would have it, and with prospects of a good breakfast fading fast, I found that the person that I had taken my tax payment was out on break. I explained my situation to another clerk and was met with a confused look as her Receipt Machine was working. To add to the mess, Taxes are paid in cash and she had not record of my payment. I had to wait, until the first girl finished shoving her freaking McDonald's biscuit down her gullet, before I could proceed. It was now 10 am.

At 10:30 Chubby returned from Micky D's and took up my case. She told me the payment was in the computer and even showed me the posting. I asked if she could now give me a receipt. Her response, "My machine is still broken down".  No one else wanted to give me a receipt either. So I asked to see a manager. It was 10:30 now.

The manager listened, spent 20 minutes trying to fix Chubbies machine and then at nearly 11 am gave me a hand written receipt. I really needed a drink badly!!!

Off to DMV I went with receipt in hand. Clerk #2 at DMV cleared all my tax paperwork and the says, "We need a form FS1 to prove that I had insurance on December 11, 2011. I did not need proof of insurance NOW,,but for almost a year ago. And the KICKER!! Only my insurance company can send it. They gave me a fax number and I settled into my car, grabbed my cell phone and called the insurance company.

At the insurance company I was met with, "No problem,,we will fax it right out,,,give us 10 minutes". I sat in my car reading for 30 minutes to make sure I had given them enough time to fax it. Then headed back in and was informed by Clerk #2 that it had not arrived. So back to the car and another phone call. "We faxed it",was my insurance companies retort.

My problem was that GEICO's fax makes 4 attempts to fax a document before giving up. The DMV's fax machine is very busy. See where this is going, lol.

They re faxed it. I waited another 30 minutes. AND NO ARRIVAL OF MY FORM!!  Back to the car. Another phone call. Another 30 minutes. AND NO ARRIVAL OF MY FORM!!

So back to my car and another phone call. Another attempt to fax. I it was lunch time and I was hungry and pissed  about missing my beloved pancakes. But I went and ate and the returned to the DMV. AND NO ARRIVAL OF MY FORM!!

Another phone call. Another 30 minutes of reading. And another walk back into the DMV. Just as the Clerk was telling me; AND NO ARRIVAL OF MY FORM, the fax went off and there it was.

I paid my fee and headed to a local PUB to drink the BUREAUCRACY out of my system.

I arrived home at 2:30 pm, over six hours after my adventure began.

Next year I will start my registration process in June in hope of completing it by my Due Date in September.

'When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!', and that's what I did!!!!


I want to thank Ms Tora Maven for providing me with a week of fantastic stories. Her work was read by nearly 400 people and in over 30 countries this week. Girl you are a HIT!!

I have 2 more stories from Tora that I will publish the next 2 consecutive Saturdays. Both are Real Life Experiences. Yummy!!

I look forward to having more of Tora's work here at Night Lines.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trouble~~~ By Ms Tora Maven

It is masquerade night at the fetish club I belong to; my favourite event.  A chance to wear a dress I would normally not get to.  Long, high slit black satin, with not only a plunging neckline, showing off my breasts and my navel, but also a low cut back, showing off the cleavage of my ass.  Paired with killer spike stilettos and a peacock feather mask, I feel dangerous and looking for trouble.

I move my way through the dungeon and various playrooms, hearing the odd moan and pausing to peek in, intent on finding the dance floor.  The music pulses through the walls as I get closer and closer, making my blood hum with anticipation and excitement.  I round the corner and step onto the floor, immediately surrounded by bodies in various stages of dress or undress as the case may be.  I move slowly through, searching out either a familiar body or enough space that I can stake out a spot on the floor to actually dance.

From across the way, a form catches the corner of my eye and I turn to get a better look at what has gotten my attention.  I stop breathing for a moment and I swear my heart skipped a beat as I focus on the tall, dark haired, man who seems to have paused to watch me too.  He wears nothing but a simple black mask, a black leather collar, and a pair of black cotton boxer briefs that hug his form and leave nothing to the imagination. 

I must have licked my lips because he gives me a smirk and arches an eyebrow.  I glare back and flash him a predatory smile.  He blushes and immediately lowers his eyes, remembering his place.  I wonder if he is a new house slave because I am pretty sure I have never seen him wandering around before tonight.  I close my eyes for a moment, trying to think and remember if I know who he is.

