Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning And Horny As Hell

I wake with a hard cock and one thing on my mind. Looking over at the woman in my bed I see hair going in all directions, probably morning breath and still groggy from sleep. Do I run, cock on hand and hide? Nope!! I roll over, spoon her and begin to try and warm her up.

OK! Why am I so horny in the mornings? It seems that there are medical reasons for my morning desires beyond just letting my little head do the thinking.

Why the sausage fest when I wake? Well it seems that blood to the penis increases during sleep causing a hard and ready member upon waking. Secondly, males testosterone levels are at their peak in the morning giving men more sexual energy.

Yay for science!!!

The still does not solve the problem of women not feeling their sexiest when first waking up. Unlike men, women need to feel sexy, well most of the time, in order to want an AM romp. There is a rumor, spread but some unknown person, that women get horny too, lol.

So some hints to help men get whet they want and women to enjoy this morning woodiness.

When you see your man wake with an amazing erection slip out of bed and freshen up to make yourself feel more comfortable. Then slip back in and enjoy. Choose a position that does not put the two of you face to face, like from behind or a T-position, just in case you have not had a chance to freshen up. After all your man is not exactly pristine.

My favorite is getting out bed and sliding into the shower together for a clean steamy start to the morning.

Remember, this testosterone boost will make him last longer so be prepared to be late for work, lol.

You may also want to increase the gallon capacity of your hot water heater as this may take awhile and finishing in cold water is a bummer.

Let the hate mail begin, lol.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Dirt Road, Chapter 3~~A Short Story By Randy Mantovani


Five feet six and not an ounce of fat on her frame. A blue eyed blond who was pretty in a relaxed way that required no makeup and very little flare. Her prized possession was a small ring that Alex had given her the day he deployed.
Cheyenne had her eyes set on the old Hunt house which was less than a hundred yards away from her families home. It had been abandoned since Mrs Hunt passed away with no one to leave it too.
John Duffy had bought it and was slowly fixing it up. He planned on leaving the finishing touches to Alex when he got home. The place was not worth much but would be a good place to raise a family.
Cheyenne's entire life revolved around little Alice and getting the house ready for Alex's return in 8 months. Her only goals were the house, getting married and expanding her family. For her no other life existed.
She was brighter than she showed in public. The few times we had talked proved that to me. She was secretly studying the regions that Alex had been deployed to and knew more about geography than her sisters; although she would never admit it.
There was a gentleness to this girl that showed in her care of Alice and the way she approached her family. To Cheyenne family came first in all things and there needs far exceeded her own.
Ferry Road was a place she could live her entire life and never feel that life had short changed her.
Named after her maternal grandmother she was intelligent to the core. A straight 'A' student who would graduate at the top of her class.
She was not a particularly pretty girl but had passable looks that made her attractive in a homely sort of way. Nothing mattered more to her than going to college and escaping Ferry Road.
She was in a constant battle to find a scholarship and grant money so she could attended college. It had gotten to the point that her guidance counselors cringed when they saw her coming their way. Computer Engineering was the field she wanted to study. I had no doubt she would succeed.

Her jealousy of her sister Anne was evident form the first day that I met the girls. Carol had always felt that things came to easy to Anne. When Anne was offered a basketball scholarship it was the final straw in an already strained sisterly relationship.

Once Carol graduated from college Ferry Road would become a place she only thought about when holidays arrived and a trip home became an obligation.


She had a love hate relationship with Ferry Road just like her mother. Family was very important to her but she wanted to put a little distance between her and the Road. If she could figure how to do that and still keep daily contact with her family all would be right in the world.

Basketball was her only love outside her home and a chance to play in college would give her the distance she craved and allow her to pursue her one real passion. Anne was a publicists dream. Talented on the court and attractive off. A player that a publicity campaign could be built around.

Her one real flaw was her inattention, well really gross dislike, of academic life. Both her parents and her new coaches knew from the outset that she would need constant attention to achieve.

Anne would probably live within two hundred miles of home; just far enough away that there would be no surprise family visits but close enough to get home when needed.

She had her athletic plan set. Her academic plan was a total mystery.

These were the Duffy girls. All talented, in their own right, but different as three sisters could be. The one thing they shared was their love of family and their need to improve their situations in their own ways.



Friday, September 27, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back in The Water

Brought to you by the irresponsibility of humans comes the discovery of a Pacu fish in Passaic, New Jersey. The Pacu is a vicious fish that has been know to eat male testicles when they are mistaken for nuts which are on the Pacu's normal diet. Yes kiddies I said they eat testicles. Crossing my legs while writing.

Geeze first God lets people invent circumcision thereby shortening a possible whopper and now He creates a fish that renders men sterile. What does God have against the male penis?

It seems this fish can weigh up to 55 pounds and grow to 3 - 4 feet in length. Maybe, as the Pacu shortens men's manhood, it increases its length and weight. HMMM!! This may explain why women seem to be getting taller, lol.

Men are attached to their cocks, both literally and emotionally, so this kind of damage could potentially be devastating. It also gives new meaning to having a woman give her man 'The Bobbit Treatment'.

Every time I go into a lake or river I will have to cover my cock, with my hand, to protect it. I would rather lose a hand!!!

