Monday, May 30, 2011

Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton~~Update!!

I have found that the greatest obstacle to achieving my goal, take Pippa on the date of her life, is the distance between the two of us. Distance not only presents the obvious operational problems but adds immensely to the wear and tear on my Exploratory Team and the bottom line costs of staging my quest.

News has reached me, in the form of first hand knowledge, from my plant inside of Pippa's World, that she may be making a move to the United States for business purposes. Further proof came to me today from an piece printed in the Huffington Post Online.

'Pippa Middleton Oprah Show Rumors Make The Rounds'~~~That's right kiddies Pippa may be coming to the USA and that means I gain Home Court Advantage.

From the article:

'This just in from the check-out line magazine rack: both National Enquirer and In Touch claim that Pippa Middleton is moving toward a television deal.
Per the Enquirer, caps lock theirs: "TV queens BARBARA WALTERS and OPRAH WINFREY are secretly DUKE-ing it out over DUCHESS KATE's baby sister in a battle royal to snag her for U.S. TV! Sources close to Baba and O confirm that both talk-show divas are deep into hush-hush talks with Ms. Pippa-licious."'

'O YES WE DID have to read that thrice to figure out what was being said. Apparently, Barbara previously tried to hire Catherine to co-host "The View," and is now smitten with Pippa. And Oprah is eyeing the 27-year-old for some OWN network programing'.

If these rumors are true; my job would become much easier. With Pippa in England i only had a 50/50 chance at completing my quest. but with her on US soil my chances climb to at least 75%.


I will keep you updated as new information come into my Operations Offices.

Love ya,

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