The mood of the music changes, switching to dance club high intensity and I open my eyes to find he is stealing a glance up at me; probably to see if I am still watching him.  Sparks ignite between us and my heart begins to beat in tempo with the song playing; fast and hard.  My breathing quickens and the crowd seems to swell and move, pushing us toward each other but also to the outskirts of the dance floor where the shadows lurk.

I push him against the nearest wall, pinning his hands as his sides as I press myself against him, my lips finding his in a possessive kiss.  I take and claim him without so much as a word.  He returns the kiss with equal passion and I feel his cock harden and press against my stomach.  We grind in rhythm to the music, kissing, biting, clawing at each other like two crazed animals in heat.  I wanted trouble and I most certainly found it in this stranger.

I turn and pull him around so that I am now with my back against the wall.  I hook a finger in the ring at the front of his collar and pull his head slowly down my body, silently commanding that he lick, kiss and bite, whatever skin of mine is exposed before he kneels before me.  I lean against the wall and flash him a smirk as I raise the hem of my dress, exposing more of my legs, then my thighs.  I tug on the collar again, pulling him forward, letting my dress fall back down, trapping him underneath it.

He immediately takes the hint and his nose nuzzles my thighs even more apart and brushes against my clit.  I gasp and bite my lower lip to suppress a deep moan although with the music as loud as it is, I doubt anyone would hear, let alone notice.  I lift one of my legs and leaning back even more against the wall, bracing myself, I hook it over his shoulder, pulling him even closer, demanding that he pleasure me with his mouth and tongue.  He doesn't hesitate, his tongue lapping eagerly at my pussy, tasting me.  It probes and licks, moving between my slit and my clit, making me moan and grind my hips, my eyes closed.

I tighten my leg over his shoulder, digging the heel of my shoe into the flesh of his back, pulling him even more into me.  Pleasure burns through me like a wild fire, threatening to consume me.  I pulse and quake as my climax starts.  I gasp for air, feeling like my lungs are scorched.  I collapse against the wall, grasping at it for support, panting.  My eyes stay closed, savouring the feel of the aftershocks of my orgasm still making me tingle from head to toe.

The song ends and I open my eyes, still panting.  But I am not against the wall.  I am still in the spot I was when I first caught sight of Trouble.  He gives me a knowing smirk and disappears into the crowd. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Confession~~Owned~~Part 2, By Ms Tora Maven

As the guards got to the door with the other slave, She suddenly called out for them to wait.  "I have a better idea.... Tie him back to the bed."

A new wave of fear washed through me and I actually could feel myself turn even more pale as I shrank as much as I could.  I did not like the tone in Her voice; something between amusement and menace.   I kept my eyes firmly cast to the floor as the guards moved back into the room and secured the other slave where he was originally.  Did my ears detect correctly?  Did I hear him whimper and groan in protest.  I wondered if he had any more of an idea what She could be thinking.  My heart beat wildly and I tried to calm myself while concentrating on my breathing. 

The guards left the room and I watched from the corner of my eye as She got up from the vanity, still not tying the robe.  I gulped and tried not to watch Her as She came toward me, the robe falling opened and closed.  But it was hypnotizing; the teasing, tantalizing glimpses of Her lightly tanned skin kept drawing my attention back.  She stopped in front of me and I quickly stole a look up at Her.  I had to smoother a gasp; I had never seen Her like this before.  Hardly dressed, barefoot, hair down.  She looked beautiful and it was hard to equate this image with the Mistress I knew.  She was always beautiful but like this, there was a softness to Her; it was hard to believe that this was the same woman who had tied me up, beaten me, made me eat my own cum, and numerous other things that I will never be able to forget.

A sting across my cheek as She slapped me and I felt my eyes water.  Her hand returned to Her hip to match the other, making the robe stay open.  She growled low,  "Staring dumbfounded is how you greet me now Dog?"  And with that, the Mistress I knew was back.  I shook my head and managed to grumble out loud enough to not induce another slap.  "Of course not Mistress.  Please forgive this stupid dog."  I immediately bent forward and kissed the top of one of Her bare feet, making sure my hands stayed firmly clasped to the back of my neck.  I went back to kneeling and softly spoke, "Good evening Mistress.  How may this dog serve you?"