The good news is that the Pacu can not survive cold water so the winter will kill them. BUT I LIVE IN THE SOUTH!! Oh my aching cock,, lol.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

End Of The Earth~~Packing My Bags

I read an article this morning that predicts the Earth will be destroyed by the expansion of the sun as it runs out of hydrogen fuel. OMG!! This puts pressure on my bucket list.

My first thought was to dig a deep shelter and supply it with all I need. Food, water, Twinkies, beer, wine for whom ever joins me for a post apocalyptic cuddle and the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Duck Dynasty.

My second thought was that my shelter may not be enough as the oceans will boil and the atmosphere will burst into flames. I better find a way off the planet!!


I can not wait until the last minute to plan like I do with buying wedding gifts or picking restaurants. My ass will be on fire while I figure thing's out.

So; 1. build a rocket ship, 2. find a habitable planet, 3. load supplies(see list above) and 4. find my Eve for the purposes of repopulation.

Now my mind is at ease. I can live the next 1.5 - 2.5 billions years waiting for all this to take place.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turkish Sex In The Morning~~The Return Of The 'Wanna F$$K Guys

[08:32] GOLGEMM: sexs
[08:32] GOLGEMM: ok
[08:32] GOLGEMM: türkiş
[08:32] GOLGEMM: 
[08:33] Andi: what?

Wanna F$$K Guy Indeed!!!

Notice the time? Eight Thirty in the morning Second Life time. Andi, who has a beautiful avatar, was in a respectable sim( she swears that is true, lol) when she was approached by this neanderthal. I thought that this phenomenon was dead as I had not heard many mention it of late. I guess some things never die.

Although we had great fun at Andi's expense after she revealed this on Face Book; there is a serious side to this behavior. That side lies in the realm of lack of respect for women by men.

I found that this behavior resides in men who are new to Second Life and believe, wrongly, that sex is why we are all in world. It can almost be excused in a newbie. This GOLGEMM character is only 9 days in world. But his revelation of being Turkish may be revealing.

As we continue to mix cultures in our Second Life world the differences in how women are perceived is glaring.  Middle eastern cultures do not seem to show the same respect for women that western cultures do. I am speaking here in general terms and not trying to pigeon hole every middle eastern man into this category.

So his behavior is somewhat understandable but not excusable. The men that concern me are the ones that are still exhibiting this behavior after two years in world. I do not consider a long term Second Life resident acting culturally after that length of time. These are the guys that turn stalker in world and make our second lives difficult.

Let me say here that this behavior is not limited to male avatars. Have you ever been on a sim that has crashed and on relog been sent to an 'adult hub'? I rarely get off that hub without being accosted by a couple of 'Wanna F$$K' females.

Two things about these female; 1. they are either actually female and are here for just sex or 2. they are males, in female avatars, preying on lesbian avatars. Either way thy are a pain in the ass.

I was in my house, changing clothes and naked at the time, when my sim crashed. When I logged back in I was sent to an adult hud. It was like I was the main course of a seven course meal. That was uncomfortable for me so I can just imagine how uncomfortable it is for a woman.

Respect ladies and gentlemen!! That is the key.

As for Andi; thank you for providing us with a good laugh yesterday. I am looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner with you; sans the TURKEY, lol.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Men Take Their Asses Into Their Own Hands

Brought to us by the same people that gave us the Dollar Shave Club, whose tag line is 'Our blades are not good they are F$$KING Great,  comes One Wipe Charlies, moist butt wipes for men. Yeppers men can now have asses as clean as women's. The era that will see the end of underwear tracks has arrived.

What a world we live in when men can have sweet smelling asses all day. Our attractiveness to women must go up when our collective asses are pampered with aloe vera and chamomile and left with a peppermint scent.

My butt is all a twitter with excitement. Finally I can feel clean from head to toe even when I have those unfortunate meetings in the bathroom at times of day that find me away from home. Damn that lunch time chili.

I plan on carrying my One Wipe Charlies in my back pocket, hanging out just enough to be recognized, so women know that my ass is pristine. OOOOOO I better buy extra condoms, lol.

I believe that good personal grooming is important to men's attractiveness so this is one more weapon in our arsenal.

But more is needed. Like a product that can be taken before bed that eliminates morning breath so that first kiss of the day is a pleasant one. Or bed sheets that absorb that uncomfortable cold wet spot that invariably appears under a woman and that I always roll over in after sex.

I am working on an invention I call 'The Romantic Comedy Clone' that you can substitute for yourself when a women wants you to watch a romantic comedy instead of the football game. Going to sell a million of those, lol.


PS... Go to the Dollar Shave Club website and watch the advertising videos. They are hilarious.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Dirt Road~~A Short Story By Randy Mantovani



It's every where. Furniture is covered. Cars, trees, plants and houses are coated in it. Children look eternally tanned form a dust covering. Sweat and dust combine to make their faces look like a map of a river delta with its tributaries converging and then dripping off their chins like small waterfalls.

Such is life when you live on a dirt road.

A constant battle is fought to keep the dust at bay. A losing battle but one that is fought with every resource a family can bring to bare. And yes; this is a families fight. No one fights it alone. House after house, along Ferry Road , are inhabited by families that have lived off the land for generations. All fighting the dust together.

The armies that fight The Battle of Ferry Road have no volunteers, no draftees. They are born into this battle. They arrive into this world choking on an onslaught from their eternal enemy. A battle that starts from their very first breath.

