Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tan Is The New Black

As I sat in the room where Cee was being prepped for surgery  I marveled at the tan gown they had given her. It was so large she was swimming in it. Every where I looked men and women were clad in these tan drapes that, upon them standing, gave a show that any burlesque would be proud to put on the stage.

I will say that Cee looked cute in her tan outfit while waiting for her doctor and anesthesiologist to make an appearance.  Soon I was packed off to the waiting room to sit with a gaggle of others awaiting news from surgery.

While I waited a picture kept going through my mind.

On my way out of Cee's prep room I had seen a person similar to this picture sauntering down the hallway. It was a bit frightening and I did lose my desire for a cup of coffee. Actually I almost walked into a wall because I could not take my eyes off this life altering aberration.

My eyes stayed glued to this site until it disappeared behind a curtain and out of my view. It was like I had stepped into the Twilight Zone; passing from a world where Cee laid on her cart looking cute and all snuggled up in her tan gown to one on which I encountered a Godzilla replicant as badly composed as the last movie of that genre.

Thank God I did not expose my Sock Monkey to that site. His young mind would have been corrupted and in need of therapeutic intervention.

In the end Cee, Sock and I escaped the hospital fairly unscathed although I have had some strange nightmares centered around all things tan and flowing.

The important thing is that Cee is returning to her feisty and cheerful self at a quick pace. My return home is up in the air as she is not allowed to drive but in all, surgery considered, it has been  a pleasant experience save the Godzilla Gown Incident.

Sock says hello tp everyone. He is busy tormenting Cee's cats at the moment.