A predatory grin spread across Her face and I lowered my eyes again, a new wave of fear going through me.  Her voice was a caress as Her fingers found my hair.  "Did you enjoy watching me Dog?"  She pulled me closer so my head pressed against Her thigh and I almost swooned.  Her skin was so soft and Her scent...  Wow... Intoxicating.  It took all of my will power not to stick out my tongue and take a taste.  A yank of my hair and my head was jerked up so I had to look at Her.  Her eyes flashed and the growl was back in Her voice, "Have you gone deaf Dog?  I asked you a question and I expect an immediate answer."    "Sorry Mistress... Of course Mistress... Yes Mistress I did."  I managed to stammer.  Her lip curled up in contempt and She released my hair, pushing me away a bit.  "Slut."  She spit out, disgust in Her voice.

I blushed and lowered my eyes again.  Amazed at the shame that had suddenly come over me.  "I am sorry Mistress."  I mumbled.  "Was not my place to enjoy such a thing."  She nodded Her head in agreement, Her arms crossing across Her breasts as Her foot began to tap.  "I wonder what your punishment should be Slut."  I sank lower on my knees, my posture not as straight as I felt small before Her.  "It should fit what a Slut you are."  Her foot nudged my erect cock and I blushed even more, my breath catching in my throat.  "Yes Mistress,"  I chocked out. 

She leaned down and unhooked the chain to my collar before slipping Her fingers under the metal and pulling on it.  "Up Slut."  She commanded and I scrambled to my feet as quickly as possible.  Keeping
Her fingers wrapped around my collar, She dragged me over to stand directly in front of the mirrored wall,  and moved to stand behind me.  She pressed Her body against my back and I almost swooned again.  The feel of Her skin against mine, Her breasts pressing into me was divine.  Her voice was a caress against my ear, "I think you have forgotten your place here Slut."  Her free hand slide around my hip and wrapped around my cock at the base.  She gave it a squeeze and I bit my lip, suppressing the moan that wanted to escape.  She bit my ear as She began to stroke me, slow and steady.  "You are Owned Slut.  You do not react, you do not feel, you do not even want what I don't tell you to."  She jerked my collar and I whimpered, "Yes Mistress."

The predatory smile came back to Her face and She stopped stroking me.  I had to bite my lip again so not to let the groan of protest out.  Her lips brushed against my ear again as She purred, "Good Slut.  Now for your punishment...."  Her voice became a whisper and my eyes widened in shock at what She told me I was to do.  I nodded my head, "Yes Mistress" and sank to my knees as She let go of my collar.  I did not hesitate or pause, knowing that if I did, I would face Her wrath again.  I turned away from the mirrored wall and crawled across the room to the bed.  I crawled over to him.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Confession~~Owned~~Part 1, By Ms Tora Maven

This particular piece I am about to read is fourth in a series I have written from the point of view of a male slave.  Each story is independent of the other although they all start with the slave in his cell, waiting to be called upon by his mistress.  The others before this were titled Choice, Chosen, and Dinner and they can be found on the Confessions blog or you can ask me for copies later.

Tonight's piece is titled Owned Part 1 (yes it is a two part installment!)

I awoke with a start; fear surging through me, making my heart beat wildly.  Where was I?  What am I doing here?  I looked around frantically in the dark trying to get my barrings.  Slowly my mind began to work and focus.  I begin to list the things I did know.  I was in a darkened room, lying on a cot.  I was naked except for this piece of metal around my neck.  A collar.  With that single phrase, everything came flooding back.  I knew exactly where I was and why I was there.  I belonged to Her.  I was waiting in my cell for Her to need or want me.  Like a dog listening for something moving in the bush, I lifted my head and focused on trying to hear Her familiar heel clicks on the stone floor outside my cell.

There was movement in the hall but it didn't sound like Her.  I slipped from my cot and knelled on the cold floor as instructed anyways.  Last thing I needed was to anger Her for not obeying.  I held my breath and kept my eyes lowered to the floor as I heard the lock on my door being disengaged.  Light flooded the room for a moment before it was mostly blocked by a large form casting a shadow over me.  It was not Her like I hoped.  Fear surged through me once again making me sweat despite the chill of the room.  Who was this and what did he or she want?  The form moved into my cell and was quickly followed by another equally large one.  I tried to swallow but my mouth had gone dry.  What did they want with me?  What was going to happen?  My mind raced with questions and possible answers.  Each one worse than the other, scaring me more and more.  Was She tired of me?  Was I being released and sent on my way?