Every morning children head out to school in clothes that are washed almost daily because they do not have full closets. Men head out to the fields to work the crops that keep a family alive. Barely alive.

The wives find jobs that will get them home before their children return. Small, unskilled and low paying jobs needed to keep the family fed.

An existence no one wants. No one signed up to join. But there it is laid out before them like a banquet of despair.

Dust! Dust! Along Ferry Road dust is a badge of honor, of courage to the spirit of a people that time has forgotten.

It would take a Mojave Desert's worth of dust to cover the poverty along Ferry Road. But no amount of dust can cover the spirit of the people who live along that road.

Everyday the children go to school, the men head out to the fields and the women to their jobs. Everyday the dust awaits their arrival home and the battle starts over again.



The Duffy's

The Duffy family came form a long line of Ferry Road residents, They could trace their lineage here back eight generations. John Duffy and Margret Hall met for the first time when they were just a few days old. Being born into Ferry Road families a day apart. People say that except for John's two years in the army they have never been apart. Married at twenty and raising a family together by twenty one; their lives have been one for nearly twenty two years.

Their three girls were as different as any sisters could be. Carol a serious student with her eyes firmly set on college and escaping Ferry Road. Anne an athlete who was like her mother in every way. Finally Cheyenne; a wild girl, a mother at 15 and swearing that she will never leave Ferry Road.

They are poor, close knit and one of the happiest families I ever met. I met John at the Willow House; a small bar just off Ferry Road and frequented by farmers after a long days work. We hit it off immediately. I can't tell you why. We had nothing in common except our military service but that was enough to start a conversation and hold us as friends for many years.

Many a night I sat at the Duffy's dinner table swapping army stories with John Duffy while the Duffy woman stayed glued to our conversation. Carol had endless questions about college and was vividly jealous of her sister Anne, who was in line for a basketball scholarship, while Carol struggled to find a way to attend college.

Only Cheyenne seemed disinterested in the conversations. She had her path set two years earlier after having the baby. Now she waited for Alex Cummings, the babies father, to return from his military service so they could marry.

The girls were lucky in that they were not needed to work the fields and they could dream of college. The boys living along Ferry road knew from an early age that they would serve there country and then return to work the farms. They had no other choice and they accepted their fate.


PS...A new chapter from this story will appear every Saturday starting September 28th. The people in this story, while I have changed their names and location, are real and have been acquaintances for a number of years. Remember it is still in its rough form and has not seen the eyes of an editor.

PSS...Today's blog is my 500th. not bad for a project that started out reporting on the content of Second Life profiles. I am extremely grateful to the nearly 21,000 people that have honored me by reading my rants and writings.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Women Drivers~~Yikes!!

This past week I was in Second Life, at a go kart track, with my SL partner. It was frightening. She barely got out of the go kart garage and onto the track.  I fear for people in her hometown if this is how she drives a real car.

So which gender is actually a better driver? According to Tom Vanderbilt, in his article Traffic, Why We Drive The Way We Do (And What It Says About Us), men are more aggressive drivers who drive at higher speeds, drive closer to other cars, do not wear seat belts and are more likely to drive intoxicated. But they do show more efficiency at certain tasks like parking where they take less time and are more accurate.

Men's riskier behavior does translate into more accidents and more traffic tickets but as women are driving more and learning to be more aggressive drivers the gap between ticket and accident totals is decreasing. Especially when you factor in the 'show more cleavage/raise your skirt behavior women tend to display when pulled over by policemen. I do not think I would have the sane advantage if I opened my shirt and unzipped my fly when stopped by a female officer, lol.

According to Mr Vanderbilt's article it is hard to judge who is the better driver and that in reality men and women are about equal. There is a lingering perception that men are better drivers. Another myth destroyed like foot size is an indication of penis size. If that were true I would be Sea Biscuit.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The News Game~~A Tragedy All Its Own

"Yesterday evening, I was watching the news accounts of the Navy Yard shootings. The news media works overtime to create the impression that this country is characterized by the demented, the cruel, the amoral and the savage among us. This is the message that creates ratings and ratings sell advertising and advertising creates profits. Don't kid yourself-every US news outlet is in business to make a profit. Then, a few minutes later in the broadcast, in a report on the flooding in Colorado, they mentioned, barely pausing, an unknown citizen in Colorado who jumped into a raging, flooded river to save an elderly woman he didn't even know. I contend that for every school killer, every drive-by shooter and every mass-murderer of unarmed people, there are a hundred average citizens who would jump into a flooded river or run into a burning house to save people they don't even know." John Bane, Information Technology Manager at South Carolina Division of State Information Technology

Tragedies like the naval yard, Boston bombing or Aurora are certainly newsworthy but are exploited by news organizations for their explosive nature and ability to boost ratings. The sad thing is that often, in news organizations to be first to report race, they get it wrong like yesterday with the type of gun used.

I heard one reporter ask the same question at least 10 times and get the same answer each time, "I do not know". It's maddening!!

All this to the detriment of good news, Because good news does not boost ratings and sell advertising. I did google searches for the name of the man that John Bane talked about but to no avail. I guess hero's do not boost ratings.

Then there were the usual people that try and politicize every tragedy. The gun control advocates moved quickly to the microphones to deprecate AR-15's even though the report about its use were wrong. The DC mayor had the gall to blame sequestration. Of course this was newsworthy for the liberal drive by media.

