Monday, August 27, 2012

Darwinism Is A Four Letter Word?

To hear some people talk Darwinism must be a four letter word. The Theory of Evolution is attacked like it was something Darwin made up while vacationing in the South Pacific with an atheist youth group instead of documented scientific research done by a meticulous researcher.

I have heard people say that his research is flawed, that he is an atheist trying to discredit God and that his theory is based on junk science with little proof. Lets think about that for  a second? All those criticisms come from people who would have us take a book, whose authors are obscure and mysterious in origin, as the only word in human development.

We have allowed our thoughts to be usurped by people who claim to speak for and in some cases to God Himself and we as asked to do this on faith. Not Proof! Faith!

State governments are falling prey to biblicists who are pushing creationism over all other possibilities. Schools have been banned from teaching The Theory of Evolution based on the beliefs of a few cretins who wield God as a vengeful sword at their parishioners. The ability to teach any scientific theory, no matter what the subject matter, should never be stifled.

I believe that all theories should be taught in our public schools, including Creationism. Of course then we would have the Atheists jumping about complaining.

We are falling behind the world in science and mathematics education and will continue to do so until we get all special interests out of our curriculum's and teach what is necessary to be competitive in today's world.

I look at the excesses that brought down great civilisations like Rome and Egypt and see parallels here with the United States. We have grown fat and lazy, we let others do our thinking and have become a nation that allows others to raise our children and take little interest in what they are being taught.

Last night I was in a conversation about 'it takes a village to raise a child' and truthfully it does indeed take a village but we can not abdicate our responsibilities to that village. We each have to be personally responsible for the children we bring into the world.

We need to be responsible to see that they are taught everything, without exception, so they can be functioning adults absent of government intervention and interference.


Friday, August 24, 2012

And The Middle Finger Goes To!

This morning I saw a graphic that read, "Sometimes I do not have enough middle fingers to go around". Today is one of those days for me so I am passing on my MIDDLE FINGER to a few deserving people.

While I feel that what Kristen Stewart did is despicable she does not deserve the entire blame. Rupert Sanders, the low life that he is, deserves just as much blame and disdain as Stewart, So to all those who blame Stewart and are giving Sanders a pass~~A Big Middle Finger To You!

Next, To the Oklahoma High School principal who refuses to give valedictorian Kaitlin Nootbaar her well earned diploma because she used the word 'hell' in her speech~~A Big Fucking Middle Finger To You! Come get my diploma you bastard.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for stripping Lance Armstrong of his titles and giving a life time ban to an already retired athlete--Show us the evidence or back off. At the moment your agency is showing only evidence of a vendetta~~A Big Middle Finger To You!

To the asshole who threw a sneaker onto the track damaging Danica Patrick's car during a race. A Big Hope You Are Caught And Sent To Jail Middle Finger!

Finally, and only because I am getting tired of reading about these cretins, to Todd Akin for suggesting that there is such a thing as 'legitimate rape' and staying in the senate race. This man is quite a sick individual and needs to be put out to pasture; preferably where he can experience his own rape. But of course he can not get pregnant,. A Big You Need To Go Back To Science Class Middle Finger.

I am feeling a little better, lol. Time for lunch.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Patriotism And Taxes?

Can you believe that we are actually having a national conversation about who is more patriotic, those who pay what is considered their fair share of taxes or those who pay what they are supposed to pay?

Patriotism is not a dollar and cents measurement or even a quantifiable entity. The billionaire who pays 50% of their income is no more patriotic than a pauper that pays no income tax( I am specifying income tax here as everyone pays other types of taxes so I feel those taxes are a wash). A person is no less patriotic for trying to avoid paying taxes than anyone else is for paying extra. Tax avoidance is an international game that has been played since the concept of taxation was conceived.

Attaching a level of patriotism to the paying of taxes is idiotic and just another discussion that tries and side track us from our real national problems.