The forms that I now recognized as Her constant bodyguards moved toward me and between the two of them, easily lifted me by my arms and started to carry me out of the cell.  I opened my mouth to protest and demand to know what was going on but something in the look on their faces told me it was a waste of time and probably would end up with me being in a whole world of trouble and pain.  They carried me down the hall toward the room I knew as the dungeon and I almost sighed in relief when it looked like they were going to take me there.  I had to suppress a gasp of surprise and fear when they turned away and headed down a hallway I had never been down before.  As we ventured further and further, noise that I could not immediately make out could be heard.  As we got more and more toward the end of the hall, I was able to figure out it was voices; a man and a woman.  I could now see an open door at the end of the hall where no doubt the noise was coming from.  Curiosity was starting to win over my fear.

I listened intently and it soon became apparent that the female voice was Her but I was not prepared for what that voice was doing.  My eyes went wide, trying to make sense of what I was hearing.  Pleasure.  The noises She was making were ones of pleasure.  My eyes went even wider when the male voice gave a responding low moan of pleasure and not pain as I would have expected.  I looked up at my companions to see if I could read from their faces what was going on but they were stone still and offering no hints as always.

We stopped at the open door and my escorts forced me to kneel and wait.  From this spot I could see partly into the room which has become fairly obvious is a bedroom.  I could make out two figures on a large bed and it took me a moment to realize that I was not really looking into the room but instead seeing a reflection of the room.  I was looking at a wall that was one big mirror.  I watched fascinated, trying to reconcile the sounds I was hearing and the image in the mirror.  Her naked back and ass rose and fell rhythmically as it occurred to me that She was straddling a lucky man, riding him for Her pleasure.  I knew I shouldn't watch this imitate exchange but I could not lower my eyes or turn away.  Her movement and the sound of Her voice keep my attention. 

I continued to watch as She fucked the unknown man, growling on occasion that he belonged to Her...  that he was Her slut to use for Her pleasure... that he was to stay hard and not to cum... that he was nothing but a sex toy for Her pleasure and Her pleasure alone.  I could feel my face flush with not only embarrassment at witnessing this scene but also because I was highly aroused, imagining myself as that boy.  Oh the honour of being used like that.  I marveled at the other slave's control.  I don't think I could do it and I could hear the strain of trying to hold back in his voice each time he answered Her with, "Yes Mistress".

She growled and cried out as her movements became more erratic.  It was obvious She was about to climax.  My eyes stayed glued to the mirror as Her back arched, Her head threw back and everything seemed to stand still for a moment.  Even though I could not see Her face, I could just imagine how magnificent She looked.  How I would have loved to witness this moment with being able to see Her face.  I wondered if the pleasure was visible on it or if She was always that controlled that you could not see it.  And just as quickly as the moment happened, it was over.  I watched as She unceremoniously moved off Her partner.   When he gave a corresponding groan at being left so hard and unsatisfied, She quickly slapped his face, reminding him harshly that he was only there for Her pleasure, not ever his.

She moved away from the bed, picked up a dark silk robe and slipped into it but did not secure the tie at the waist.  Instead it hung open and offered glimpses of Her body as She moved.  She sat at a vanity and began to brush Her hair before She drawled, "Bring him in and take this one away now."  My face heated again in embarrassment at Her knowing that I just witnessed her exchange with the other slave.  My escorts immediately lifted me into the room and secured my collar to a chain attached to the floor.  I immediately knelled and put my hands on the back of my neck as I have been instructed to do always in her presence.  I kept my eyes on the ground as I heard the guards undo the other slave from the bed and drag him out of the room.

To be continued....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confession~~Part 3~~Dinner, By Ms Tora Maven

I lay in the dark, my ears straining to hear any movement outside of my cell.  I don't know how long it has been since I was last out of my cell, let alone what time it is or even what day it is.  I do know that I am hungry; my stomach rumbling and groaning in protest at being empty.  I lay there with my hands gripping the sides of the cot, trying not to think about being hungry, trying not to touch myself as She commanded.