Spend some time on the unbelievable number of gun deaths in Chicago and what is going on to stop it. That is a tragedy that plays out every day. That will not happen as it does not fit the liberal news agenda.

I would ask that news agencies report the facts as they are authenticated, inform us of new developments, give is pertinent background data and move on. I would also ask that they not give these perpetrators their 15 minutes of fame because that, in part, is what they are after.

News and the way it is delivered has changed and in part it's the consumer's fault. We dwell on such tripe and watch so much garbage on television that we have given carte blanche to news organizations to titillate us with shocking news.

I miss the days when I could read about Mrs White's win at the pie baking contest of Mrs Smith's cat delivering a healthy litter.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Virgin Blood Needed~~Males Should Not Apply

A Chinese hospital, doing cancer research, has put out a call for virgins, ages 18 - 24,  to donate blood. Since the research subject is human papilloma virus no male virgins are needed. So far 50 self proclaimed virgins have donated.

I have questions. First who is the lucky person assigned to determine if the volunteers are actually virgins? Second, is there an American version of this research? Lastly, if there is an American version can I apply for the authenticators position?

In this age finding a virgin between the ages of 18 - 24 may be as elusive a search as finding a Dodo bird. This is a very sexually active age group. Sure there are a few hanging about in university science labs hunkered down with experiments and books but even these are few and far between.

In an attempt to find this elusive creature of legend I took to the streets this morning to do impromptu street interviews. So far 4 women laughed at me, 6 threw their morning coffee in my direction, 11 cursed at me and 1 admitted to being a virgin but she told me that she was going to turn 18 tomorrow and was going to rectify her situation as soon as possible. I gave her my phone number and ambled on in my search.

Totally dejected to this point I decided to ask men if they knew any virgins. I sought out geeky looking guys who had to be virgins themselves in hopes that they had female virgins in their circle of friends. A total fail here too. No male would admit to being a virgin and most made claims to deflowering half the world's female population. This was getting me nowhere fast.

A google search titled 'Where do I find virgins in the USA?' brought up many stories about Virgin Mobile phones and Virgin American Airlines but no clues to where I could find the virginal creature I sought.

For now I have given up my search but I am setting aside money for a trip to the Virgin Islands. I have heard a rumor that virgins congregate there. Have to check that out. In the name of science of course.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Raising A Child~~Scary Stuff

"To put this in an educational context, the answer to closing the achievement gap is not merely to tell our children to work harder, to have grit, and to overcome, it is also to connect them with peers and mentors, engage their families, affirm their identities, provide adequate nutrition, build safe home environments, and make sure they are responding well to stress. It is advocating for our children, not to leave the communities they come from, but to come back and improve the environment they grew up in so that they can help other children from their communities flourish as well", Deborah Chang, I I Am A Product of Privilege And You Are, Too.

Deborah Chang is an American success story, who rose from poverty, and understands the path out of it.

I have to agree with Ms Chang; as Americans we are products of privilege. Those privileges are afforded us by living in a country that allows us to excel, to succeed. But achieving our potentials is not a one person show. We all need help along the way. Children need the guidance of all the adults they have contact. Coaches, teachers, baby sitters and day care workers all need to be encouraging and able to teach life lessons.

Most important is loving, caring parents and their extended family. I was lucky; I had working parents who guided me toward success. They taught me life lessons every day that have served me well. My grandparents guided me when mom and dad were working. My grandfather gave me a sense of what it meant to be an Italian American and my grandmother taught me things, like sewing and cooking, that I still use today and that I passed on to my children.

Of course I had two uncles that taught me mischief and how to have fun. My favorite uncles, lol. But even their lessons were useful in helping me achieve.

A strong family unit is key to guiding a child to achievement. A sense of who you are and where you came from allows you understanding into what events formed you. Knowing that my ancestors, who first emigrated to America, were dirt poor and made their living as street musicians helped me understand poverty. Their success also taught me that achieving was possible.

My family provided me with all the things Ms Chang describes; a good safe home, the nutrition I needed, educational opportunities and most of all love.

I have tried to instill a sense of responsibility, in my children, toward giving back to the community that raised them. All my children have moved away chasing careers but they still give to the communities in which they live.

I hate agreeing with Hillary Clinton on anything but it really does take a village to raise a child. But the main ingredient in bringing up a child and teaching them that there is a path to achievement is the family unit.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obama~~We Collectively Drank The Kool-Aid

I hear this constant drum beat for impeachment of President Obama and it concerns me. Just as it concerned me that those same drums beat for Presidents Bush and Clinton. I fear that this will become a song played for every president in our future.

I did not vote for President Obama but I do not want my president impeached. Yes I said my president because like it or not he was elected and serve all the people.

We elected a man who had a domestic agenda but who was ill prepared to handle foreign policy in a dangerous world. Many Americans rushed blindly to elect our first black president giving little thought to all his qualifications. His lack of foreign policy experience fostered by little experience in Washington as a senator has caused a further deterioration of how the world sees us. The shallow promise of 'change' without substance has brought us to this point.

We have all had to drink the Obama kool-aid, some voluntarily and others forcefully, and we are no better for it. And still I am against impeachment!!!

There are those who need to be impeached. The main stream media who carried Obama's  banner of unsubstantial change are at the top of my impeachment list.

Those who saw the making of history with disregard to the substance of the man running for office are also on my list.

