Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton Exploratory Committee Formed'!!

The formation of my 'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton Exploratory Committee' is complete. Eleven of my closest friends, female, male, lesbian, gay and straight, met yesterday and formed the committee. The first committee vote, on whether this is a viable project, was a unanimous affirmative vote to move on with the project.

The second vote was to establish a target date for my Date. After much discussion; it was decided that I look better with a natural tan, which I can get in South Carolina by April 15th, and that Mid Spring tends to be my best time of year so a Target Date Of May 1, 2012 has been set.

That leaves just under one year to turn this South Carolina Country Girl into a Lady acceptable to English Society. HMMM! Is that enough time?

                      Damn those hats will take a lot of work for me to master!!!

The first order of business was to break down into sub committees to study our options and prepare an Action Plan.

Sub Committees:

1. Base Of Operations Committee~will explore out best options for a London based office and living space when we move to the active phase of the operations.

2. High Society Committee~to study English High Society and form a plan of instruction to teach me to blend into it smoothly.

3. Wardrobe Committee~to study Posh Fashion Trends, in England, and prepare a suitable ensemble.(I will approach my Posh and Beautiful Scottish friend Cally, in Second Life to serve on this committee.)

4. The Approach Committee~to study the best ways to approach Pippa so she will be receptive to our meeting.

5. The Get Rid Of Pippa's Boy Friend Committee~to remove obstacles that may hamper my progress.

I will keep you abreastt(God I love that word,lol) of each committees progress with daily reports.

Love ya,

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