Lost in the concentration of trying not to think about the things I shouldn't be thinking about, I don't hear the lock on the door open until it is too late.  Light floods the cell as I try to move quickly off the cot and onto the floor to kneel as I have been instructed to.  She catches me scrambling and grabs the hair at the nape of my neck.  Growling, she forces me to lie flat on the cold cement floor.  I can feel the heel of Her boot pressing against me between my shoulder blades, silently telling me not to move.  My body trembles more from the fear that I have disobeyed Her than from the cold now leaching the warmth from my naked body.  Her heel presses more into me as She shifts and I groan before letting out a sharp yelp as something smacks my ass. 

"Bad Dog!  Filthy Mutt!  How dare you disobey me!"  She growls at me.  I whimper.  "Yes Mistress... Sorry Mistress."  The instrument from before strikes me again.  I yelp and whimper.  "Please forgive me Mistress."  She growls and hits me a third time before Her heel digs in even further.  I groan and squeeze my eyes shut, trying to breathe through the pain.  "Please Mistress... I will not disobey again."

She removes the heel and bends over to grab my hair again, yanking me up painfully to be on all fours, my neck straining as She forces me to look at Her. Her eyes borrow into mine and I gulp in fear.  Her voice is low and menacing, "You better not Dog."  I moan softly, "Yes Mistress."  She doesn't let go of the hold on my hair until She clips my leash to my collar.  "Come Dog... It is dinner time."  She tugs on the leash and exits the cell with me trying my best to keep up with Her on all fours.  But instead of taking me into the dungeon, we enter what appears to be a dinning room. 

A dark table and chairs are centered in the room.  I can not see from my position on the floor whether there is anything on the table but my strong sense of smell tells me there is.  My stomach growls in anticipation because whatever it is, it smells good.  She leads me over to the table and sits at one of the chairs, pulling me close beside Her.  "Sit Dog."  She yanks the leash, pulling my head down and I instantly know that she doesn't mean one of the chairs, so obediently, I kneel on the floor beside Her chair.

I sit there silently as She eats Her meal, watching Her every move and praying my stomach is not loud enough to attract Her attention.  From what I can see, it appears to be some sort of roast, potatoes, green beans.  I catch myself wondering if there is gravy and my stomach groans loudly.  I hold my breath as She turns to look down at me.  She pets my head and caresses my face.  "Are you hungry Dog?"  I whimper and nod my head.  She grabs the hair at the nape of my neck a third time this evening and arches an eyebrow, Her voice low and demanding, "I did not hear you Dog?  Are you hungry?"
I whimper, "Yes Mistress."  She smiles and  releases my hair, turning to pick up something from the table before leaning over the chair to put a shiny stainless steel dog bowl in front of me.  I look between the bowl and Her smiling face dumbfounded for a moment.   It is indeed roast, potatoes and green beans with plenty of gravy.  My mouth starts to water despite the odd presentation but I dare not move until She says I can.  She pushes Her chair back from the table and shifts it so that it is angled toward me.  I watch Her fascinated, trying to figure out what she is doing.  She tugs at my leash with one hand and my hips with the other, guiding me to move so that my ass faces toward Her but the dog bowl is still before me.  She slides a hand between my legs to grasp my hardened cock, slowly stroking up and down the shaft.  I moan and close my eyes; concentrating on not moving my hips and more importantly, not climaxing. 

She squeezes the head of my cock as she tugs at the leash with Her other hand.  "Eat Dog."  She commands.  My eyes widen in surprise and I turn my head to look back at Her quizzically.  I am met with a hard slap on my ass and a sharp tug on the leash before She growls, "Would you like me to take it away Mutt?"   "Please no Mistress."  I manage to choke out before lowering my head and trying to eat my dinner, learning quickly how to use my tongue and nose to manipulate the food enough that I could get pieces out without dropping too much on the floor.  "Now that is a good Dog."  She continues to stroke and squeeze my cock as I attempt to eat.  Soon I am moaning loudly and I am not sure whether it is how good the food is or how good it feels to have Her touch me like this.