I believe President Obama is a good man at heart. He is likable and a good family man. But these qualities do not make a good president.

We The People are responsible for the situation we find ourselves. I beg you to look beyond shallow reasons in casting your next presidential vote. Elect the most qualified person. Party be damned.

Vote with your brain not your heart. Vote for substance over fluff. Try and understand the consequences of your vote.

The greatness and future of this country depend on our choices.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Timing~~Potential Partners Can Be Missed By Mere Seconds

"You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions", Gary Ryan Blair

I have never prescribed to the theory that there is one 'right' person out there for you. Can you imagine if only one person in the world is your potential partner. The chances of actually meeting is  astronomical.

I believe that there are multiple people out there that match our qualifications for companionship and love. Every person has an ideal type they like; body shape and size, hair color, the sound of their voice, personality, softness of character, gentleness, a good lover and even occupation can play into how you feel about someone you meet.

One of the key factors is 'timing'. All of us, I believe, have been in a situation where we are attracted to more that one person who meets our qualifications. This certainly explains cheating and the destruction of relationships.

You meet someone on Monday and start dating; then two weeks later you meet someone else that interests you and confusion abounds. Or you meet someone and for some reason you do not approach them until it is to late. I admit these things have happened to me but here is where your own character comes onto play.

Trust is built through commitment and actions toward whom ever you choose. Loss of trust is devastating to any relationship.

I have never understood how a couple born out of an affair that started with cheating can ever trust each other to be faithful. Your character is put to the test everyday in Real Life and especially in Second Life. The quality of your character is established through your actions. Faithfulness is a quality I hold in high regard.

There is always a plan even if we do not know it. There are reasons that timing plays into our lives and there is a reason that you are where you are and not off with someone else.

"There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills", Buddha.

If timing has caused you to have doubt then act upon that doubt. Question everything and choose your path. Pain will ensue for someone; that is inevitable.

I believe that in the end everyone will find their way to the right person. Be honest with yourself, be honest with your partner and use the quality of your character to guide you.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Kristy Love~~Boob Masseuse

"Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it's quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid", Rita Rudner

I have been trained as a Physical Therapist and understand the principals of massage but Kristy Love's massage technique is one I was never taught and an anatomically unprepared to perform.

Yeppers; Kristy Love uses her 48NN size breasts to perform massage in the great State of Georgia. Now who said we were not progressive in the south?

Ms Loves advertisement reads ' "THE premiere CMT BBW body rub specialist taking Atlanta AND the world to an all new level of BBW adult entertainment." For those who do not read these types of advertisements; CMT stands for Certified Massage Therapist and BBW stands for Big, Beautiful Woman.

I am sure that Ms Love's clientele consist of all men who tend to think with their little head rather than there big one. The key words in her advertisement are 'adult entertainment'. That tells me that people go there not for the massage, as I see no value in what she does, but rather to be titillated by Ms Love's entertainment abilities. Or in layman's terms; getting the feel of those big ass boobies, lol.

I have no idea what Ms Love is massaging or what her ultimate massage goal might be but I am sure it finishes with a smiling client and a hefty fee.

Any thinking human knows that this is not massage but rather a sexual act. It is also an insult to hard working Certified Massage Therapists who ply their trade in a traditional and legal manner.

I give credit to Ms Love for using the gifts God gave her but degrading a noble profession is indefensible.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin Can Not Even Spell Exceptional

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible”, Cherie Carter-Scott.

There once was a boy named Vladimir Putin, who led a fun club playfully named The KGB, whose job it was to crush individual thought and jail anyone who may seem to be more than ordinary. Who spied on scientists who were being directed to do scientific research for research's sake rather than humanities.

                           Putin and the only living thing that loves him.

Putin quote; "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation". Really!!! It is more dangerous to tell your people that they are ordinary and incapable of achieving anything exceptional.

It is more dangerous to persecute people because they are different from you; as he is doing with the LGBT community.

It is more dangerous to turn a blind eye to atrocities in an attempt to elevate yourself or denigrate someone else that is searching for a solution.

Putin actually has the audacity to invoke God while lecturing the President about our possible response to an atrocity. GOD!! God is a belief that Americans possess while thoughts of God are a political football for Putin.

Americans are not perfect but we are exceptional. So are the peoples of many other countries. To be lectured by a person who had a career in repressing exceptionalism is far more than insulting. It is ridiculous.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Power Of Words~~A Syria Lesson

“Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them", Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Nathaniel Hawthorne was correct in his assessment of word power in the hands of those that know how to present ideas. Unfortunately our president has lost that ability over the past weeks. He presents us with an argument for exacting justice against a tyrant with jumbled jargon and confusing rhetoric.

Pictures like this, which is tame compared to some coming out of Syria, are horrifying and should stand alone in leading us to action. It is hard to follow a man that leads from behind and waits for poll data to make a decision.

The military response offered by this president is weak, by his own admission, and still we do not have a clear picture of what our goals might be.

While we delay our response we have been ridiculed by Syria's murderous dictator, threatened by the fanatics in Iran and upstaged by Russia.

Believe me I do not want another war but we can not stand idly by and allow the slaughter of innocents. We have watched this type of slaughter play out in Africa on numerous occasions and stood by whistling with our hands in our pockets.

It is time for this administration to be decisive in some form. Either act against the Syrian regime and degrade its ability to make war against its own people or walk away and watch the carnage from in front of our television sets.

