Sunday, July 31, 2011

If There Are Brains On The Menu~~There Are Zombies In The Pantry!!

In a Post Apocalyptic Zombie filled world every day will be a struggle. Most people will be held up in make shift strongholds holding off the horde while trying to scratch out a living for what ever family they have left. In reality; Family will take on a different look than we see today. In some areas women may out number men bringing on the necessity for polygamy. The reverse may be true where men out number women causing female run polygamist families. No matter how this plays out one thing is certain; re population with unaffected humans is tantamount to our survival as a race.

I foresee several game changing situations for women in this Era Of The Zombie. First, and I believe foremost, I see a world where women can and should rule. Women can and will hold up their Military Combat roles against the zombies. Of that I have no doubt. I believe that on the basis of ability to protect their group; women will be men's equal in every way.

Secondly, women's innate ability to hold a family unit together, in what ever form that unit might take, is far superior to that of the men. Holding the Family Structure together will be what eventually leads the Human Race to a full recovery once the Zombie Hoard is disposed.

Combining these two fact brings me to the conclusion that the leaders of most of the remaining pockets of Human resistance will and should be woman. They will hold power by their ability to protect the family, organize the survival strategy for the group, their ability to be the saviors of the Human Race through re population and through the Power Of The Pussy that will hold men under their control by its shear presence. We all know that last point is true. Even now in a Non Crisis Existence men will do anything for a glimpse of The Almighty Pussy. I am sure women will use that to their most effective advantage.

Another change I see is a population shift by survivors. Cities will become uninhabitable. Even rural areas adjacent to the cities will be over run by the Zombie Menace.

I see a shift to living to remote areas, at least in the weeks and months following the zombie outbreak, because this will afford the best chance of survival. Fleeing past populated areas, as quickly as possible, is key to survival especially in the early days.

The less populated western and northern plains states have an advantage here and I see people trekking to those areas and establishing Protected Communities. Other areas will serve quite well to; the mountains of West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia, The wide open spaces of the plains states like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Where ever a Protected Community can be established and be able to support itself. Life will be hard but we can and will survive.

This is no joke. It is no flight of fancy. I have seen this coming for years. Small outbreaks have already begun in Asia, India and Africa. They have been controlled so far but all these previous incidents have occurred in sparsely populated areas so we have been lucky.

Governments are just now coming to grips with this situation and find themselves utterly ill prepared. Hopefully the world governments, through the United Nations, will institute a Task Force On The Zombie Threat, and come up with a plan to help us survive.

The key to the survival of the Human Race is our preparedness to get through the first 3 or 4 days. Once we are beyond that we will begin to adapt and fight back.

By The Way, Zombie Outbreaks are not all confined to the areas I have previously mentioned. I believe that there has been a sustained and unchecked outbreak here on the United States. How else can we explain what goes on in California everyday. Think about it???

See you all in the trenches on Invasion Day. God Bless You All!!

Love ya,

PS.....Happy Birthday Annie,,This one's for you!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Weekend With Bernie Or How My Date Went Terribly Wrong!!!

I have a birthday coming up and each year I do some self reminiscing about things I have done in the past and how well or in many cases how badly the event evolved. So last night I was thinking about Dates I had been on over the years. You all know the ones I am talking about! The ones that never seem to result in a second date. We have all had them and I am sure you all can remember sitting there, looking across the table at a pretty face, and thinking, 'When Will This Freaking Night End'.

The worst of these dates have three components that make them even more terrifying. One, They are in a place that has no easy escape, Two, realization of how horrible a date is comes after many hours of you saying to yourself, 'This is going OK!' and Three, you were the one who initiated the date and how could you have been so wrong.

I met, lets say her name is Alice, at a coffee shop where I went every morning before work. She was pretty, seemed reasonably intelligent, had a body that popped my eyes and a Southern Drawl that could melt Ice from 100 feet. At the beginning she had me singing 'I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still, da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron' a song by The Crystals but by dates end I was singing 'Where can I run run,,Where can I run.'