She stops stroking me when I am about half way done and jerks the leash so that my head lifts.  I suppress a groan, knowing it will get me into more trouble and I stand on all fours waiting for Her word that I can finish eating.  I can hear Her rummage for something on the table and then suddenly Her lubed fingers are probing my ass hole, coating it, making it slick.   I gasp in surprise and my aching cock twitches in anticipation.  Her fingers are soon replaced with something harder and larger and I moan at the realization that She is going to use Her strap-on to fuck me while I eat.  I shudder; a melody of thoughts and feelings running through my brain.  I blush at how turned on I am at this situation.

Her cock slides into me with little effort and I moan, biting my lower lip, trying not to cum instantly.  "Mistress... please."  She growls, taking a hold of my hips and thrusting Her cock in and out of me.  "Please what Dog?"  I moan and fight to not move my hips with Her.  "Please fuck me Mistress."  She leans forward in the chair, pressing Her cock deep inside of me as one of Her hands presses on the back of my head, forcing it down toward the food dish.  She thrusts Her hips, keeping the hand on my head.  "Eat Dog.   Eat while I teach you who you belong to." 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Confession~~Part 2~~Chosen, By Ms Tora Maven

I wake up with a start, my senses instantly aware of movement outside my cell.  I have no idea what time it is let alone how long I had been asleep.  All of that fades to the back of my mind with the thought that She might be outside.  I noiselessly slip from my cot and kneel with my head bowed waiting.  I shiver a bit as the chill of the cold cement floor instantly seep into my naked skin, chasing away the warmth of sleep.  I wait patiently to hear the lock of my cell disengage.  I shiver again but this time not from the cold but from the anticipation of maybe I was going to be the lucky one She chooses.

Finally, I hear the lock click open and my cell floods with light.  As instructed, I keep my eyes lowered; closing them for a moment, the light too harsh for my sleepy brain.  I reopen my eyes to have Her black leather boots in front of me and I feel Her fingers in my hair, lightly caressing, almost affectionately.  I relax at the touch and my heart soars at the sound of her voice, "Good Pet.  It pleases Me that you obey instructions so well."

I barely choke out a "Thank You Mistress" before one of Her hands slide to the nape of my neck, roughly grabbing my hair and jerking my head back to expose my neck proudly wearing Her metal collar.  She clicks a leash to the front ring of the collar and releases my hair.  I immediately bow my head and focus my eyes on Her boots again.  She turns slightly toward the door and jerks the leash, pulling me so that I fall forward, forcing me to be on all fours.  She pats my head like I was Her dog and then leaves the cell, tugging on the leash, expecting me to follow, crawling after her.  I obey, ignoring the pain as my flesh of my palms and knees are scraped as I struggle to keep up with Her.  She leads me down the short corridor to what I know is Her dungeon.

She leads me to the centre of the room and I immediately move to kneel like I expect She wants me to.  She growls and jerks my leash roughly, forcing me back on all fours before I feel Her slap me hard and full across the face.  The sting brings tears of pain to the corners of my eyes and my skin feels like it is on fire.  I can feel the blood rushing to the spot and I am sure it is bright red like a sunburn.  Her hand finds my hair and She jerks my head up, half lifting me while she leans down so our faces are level.  A dark and dangerous glint shows in Her eyes and I try to swallow in fear.

"Do not assume how I want you Dog.  You are to remain how you are unless I have given you previous instructions or command that you change.  Do you understand?"  Her voice quiet but so menacing that a shiver of complete terror goes down my spine and  I struggle not to let my bladder relieve itself.  I try to nod my head in understanding and She growls, jerking my head further back.  I whimper in pain. 

"I didn't hear you Dog.   Do you understand?" 

"Yes Mistress."  I manage to stutter, my voice barely audible.  She smiles and releases me so that I am back on all fours.  Fearful of making Her angry again, I keep my eyes to the floor.  It is now that I notice the large metal ring embedded in the floor.  She reaches down and unhooks my leash, letting it drop to the floor beside us.  She crouches before me and hooks a short chain between my collar and the ring on the floor, trapping me in the position I am.  She stands and caresses my head and shoulders; dragging Her fingernails down my spine.  She moves to stand at my rear.  I arch like a cat into Her touch; my skin tingling in anticipation of where or how She is going to touch me next. 