Patriotism is a soldier fighting to protect this country and our constitution. Patriotism is our citizens voting. Patriotism is defending, discussing and understanding the Constitution of The United States.

Patriotism is taking part in the political process to improve this country. Patriotism is obeying the laws that are meant to govern us.

Patriotism is supporting your family unit no matter what form it takes. Patriotism is protecting the rights of our citizens and assisting all Americans to achieve the American Dream. Patriotism is taking care of our less fortunate, our sick and our elderly.

The amount you pay in taxes is not a measure of your level of patriotism.

But you know what else is patriotic and this will surprise you kiddies? It is patriotic to question any circumstance that you might find unfair or unethical. That does not mean that your questioning will lead to a change or the your premise is correct.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Republicans Will Not Win In November

"Marino has spent his adult life in policing, and one detail a good cop never overlooks is location. It doesn't do a damn bit of good to get on your radio and scream Mayday if you don't know where you are." Quote from Patricia Cornwell's novel Trace.

I read that the other day and I thought; "That's me!" Calling for help and not knowing where I am. But I am one person and insignificant in the scheme of things. My problems are a small ripple in a very big pond that is filled with ripples. All wandering in different directions with no set course or purpose.

I have come to the conclusion that my particular individual problems, while important to me, are insignificant when stacked up against those we face as a nation. The economy is tanking, unemployment is high, our national debt is staggering and we have a government that floats along with a politics as usual attitude.

So what does all that have to do with the chances of Republican victory in November?

While I consider myself a moderate/progressive or what ever the current term that applies to a person who holds beliefs in both right and left ideologies, I am a fiscal conservative. This is why I believe that conservative victory is so important but we can not get a president elected if we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot and act like the other guy is holding the gun.

Terms like 'legitimate rape', while probably not meant in the vain that it was received, is an example of giving the enemy ammunition to shoot back at us. We make it to easy.

Simple situations are made difficult by our stubbornness to 'stick to our guns' when bending a little would defuse the situation. Take for example Mitt Romney's income taxes. I am sure that he has paid taxes and so are his opponents. Releasing those taxes ends the debate but holding them back provides Liberals ammunition. It allows our liberal opponents the opportunity to plant a seed of doubt that will bloom.

The key to this election is the economy. It is as simple as that but we allow ourselves to be side tracked by stupidity we bring upon ourselves.

Of course Liberals say the same stupid things, the Presidents "You did not build that" statement a prime example, but unlike the Liberals, Conservatives do not have the media on their side. Every Conservative verbal miscue is reported 10 times of what a Liberal mistake might.

Lets clamp down on saying anything that even remotely smells of stupidity between now and election day. Let Vice President Biden make the verbal miscues. He is quite accomplished at  tripping over his tongue.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Could I Endorse?

In light of the new David Beckham's new H&M Underwear campaign I have been pondering how I could use my celebrity status to endorse products? Of course I can not boast Mr Beckham's physical presence; except maybe in Second Life where anything is possible.

                                    A little eye candy for the ladies, lol.

I contacted my fantasy agent and asked her to line up, I picture my agent being a woman, some endorsement deals.

This is what she pitched me this morning.

Picture me dressed in assorted colors and being photographed with these yummy little candies. My physical resemblance to them is uncanny. I am the perfect spokes human for Gummy Bears.

I am a perfect match for this cuddly little guy. All I need is a month or two out of the sun to get real pale and poof a living Pillsbury Douhboy.

Oh Yeah!! There I am!! A little makeup on my cheeks, a white wig and that outfit I am the spitting image of the Keebler Elf.

As a matter of fact I tried this outfit out last night and had wonderful results.

Here I am being arrested after I spread my happy cookie cheer around just a little to much. I was booked as the Keebler Elf so not police record, LOL. Whew!!

Some of the other endorsement deals under consideration are;

                                                    The Michelin Man

                                             The Quaker Oats Man

But the gig I really wanted was one that would have stretched my acting talents to their max.