Pray the president gets this right. Most of all send prayers tom our military whose shoulders this mission will fall.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Obsession~~The Worse Human Condition

"Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer", Norman Mailer

We all have been obsessed by something in our lives. An ex partner, a product or a food are common things that can cause one to become obsessed. Products or food can be obsessions caused by the need to use or consume the object. But obsession for another person is usually preceded by the loss of that person and love is always involved.

I recently went through a bout with obsession and I can tell you first hand that it is horrible. I was lucky as the person that I lost is loving and caring. The more she explained the whys; the easier life got and my obsession subsided. I believe understanding ones plight is the key to curing your obsession or avoiding it all together.

A person experiencing a case of obsession will see weight loss, sleeplessness, headaches and hair loss(thank God I did not have this one, lol). I did lose weight, about 20 pounds, which I needed to lose anyway. I had many sleepless nights and experienced some headaches. But all in all I survived well and now feel much better. Actually I have returned to my normal self.

I had to realize that it is normal to continue to love someone once the relationship is over. A change of address does not put a stop to love.

I can only speak for me but realizing that you did nothing wrong was important. Once I was told that  I could stop beating myself up over what I had done wrong because in fact there was nothing. The key is open communication between you and your ex partner.

We may not live together anymore, we may be dating other people and we may not see or talk to each other every day but we have remained friends. Good friends. Our love will always remain intact but will be something that keeps us warm rather than something we act on.

Fill you mind with all those good wonderful memories. Good thoughts will force obsession to the curb and let you move on with your life. Vow you will never hurt your ex partner and allow her to find her way. Promise to honor her wishes and keep those promises.

If you do these things you will find happiness in your own life. I promise you that.


Why Are Some Men Pigs?

Women will readily call men pigs and they are right in most cases. The male critter is genetically disposed to think that 'carrying the biggest club' or dominating your partner is desirable to all women. A lot of porkish men go home every night alone blaming women for their loneliness and believing that the key to their success should be more pig like behavior.

A stupid attitude that is doomed to failure.

So what makes men act this way? Part of it, I believe, is genetic and ingrained in all men. The key is to learn to control your 'inner pig'.

But I am fully vested in the theory that male piggishness is a taught behavior. The product of a over bearing piggish father who does not know any better and a weak mother who does not balance the fathers teachings.

I am the son of a strong father who could be as gentle as a lamb. A well educated man who showed as strong in business but inside the house he was fully dedicated to my mother. Open scenes of affection were common and we always knew that he loved and respected her. My mother was a strong woman who quit school after the 3rd grade and went to work in the garment industry. She was self educated, intelligent and totally dedicated to husband and family.

My mother was also a forceful believer in women's rights and instilled in me a respect for women that has served me well throughout my life.

She taught me that the 'strength of a man, in a women's eyes, is not the club but respect, understanding and love'. She taught me that gentleness and caring is perceived as strength to your partner.

I am not saying that I have not acted like a pig at times. After all I am a man. But there is a lot to be said for being a gentleman. Men need to learn to listen to what women are telling them. In their words, hidden many times, are their needs. If you want to be with someone then learn to fill those needs no matter what they may be. Once a relationship starts continue to be gentle, loving and caring. That is the key to maintaining a loving  lasting relationship.

In Second Life the computer acts as a shield and allows men to act out their piggish behavior. The existence of the 'Want To Fuck' guys is testament to that.

Here is a tip that may help; when you meet a women treat her with the respect and care that you would your own mother. Show her that you are interested in her and who she is; not just her sweet ass.

Women deserve better. Men need to understand that fact and learn to be lambs not pigs.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

We Are Watching The Wrong Border

All eyes seem to be trained on the USA/Mexico border but it is my opinion we are looking in the wrong direction. Our eyes should be looking north not south.

The USA/Canada border poses far greater threats than our southern border. These threat come in many forms and are constantly overlooked because everyone loves Canada. This love of Canada is used as a blindfold over our collective eyes to shield the evil that is flowing south.

Led by the Labatt and Molson companies imitation beer is being offered up as real beer to an unsuspecting American public. America's young beer drinkers are getting free samples of these evil concoctions on the street. Then once they are hooked the price rises significantly forcing these young Americans into committing crimes to afford these vile brews. I have personally witnessed prostitution in exchange for  Canadian beer. 

Then there is the constant invasion of Canadian born celebrities who use their incomes to fund activities in Canada like the Icelandic Festival in Manitoba or the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon.

Pamela Anderson, Paul Anka, Dan Aykroyd, Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Neve Campbell, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Tommy Chong(OMG does this mean pot smoking was imported from Canada?), Nathan Fillion(Castle is Canadian!!), Michael J. Fox, Norm MacDonald, Neil Young(now this explains a lot, lol) and a long list of others; all born in Canada. They all slipped across the border during a bad snow storm unseen by the thin line of border patrol agents assigned to our northern border.

OMG!! William Shatner!!! Space exploration will never be the same for me.

And finally this guy who is apparently is assigned the job of corrupting unsuspecting American women.

I will not even go into this crap about everything having to be in English, French and every other freaking language represented in Canada. Pick a damn official language already

The United States should immediately move as many border patrol agents as possible north to fight this invasion. Canadians will never work for cheap wages and will force Americans out of jobs. They will become naturalized citizens and start voting for all kinds of bizarre crap.