Her hand stops and rests on the small of my back.  "Have you touched yourself since coming here Pet?"  She purrs, voice soft and caressing.  Instantly I feel hot and flushed.  My face I am sure is all red now; the heat of my blush just as strong as when She hit me.  "No Mistress."

Her hand slides down my back to my ass, lightly caressing one cheek before slipping between my thighs to grip my scrotum.  Her fingers kneed my testicles as if gauging the fullness and weight.  I moan softly and adjust my stance slightly to give Her better access.  I am greeted with Her other hand coming down hard, slapping one of my ass cheeks, making it sting just like my face earlier.  "Don't move Dog."  She growls and I whimper back, "Yes Mistress."

She continues to caress and tease me and I bite my lower lip, struggling to remain still.  I do not want to provoke another slap or hit.  Her free hand dances up my back as She moves to be more alongside of me.  She plays with my hair and caresses my face before She presses two fingers against my lips.  "Suck them Pet." She commands.  I eagerly obey, drawing them into my mouth, my tongue swirling around them.  I suck on them strongly, imaging what it would be like to suck on other body parts of Hers.

Her fingers massage and press against my prostrate, making me throb and ache in ways I have never felt before.  I bite my lip again, fighting the urge to move as the strong sensations begin to surge through me and I find it hard to breathe.  It felt good to have Her fingers touching me like this but it wasn't a pleasure I was used to.  It was strange to have my body respond without the pairing of pleasure.

I gulp a deep breath, trying to relax and enjoy what she is doing but finding it harder and harder to concentrate on staying still.  Suddenly, without warning, I was cumming but not really.  I was releasing the built up stores of semen but there was no pleasure associated with it; just a change in pressure.  A stream of liquid dripped out of me but there was no climax, no moment of ecstasy.  I am sure my eyes were wide as saucers as my brain tried to process what just happened.  Unceremoniously She pulls Her fingers from my ass and moves away;  I can hear Her washing up at a nearby sink.

She comes back to me, drying Her hands in my hair before unhooking the chain holding me in place from my collar and reattaching my leash.  "Back up Dog.  Be careful not to step in your mess."  She commands, jerking the leash, pulling my head back.  I move backward, being careful as instructed not to disturb the pool of my semen beneath me.  She continues to jerk the leash and I move backward until the pool is directly in front of me, near my hands.

She jerks my leash down, making my head dip toward the ground before growling, "Clean it up Dog."  Instantly, I feel my face heat as it occurs to me what she wants me to do.  I hesitant having never tasted myself before.  A stinging slap marks my cheek before She jerks the leash again.  "Now Dog." She growls and the tone of Her voice tells me that this is my last warning.

Closing my eyes, I lower my head and proceed to lick the floor clean, focusing on Her murmurs of approval.  Once done, I raise my head but remain on all fours, waiting for my next command.  She snaps Her fingers and two men appear beside Her as if out of nowhere.  I feel my face flush a final time, realizing that they have obviously witnessed the entire scene.  She hands one of them my leash and I am taken back to my cell where I wait for Her to choose me again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Confession~~Part 1~~Choice, By Ms Tora Maven

I don’t know how long it has been but it has felt like hours.  Kneeling on a cold cement floor, naked except for the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, completely in the dark.  My muscles twitch as fatigue of staying in one position for so long starts to take its toll but I dare not move.  I was warned that I would suffer the consequences if I did and something in the tone of Her voice told me that She was not joking.

I hold my breath as I hear the lock unlatch and the door swings open, flooding my cell with light.  My first instinct is to raise my arm and cover my eyes but I remember my instructions and stay perfectly still.  I keep my eyes to the floor as they adjust to the light and a pair of black leather boots comes into my view as She stands before me.  I can feel Her eyes burning into me, studying me, making sure I have not moved.

“Take him.”  She drawls and instantly a shiver of fear dances along my spine, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise.  I cower before Her, terrified of what that means as I become aware of the presence of two other men standing behind Her.  They move quickly, taking me by my arms and lifting me easily to my feet.  I am thankful that they are keeping me upright as the pain of pins and needles flood my legs and my muscles awake.