Yes the part of Aunt Jemima!!  But political correctness causing a pure hatred of black face these days prevented me getting this role. God I love this woman!!!!!!  Besides my mother she has had the most lasting impact on my life, and pants size, of any woman I have ever met. I directly attribute her influence on my present day love of 'all you can eat pancake breakfasts'.

Have a great day Kiddies!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Three In The Morning

I do not like to write when I am personally upset but there are times when writing down my thoughts calms me and makes me think a little more rationally. It is my way of chatting with myself or maybe chatting with God to help solve a problem. Solve a problem! Funny!

This would have been a bad week for me anyway as my youngest daughter leaves for college. It is very hard to give up your last child to her own life but that has to be done. The empty feeling it leaves me is not an easy one.

Over the past month or so I have come to realize how much my illness has taken out of me. Do y'all remember that song by Mathew Wilder named 'Break My Stride'? There was a time people said it was written for me because nothing could slow me down. No matter how hard times were or how bad I felt I always kept moving forward unfazed.

Well kiddies my stride has finally been broken. I feel like I am building a sand castle to close to where the waves are breaking and whenever I build one tower two waves are ready to break it down. It is frustrating.

I have written before about things that change your path or reset your course well today's bad news did not do that for me. It does not matter what the news was; lets just say that it did not reset my course but rather left me facing a precipice that I can not cross.

I am so tired of the fight. So very tired.

My problem is that it has been bred into me that I am responsible for my obligations and if I can not meet them it weighs on me. I have always been able to find a way but this time I see none beyond flatly walking away, throwing my hands in the air and saying Fuck It. Something I just can not do.

I am rambling I know. It is three o'clock in the morning and I have even been abandoned by my dogs who have found their sleep much more agreeable than watching me stare at these pages.

A whole host of people said, "Randy, swallow you pride and ask for help". They were right so I did just that; swallowed my pride and for the first time in my life I asked for help. Guess what kiddies? No help is coming. I am on my own as I have always been. Minus a little pride of course.

I truthfully do not even know what my problem is let alone how to solve it. Is it that I can not meet my obligations? Is it that swallowing my pride was a wasted act? Is it that I have finally lost faith in my life?

Is it all of the above and maybe a lot more? I just do not know anymore.

At this point this is what I can tell you. I will not say Fuck It as it is not in me to walk away. But I am in a hole that I will never climb out of and what my life is now is what it will be.

My road has finally come to a dead end. I will hang out here waiting for who knows what and will tread water for who knows how long.

My friends you have caught me on a bad day. Maybe the worst day you will ever see from me.

I am going to join my dogs in some blissful sleep. Hopefully!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Lovers VS Cat Lovers

I have two dogs at my house; one is a chihuahua named Klepto, short for kleptomaniac because she steals anything not nailed down and hides it under the couch. My underwear and socks seem to be her favorite targets. The other is hound dog named Brandae who is wild, big and loving. Klepto weighs about 4 pounds, Brandae weighs 75 pounds and they are as different as their weights.

I also have an uncounted number of cats that frequent the area around my house and cause little trouble beyond riling up the dogs late at night and waking me up. There is no love lost between my dogs and the cats. There is also no love lost between my dogs period. All vying for my attention and at times driving me crazy.

People seem to be split between dog lovers(46%), cat lovers(12%), lovers of both equally(28%) and loves neither(15%).  There is quite a difference in the number of self proclaimed dog and cat lovers. Wonders why?

Dogs are described as 'man's best friend' and I think most men who own a pet choose a dog. Cats seem to be the domain of women and being furry, warm and loving(when they want to be) critters might explain why women choose cats.

Personally I believe that cats are 'alouf critters that poop in a box and sleep 23 house a day, eat 15 minutes a day, scratch the hell out of my furniture 30 minutes a day and are affectionate the last 15 minutes if they feel like it, lol.