The words ay and ooooout will be used by our children.

I say STOP CANADA NOW!!! Before they erode away our Americanism. If you fail to stop them now then you better learn this phrase the next time you order a beer at your local bar.

Barman, une bouteille de bière s'il vous plaît

I bet you will not get Budweiser!!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Want My Communion Coffee

Recently I was asked by my ex minister what it would take to get me back into the church? I tried to be diplomatic telling him that my spiritual needs were being met and I was happy with my choices. After some thought, and after he was gone, some things did come to mind. I am sure he would not like them, lol.

First of all I want communion changed from bread and wine to 'coffee and sausage biscuits. Now that would get me in the door. Maybe throw in a donut and coffee cake platter where the holy water is usually kept.

Then I would want more comfortable seats. Maybe recliners for those days when the sermon runs long and encroaches on Sunday NFL football. Oh Yeah!! A television screen that pops up for those occasions.

That would get me there on Sunday but what about involvement the rest of the week?

I picture 'topless' Friday nights with new converts from The Crazy Horse Saloon in Myrtle Beach, SC. Throw in some beer, vodka and some of those 'are these really chicken wings' bar food and I would attend every Friday. Besides that 90 mile ride to Myrtle is killing me, lol.

Maybe change Wednesday couples dinners to 'partner swapping' parties. The ministers wife is hot. HMMM!! Where am I going to find a partner for the parties?

Finally; stop sending the church newsletter. It's boring and says the same stuff every week. Change it to a 'wine of the month club' subscription. Not that cheap communion wine they are serving now.

Well that’s my plan. Am forwarding this to the minister for consideration.

I am feeling more holy already!!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Living In Germany~~It Feels Like It Was 100 Years Ago

It's one of those sleepless nights that makes my mind wander in ten directions at once. I am feeling particularly lonely tonight so my thoughts seem to be wandering toward times when I have felt this way in the past.

I lived in Nuremberg, Germany from 1973 - 1976 while serving in the army. I was divorced with a daughter at home and a life I missed tremendously. My days were full of work and I spent a lot of time in the training areas as ambulance coverage. The nights were long and mostly filled with the stupidity that loneliness and boredom produced.

I was dating a local German girl who was fun, loving and loyal but had one goal in mind; going home with me. I was not ready for nor needed a serious relationship at that time.

I had been in Germany for about two years when I met my first civilian American girl in country. I had not seen an American woman out of uniform in all that time. LOL! Let me rephrase that; I had seen plenty of American women out of their uniforms but none that were civilians.

She was on a trip through Europe with friends and was visiting Nuremberg. She was also scheduled to leave the city the next morning.

We met in a German bar that catered to soldiers and was near the base. Even to this day I can close my eyes and see her clearly; blond hair long to about an inch below her shoulders, green eyes, this pretty little turned up nose and light freckles. Her hands so soft my skin got goose bumps holding them.

We had a couple of drinks and then went for a walk in a near by park. A place where we could see the Old City of Nuremberg lit up. We sat for hours talking, holding each other and kissing. Like two kids amazed that they had found someone. Nothing sordid. More like a Midwest sit on the porch with your girl kind of night.

Then I put her in a cab with her friends never to be seen again. This may have been the best night I spent in the 30 months I was stationed in Germany. The memories of that night held my loneliness at arms length for the next six months when I returned home. That memory still helps to some extent.

But I am now 65 years old and a veteran of the lonely wars. I certainly have had my chances in life; three ex wives that I am a better friend to than I ever was a husband and four children who I have taught to be independent and live their own lives.

All that leading me to this point in my life when I have come to realize that I will finish my journey alone. I do not see any pretty blond haired girls coming over the next hill. All I see are the hills now.

Don't get me wrong; I have had a wonderful life. I have seen things that most people only dream about. And I have been privileged to have been loved and returned love to  some amazing women. I have memories that can keep me warm for many nights.  

I am a good man and and not used up yet. I can also guarantee you that I will continue to look over that next hill in the hopes that I will find someone who will join me on my road and help me get over those hills.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living Alone~~Fun, Freedom And Naked Dinners

When I first found myself living alone I was sad and distraught. After all I had just come from a house full of kids and a hectic life.

The first thing I noticed was the quiet. Oh glorious quiet!!

Of course there are pros and cons to quiet. On one hand I could concentrate on writing when ever the writing mood struck me. On the other hand my mind tended to wander and grabbing onto one story seemed to escape me.

Being retired added to my isolation but the advantages of single living quickly became apparent.

Not having to dress decently for meals was a plus. I could wander the house in any form of dress or undress that I desired. I better throw in a warning here for all of you that are thinking about the living alone lifestyle.

Do Not Fry Food Naked!!

The possible injuries are hard to explain in the emergency room and chances of dating any nurse becomes a slim prospect. Nurse do talk to each other, lol.

While I find showers and shaving a daily necessity; they are not mandatory. There is no one there to get a whiff of your scent and your pet does not care what you smell like.

Interaction with your neighbors can be as limited or as active as you wish. I tend to avoid my neighbors because they tend to ask to many questions. The down side to this avoidance is that rumors of you being gay, a serial killer or a recluse millionaire run rampant throughout the neighborhood. The upside is that once the rumors start people tend to cross the street when they see you coming which makes my walks much more relaxing.