Wordlessly, She turns on Her heel and walks out of the cell. I can hear the sound of Her heels on the stone floor as my heart seems to beat in tempo to that rapid tattoo.  My escorts drag me along, following Her down a short corridor and into a large darkened room filled with odd pieces of equipment and furniture.  I am careful to make sure my glances around are discrete and as I catch a glimpse a table laid out with all kinds of tools and toys, I regret my curiosity.  A new flash of fear making me shiver.

My escorts stop in the middle of the room but do not let me go.  They stand wordlessly, staring forward, waiting for instruction.  A scary thought flashes in my mind; it occurs to me that they would probably kill me without a second thought if She commanded it.  A sense of awe fills me and I risk a glimpse of Her. 

“Leave us.”  She commands, Her back to me. My escorts force me to my knees and then exit wordlessly.  I immediately bow my head, fearful of what would happen if She caught me watching Her.  Her boots come into focus again and one foot taps lightly before She leans down to me, Her lips brushing against one of my ears as She purrs, “If you play with Me, We play for keeps.  So here is your chance.  I will give you to the count of three to decide whether you are staying or whether you will be Mine.  If you wish to stay, I want you to lift your head and look at Me.”

My heart thunders in my ears.  I am sweating now.  I am terrified but I am not leaving.  I know this is a test that I must pass.  No time to think as I hear Her count from one to three.  Moving slow, I must answer.  I raise my head and look into Her eyes.  She smiles and I feel cold metal brush against my neck as She snaps a collar into place. “Mine.” She purrs and instantly the fear is gone and I wonder what I was so afraid of. 
I let out a deep breath and Her smile turns predatory, almost like She can read my thoughts.  “Rise Mine.” She commands and I obey.  She latches a leash to my collar, and tugs me to follow Her to a wall where I notice rings embedded in the brick.

“Stand facing the wall Mine.” She demands before moving to be behind me.  She leans against me, pressing into me so that I am pressed against the wall.  She quickly secures my cuffs to the metals rings.  Her lips brush against one of my ears as She purrs, “Close your eyes, it sometimes helps.”

As the pain surges through me, my life flashes before my eyes and I wonder if I will ever see another sunrise.  But it is too late now to worry about the value of my life.  I have already made my choice:  Her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Week Of Blog Vacation For Me~~A Guest Writer For You!!

I will be taking the next week off from writing this blog to finish two short stories that I will attempt to publish inside of Second Life. And to be totally honest; I need a break and a few extra hours of sleep.

Over the next week this blog will offer a 'short stort', in seven installments, written by Ms Tora Maven. Tora is an amazing woman who in Real Life and  Second Life is a 'Mistress'. A woman of 'Quality' who has so many aspects to her character that many years of knowing her would not even begin to peel back the layers of her being.

Knowing her is to discover a woman that can be in total contrast to what you would expect from someone 'in the lifestyle'. She is strong, 'the mistress coming out in her', she is warm and caring, she is accepting, she is loving and she is a friend in my life that I feel very close too.

"We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way." - Audre Lorde

Tora's story opens the door to a world that most people do not even know exists. It opened my eyes to a world that this 'vanila being' finds fascinating.

So what to expect? Up front the story is strongly erotic. It is powerful in its portrayal of this lifestyle. If you feel offended; "I do not care really" because you, as the reader, can just put it down and walk away. I was lucky enough to get the entire story at one time and could not/would not put it down.

The characters are riveting. Wondering how a person can give themselves over to another completely gave me pause to think about the 'trust' we all attempt to put into the people we interact with every day. But to give yourself over completely to another 'human being' so intensely, so lovingly and without reservations is the ultimate sign of trust.

My first thought was that 'he' was a weakling who needed this lifestyle to justify his existence but in time I realized that the amount of strength it took to 'give himself entirely' showed that he was not the weakling I had suspected but a strong individual in need of something lacking in his life. I will leave to you, as readers, to decide what that missing piece might be.

SO TO RECAP~~~~This story is erotic, uncensored and meant for adults. The only accommodation I am making is that I will post the installments a little later in the day as not to affect my early morning readers over their cups of coffee.

Please feel free to comment because I love them and will answer every single one.

If you meet Tora Maven during your Second Life wanderings; say Hello. I promise you will love the woman that will return your greeting.