In an article, written by Mike Singh and titled 'Can Cat Lovers Ever Love Dogs?', he describes The Dog Lover as one who loves their dog for many reasons. Dogs are playful and attentive to their owners. They love to spend their time hiding under their ownerĂ‚’s chair or chasing their tail. It just seems as if they are fun loving creatures. Sure, they bark and they can be very annoying when they want your attention even when you are busy. But, they won’t fail to greet you when you come home and you are where their loyalty lies no matter what.

Mr Singh describes The Cat Lover by stating that cats are more independent and more self centered. But, they can provide much affection to their owners nonetheless. They can be playful when they want to be. They can also be full of personality, good or bad. Cat lovers love this about their animals. Of course, they can be rather snooty to some. They are independent and they certainly won’t greet you unless it is in their best interest to do so.

I agree with Mr Singh that dogs are more trusting. This may be why they are trainable in so many different ways; both for good and bad. Cats on the other hand are trainable for a liter box but beyond that they are independent, curious and type A personalities. Frankly they scare me a bit as I have no idea what they are thinking.

Of course there will be a lot of people that disagree with my assessment. I think what kind of person you are, dog or cat lover, seems to be part of our make up and most likely caused by environmental influences rather than genetic.

One thing I do know; whether you are a cat or dog lover THEY ARE IN CHARGE! We may think we are the boss, we are doing the training or we are calling the shots. Kiddies it is we who are being trained by them.

I picture a cat and dog control tower in heaven sending training instructions to our pets and in turn our pets are keeping us in line.

I am also convinced that Klepto can read as she keeps stealing my research notes and hiding them under the couch. I could have sworn I saw a light coming from under the couch the other night. That is where I found my book reading light. HMMM!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Indian Giver~~What Is it Really?

The term Indian Giver always confused me because it was supposed to be a derogatory term used toward Native Americans. I always thought that it could be more aptly apply to the United States government in its application of and breaking of the many treaties signed with Native Americans.

It seems there is some disagreement as to the terms origins. In the early Indian culture gifts were exchanged not given as I understand it. So when a Native American gave something to a settler they expected something of equal value in return or the return of the item lent the settlers. That seems reasonable but you have to remember that we are dealing with a clash of cultures and the conqueror is the one who writes the history.

From the all knowing and all seeing Wikipedia; 'It is unclear exactly how the expression came to be, but the consensus is that it is based on American Indians having a distinctly different sense of property ownership than people of European ancestry. One theory is that early European settlers in North America misinterpreted the aid and goods they received from local Indians as gifts, when in fact they were intended to be offered in trade. Many tribes operated economically by a form of barter system, or a gift economy where reciprocal giving was practiced.'

So where does the derogatory attachment come into play. As mentioned above a misunderstanding of cultural traditions is one aspect but I have uncovered another that certainly would make the term unpleasant to use.

As I understand it, in the early settling phase of the North American continent Indians were considered a substandard species by the Europeans. They were considered slow witted and immoral. So in time the word Indian became synonymous with being 'bogus or false'. This can be seen in terms like 'Indian Summer' meaning false summer, 'Indian Corn' meaning false corn and 'Indian Tea' meaning a cheap tea substitute.

So even though I believe that the European settlers and later the United States government were the real Indian Givers the term does have an origin that is derogatory to Native Americans.

So kiddies now we can ad this term to all the others that are politically incorrect and it is the right thing to do.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

101 Year Old And Still Standing~~Sort of!!

My day has arrived and I could not be happier. Woke up this morning at 6am and had my required two cups of coffee before heading out for a one and a half mile walk at the local high school track. The weather was cooperative, sunny and about 80 degrees, and my day was off and running.

So I am feeling pretty good and for at least one day all my cares and worries will be shoved under my couch, where one of my dog likes to hide things she has stolen, and I will let it all go until tomorrow when life will resume its bumpy and interesting course.