I will not discuss 'fart freedom' as this fact should be evident, lol. All I will say is have some air freshener handy to make life livable.

Living alone has great advantages; the freedom to do what you want when you want, the more important freedom to do nothing at all and a total lack of any 'honey do' lists add to my happiness in this lifestyle.

I will say that there are times of loneliness but they can be overcome by visits from the horny wife of my neighbor while he is away on business. LOL! I am joking. She is horny but does not visit. Damn It!

Finally I have found pleasure in simple things. A morning meditation in the butterfly garden, the sound of the neighbor kids playing in their swimming pool, a phone call from my children and the morning game of tag played by the squirrels in the backyard trees are particularly satisfying.

There are times I miss the old days but then I snap back to my senses and realize that I have been given a gift and I cherish it.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria~~What A Mess

The pictures of children dying from a chemical weapon attack are heartbreaking. In my heart I know that the Syrian regime needs to be stopped and some form of order restored to that country. My heart thinks that way but my brain has reservations.

In my mind the goal of any campaign against Syria is first the degradation and/or destruction of their chemical weapons capability and secondly strengthening  the position of the Syrian opposition. I do not see a limited attack plan as accomplishing any of those goals.

We have announced that we are going to attack so while we discuss our stratagem Assad is hiding the chemical weapons we are after. Plus a direct attack against those weapons, if we can find them, may well be catastrophic to the Syrian population.

Boots on the ground is the only way to be sure that we get those chemical weapons but we are war weary and that will not be allowed to happen.

So what are we trying to accomplish?

I might be cynical but I believe we have been forced into the position of trying to save the face of a president that has been weak on foreign policy and weak in taking the lead in world crises.

It's the old rock and a hard place issue; if we do nothing we are seen as weak and the message that Iran, North Korea and terrorists take away is one that they can get away with anything. If we limit our attack and accomplish no significant goals we are seen as paper tigers.

My son serves in the Army Reserves, as a medic, I could not support anything that may possibly lead to his call up. I do not want to give my son to what I see as a no win situation.

I do not trust this president to lead us to war. I know that, through semantics, the administration is not calling this a war. Kiddies if we put our armed services at risk it's a war. No matter what Obama says.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Violence Against Children Has Pushed Me Over The Edge

I am an admitted supporter of the Second Amendment but recently I have been wavering. The increased gun violence against small children is heartbreaking. I know that the guns used were obtained illegally but we have allowed a culture of gun violence to infest our lives.

On Sunday this precious child, Antiq Hennis, was shot in his stroller and taken from his family in what was probably an attempt on his fathers life.

In March 2013 a child, again in a stroller, was killed in a robbery by gun violence in Brunswick, Georgia.

On August 24th, 2013 a three year old child was shot while he slept in a Brooklyn apartment.

All this is inexcusable. Crime against children is inexcusable in any form. But this is pure evil. It is senseless and heartbreaking.

Last week the FBI and the Los Angeles police raided gang members suspected of crimes.

They found these pictures among the things gathered as evidence.

Pictures of children holding guns including what is probably an assault rifle. These are children of parents that have no respect for the lives they are responsible to protect. I am sure these parents could not even spell 'family values' let alone practice good ones.

The gun culture among gangs and those who intend to do harm or illegal activities is what we need to go after. But I now believe that we need to tighten up our gun laws and close loop holes. My own state, North Carolina, has some work to do in this regard.

We need to put common sense back into our laws and elect law makers that are more interested in governing than saving there jobs. Above all we need to protect our children from senseless violence.

The key to any progress is through strengthening of the family unit. Everything starts with the family.


PS.... My prayers go out to the families of these innocent children.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Labor Day Memory

I had an uncle that raised squab, that's fancy pigeon for all you peasants, and on Labor day weekend we traveled to upstate New York for a large family dinner. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old at the time. My Italian family is quite large and I remember at least fifty family members there including my maternal grandparents. It was a gathering of Schemmenti's, Marinelli's, Bruno's and Mantovani's. Families that represented Italian culture that spread from Veneto and Lombardia in the north, through Compania and Basilicata in the south and then on to Sicilia.

An amazing gathering of four generations of a family that grew out of immigration to New Your City starting in 1865.

I remember a table spread with food that represented every region my family had lived. The Italian language flowing as smoothly as it did before immigration. Grandchildren running in every direction enjoying the country air and just being out of the city.

I do not believe that I loved my family more than I did this day. It was like we had moved back to Italy and I was being taught my roots first hand. I soaked in everything and for the first time I felt what it was to be an Italian and why we were such a proud people.

All this because we sat down to a meal of this little bird. My love for squab has never wavered because of this memory and because it is delicious.

The memories did not end when we all got back in our cars and headed home. My dad drove the entire way and at one point he had to pee. Yes people our parents peeded, lol. It was late and no bathroom was in site so dad, as many men would, pulled the car over and got out. He peeded in front of the car, head lights ablaze and my mom yelling at him the entire time. I still laugh when I think about this episode. My prim and proper father peeing on the side of the road. An amazing site for sure. My mother was so upset she continued to yell at him for miles. That Sicilian temper flaring.

 Here is the kicker. That is the only time, in my entire life, I ever heard my mother and father argue. In all those years of marriage they were nothing but two people on a never ending honeymoon. I so envy them.

My mother and father; the greatest love story ever told.