Back in 1911 when I was born(actually I was born on 1948 but for the sake of being 101 years old 1911 is my year) life was so much simpler. President William Howard Taft was busy trying to improve the Post Office, a job still ongoing today lol, and making landmark decisions, through the 16th Amendment, to change the way we are taxed forcing an income tax upon us that was out of state control and put in the mostly incompetent hands of the of the United States Congress, Gee thanks Billy Taft!!

Apparently my birth, on August 9, 1911, was the United States Event of that Day as no other event of significance was recorded. Can you imagine how my birth would have been celebrated by those powerful figures who stalked our country. Why it is a little known fact the President Taft himself came to Brooklyn Maternity and changed my first diaper. I think, not sure about this as it is a closely held government secret, that my first poop has been held by the Library of Congress these 101 years as collateral against our national debt. Yes kiddies I pooped gold and farted diamonds as a child!!!

My early years were spent living a fairytale life. I was the Suri Cruise of 1911, lol.

Damn I just pinched myself and woke up from my fantasies.

Actually, I was born on August 9, 1948, to Rose and Oscar Mantovani, and lived on Beetle Street in Greenpoint, NY. Later we moved over to  Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn to be closer to our family. It was a simple post WWII Italian American upbringing. Both my parents worked, we went to school at Transfiguration Catholic School and there was always lots of family around.

The greatest influences on my life, besides my mother and father, were my grandfathers Emo Mantovani and Gandolfo(Adolph) Schimmenti. They were old world Italians straddling the line between being Italian and being American. But from an early age they taught me what it meant to be responsible for myself and my family.

Responsibility is a concept that I have struggled with at times during my life but I have endeavored to impart its importance to my children, I think it has stuck, thank God.

So today I embark on my second century. A journey that will be interesting and one in which I am very excited to experience.

To all those that have helped, hindered or pondered about my efforts; Thank You! All experiences, whether happy or sad, strengthen ones character and moves us along.

"Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened."- Jennifer Yane


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Women Love Older Men~~Yeah Right!!

It is less than 24 hours until I turn 101 years old and the first headline I read this morning is 'Women Love Oder Men'. While I am a centenarian dating a woman half my age(I better say one third my age to keep me out of hot water, lol) I really really really question that headline with a dubious eye.

Why would a woman prefer an older man who has an aging set of problems that require major maintenance?

In my case it is because I am a sweet lovable old cuss who understands her needs and am willing to cater to them. But most older men are cantankerous bastards that are set in their ways and see younger women as a trophy. WINNING!!  LOL!!

The two obvious attractions for younger women to older men are; 1. the old bastard is rich as God and has a short life span or 2. he is hung like a horse and still able to use it.  I fit into neither category so further study of my situation is warranted.

Of course there is the age old 'they are looking for their daddy' reason but I tend to think this happens less than people might think.

I discovered an article, written by Ed Attanasio, that gives some incite into why younger women want older men.

Some of his reasons are:

~He knows a lot of useless stuff and makes a great partner in games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash.

~You can borrow his Grecian Formula to patch any bleached sun spots in your hair.

~If you sprain your ankle, you can use his cane.

~If he gets too chatty, you can hide his teeth.

~Sex with caring.

~No random late-night booty calls, because he goes to bed at 9 pm every night.

~He’s sexually experienced. If you like it or want to try it, he’s been there, done that! (And more than once.)

~You don’t have to worry about him looking at other women. (He’s vision is probably so shot he can’t see them).

~You won’t have to worry about getting pregnant. His sperm cells are so old, they’re swimming backstroke (Warning: Always wear protection.)

~He’s an attentive lover and won’t forget your name or order pizza immediately after he has an orgasm.

Hey!! I resemble those remarks, lol!

The thing about Second Life is that younger women are partnered to older men all the time. We have an opportunity to learn about the 'inner person' absent of age or physical condition. People meet, they enjoy each others company and they form a bond. It's refreshing!

To my Second Life partner, Friendly, thank you for spending my 100th year with me. It has been one of the best years of my life.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Doctor Today~~Yay!!

My three month check up was today and I mostly passed, lol. Have you ever noticed how doctors can express what they are thinking without saying a word. Well this morning my doctor's mouth was saying, "Everything looks good but we need to do a cholesterol test". But his eyes weer saying, "You bastard ham many Twinkies have you eaten since you were last here?"

Really not that many Doc but yes I have had a few, lol. By the way, my medications are working well, I have lost about 10 pounds but I am no prettier.

Yesterday I told you all that you should avoid looking in the mirror but today I broke my own rule. When I  got home I decided to take a good look at myself and see what areas I wanted to work on first. My level of activity is limited by my physical condition post illness so I decided to choose a couple of areas and concentrate on them specifically and the rest of me in general.

My mirror is a not so kind bitch and what she showed me was frightening. As we age our body parts seem to migrate southward giving us a 'Java The Hut' look that is only flattering on him.

Even my dogs were scared by my reflection in the mirror. They have not wanted to come in the house since seeing it and believe me its hot and humid out there.

A side bar here, everything seems to go south and enlarge except the only thing I would want to stretch south and enlarge. I think it was hiding from my mirror image too, lol.

Presently I am up to one and a quarter miles with my daily walking and it is getting easier. I will be adding resistance exercise to that this week and hopefully I will see faster improvement.

I am in the process of starting a 'whole foods diet', minus the crazy eating that will come on my birthday, so more veggies and less meat will be in my daily diet. I will try an avoid processed foods for awhile and see how that might help.

I am giving up beef and pork, God help me there, but keeping some chicken and fish. I tried soy milk in my cereal this morning and it was pretty good but I will not give up all dairy as cheese and yogurt are a diet staple for me and I will need both in the meatless dishes I cook to make them eatable.

So there is my plan. Ambitious sure but I have my life goals and want to try and accomplish them before I am called to a better place.

I am hoping that better place is an 'All You Can Eat Buffet' that has no affects on my body beyond putting a smile on my face, lol.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Yay!!~~The Week Has Arrived!!

Yeppers the week I turn 101 years old has arrived, lol.  I have been looking forward to this week.  It will be one of celebration, happiness and joy. It will be that way because I want it that way.

The start of my second century in the Second Life Universe will not be a time for refection because looking back hurts my neck. It will not be a time to ponder things lost but to revel in what I have and who I share my days.

Life, whether real or virtual, is to be lived and enjoyed. So you do not have a lot of money and maybe your avatar looks a million times better, like mine does, than the real life you. So What!! Poor ugly people have good lives too, lol.

The effects of aging are beginning to show on me but I do not fear aging. With age comes wisdom developed from living a life filled with successes and yes failures. Wisdom is a good thing to have especially if you have grand children or younger people that you may advise. Impart you wisdom upon them and then sit back and watch them fuck up as much as you. After all failures teach more useful lessons than successes do.

A bit of advice; when completing a shower, if you are still capable of showering after age 100, do not look in the mirror. You will not recognize the person in the mirror as one you have lived with all these many years. It is better that you avoid mirrors at all costs once you have achieved advanced age. The good news is that your memory starts to fade and you will quickly forget what you saw until tomorrow's shower.

Many men start to lose their virility with advanced age. I can safely report, at age 101, that I am fully operational and stand ready to perform at a moments notice. As long as I can use that moment to find my Viagra bottle, lol.

The key to 'centenarian sexual performance' is patience and lots of it. Not on my part of course as I pop off while my partner is taking off her clothes. No your partner needs to be patient as at 101 the hips are shot, the back muscles are only a memory and stroking, in any form, comes between short naps once my business is done. A good partner for any centenarian is one who knows how to utilize the 4 hour Viagra high with little or no help from, emmmm, well me, lol.

The key to a good sex life at 101 is to have a partner that will go to a motel with you, ride your Viagra high after you dose off and have enough quarters to keep the vibrating bed going so her needs might be met.

Thank God I am partnered to a saint!!!

Well kiddies it's time for my afternoon nap. You know the nap that I dream about actually having all my parts fully functional.

Oh the good old days!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

What Did You Expect To Happen?

What did you expect to happen after everyone got upset by Chick-fil-A stating publicly, something that we all knew already, there stance on homosexuality? Did you expect that a boycott would put them out of business or even hurt their business? Did you expect mass firings of their corporate level employees?

Chick-fil-A is a Christian company and has never hid that fact from anyone. Their stance on homosexuality was predictable, expected and is totally out of touch with today's society. But it is an opinion that they are entitled to and one in which they can throw money at if they so choose.

This situation is no different than J.C. Penny's hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as a spokes person a few months ago but in that case it was Christians calling for a boycott.

People have lost jobs, workers have been harassed, time and money has been spent unnecessarily, city governments have acted recklessly in their treatment of what is really a non issue and every two bit television and radio pundit is having a field day at every ones expense.

No matter how much we disagree with their beliefs nothing will come of this except a strengthening of the polarization of your just cause on main street. This is all such a colossal waste of time, money and energy and only serves as a diversion form the path to equal rights.

I know that their efforts hurt all homosexuals personally and I know that all want to strike back but so far this has backfired into record sales for Chick-fil-A.

Face it folks, Christians out number homosexuals by a long shot. Direct confrontation, of this nature, is pointless when the numbers are against you.

What you need is a guerrilla war that snipes at these attitudes and slowly turns the tide in your favor. Small victories will continue to add up and in time homosexual rights will be guaranteed. There is a tendency, a human one I believe, to want victory sooner than later. History shows us that the battle for Human Rights is a hard and long one.

Be patient!

Wait out the bigots!

Snipe at them and let the small victories add up!

There are many of our citizens, me proudly included, that believe in your cause and support you. Find them, work with them and together you will prevail.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The American Label Makers

In American politics labels are all the rage. To a politician placing a label on a group of people helps them pander to that labeled group.

They are black, white, red, brown or yellow.

They are conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, socialist or communist.

They are Italian, French, Libyan, Nigerian, British, Saudi Arabian or Chinese.

They are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon or Buddhist.

They are female, male, teens or tweens.

They are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

They are Canadian(lol, just threw that in to see if you are awake)

They are tall, short, thin, muscular, flabby, beautiful or ugly.

And yes that are poor, middle class and rich.

Labels are meant to keep us separated and under the control and watchful eye of politicians that know keeping us apart gives them power over us. Politicians who, for the most part, are more interested in keeping their jobs than serving the people of the United States.

Keeping us separated and in competition with each other allows them to play their race cards or class warfare cards with impunity. Keeping us separated is a game played by people sitting on both sides of the isle. Keeping us separated is not the realm of the Democrats or Republicans alone but rather the manifestation of the realities of a system that is rampant with career politicians who put themselves before those they are supposed to represent.

This playing of one group against another sometimes puts the lesser man in Washington, DC and the more qualified sitting at home shaking their heads.

When labeling of the electorate is combined with rhetoric that says nothing, gives no incite into the heart and mind of those vying to represent us and in some cases bends the truth to the point that truth becomes irrelevant; the voters go to the polls confused, uninformed and tend to make choices based on religion, skin color or economic status.

Who is to blame for labeling us? Do we sit back and say, 'It is just the way it is!, Nothing I can do about it!'.

Personally I believe that politicians are playing in the sand lot they were given and using labeling to their advantage. In my mind labeling is despicable but if they have the power to do it than it will never stop.

WE!! YES WE!! We give them the power to label. We allow them to put each of us in a little cabinet drawer and pull us out to use when it is to their advantage. We allow ourselves to be called White Americans, Black Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Gay Americans, a one percenter or a 99 percenter.

We are as guilty as them because we allow ourselves to be labeled.

I am an America. So are you. Let anyone know, who wants to stick you in a group no matter what category it might be, that you are an American and they can shove their label where the sun does not shine.