I took it very slow with her to see if I could get to know as much as I could before asking her out. My record of interesting and disastrous dates was a long one and I did want to add another episode to my saga. I waited well over a month before asking her out.

It happened that a friend had a house on Bald Head Island, NC and was have a ; 'Girls Weekend'. She wanted me to come but I had to bring a date. So I figured I would ask Alice. Unfortunately she said yes and we headed to the island. So now two of the three ingredients for a horrible date were in place; I had initiated the date and Bald Head Island was a place only accessible by boat and was a no cars allowed island. So, "Alice would you like to go and OMFG I am trapped".

Alice seemed normal on the drive to catch the boat and on the 30 minute ride out to the island. In truth everything was going well up until we dropped our bags in our room and headed out to see the island, grab a drink and make plans with the other girls. It turned out that Alice needed more attention than a new born infant and short of having to change her diapers that is what it felt like.

In an attempt to be expedient in  explaining all her complaints or quirks I will just list them.

1. It was to hot(temperatures between 85F and 90F).
2. There was not enough hot water for showers(remember there were 8 girls staying at the house).
3. The restaurant food sucked.
4. They did not have her brand of beer in the island store.
5. I spent to much time talking with the other girls.
6. I liked going in the ocean to play around and left her on the blanket alone because she did not want   to get her bikini wet.
7. I drank to much(well maybe she got me there, LOL).
8. My friends were to touchy with each other(personally I love touchy female friends)
9. I did not wear any make up all weekend( I am out in the sun and did not need it)
10. I left her to play golf.

Those are the top 10 but there were more. So, and I hear you thinking this; 'Why did I not go hide in the woods and wait for Sunday to arrive?'

OK! Now the up side and what kept me out of the woods. She had a body that was freaking amazing. Firm where it was supposed to be firm, soft where it was supposed to soft, FREAKING AMAZING in a bikini and finally and most importantly, 'I would be loving that body all weekend!' Or so I thought. I was thinking with what was between my legs and not what was between my ears.

Friday night we were both tired from a long day of work and travel so a quick, and really nice, cuddle and a good nights sleep. Up early on the Saturday morning for the beach, some golf, lunch and dinner at the Golf Club and drinks at the bar afterward. A really nice day and I was looking forward to a very good night. The signs were all there. Small soft kisses all evening, touching and cuddling, a romantic walk on the beach under a fantastic star show. Then home to bed.

It went well for about 5 minutes and I am being generous there with the time. I make love in a gentle way; slow and loving, giving to my partner, caressing and kissing everything and doing everything I can do to make her feel special and loved. Alice, on the other hand, made love LIKE A HAMMER HITTING AN ANVIL!!!!! OMG!! I have never had an experience like that in my entire life. She moaned like I was beating her with a stick, she touched me like her hands were made of sandpaper and her tongue was without life(this I leave to your imagination, LOL!).

Now I was looking for the woods!! To make things worse; when we woke on Sunday morning she is saying 'Best Sex Ever' and I am thinking 'OMG! Where is the truck that hit me between the legs?' I spent the rest of the weekend avoiding one on one contact with Alice and NEVER called her again.

The upside; I gained my appreciation and love of Baileys Irish Cream that weekend.

Now that you know more about me than you ever wanted; as always;

Love ya,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

War On Drugs~~Freaking War On My Sanity!!!

The War On Drugs!! Let me say that again. The War On Drugs!!

In case you missed it. THE WAR ON DRUGS!!

The War On Drugs has gone on since the 1960's and we are losing it. I hear people say 'Pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan' so where are the shouts to 'Pull our troops and resources out of the War On Drugs.

Lets turn to that ever faithful sidekick Wikkipedia for a description of The War On Drugs. 'The War on Drugs is a controversial campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid and military intervention being undertaken by the United States government, with the assistance of participating countries, intended to both define and reduce the illegal drug trade. This initiative includes a set of drug policies of the United States that are intended to discourage the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal psychoactive drugs. The term "War on Drugs" was first used by President Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971.'

So that is what it is supposed to do. OMFG!! We should have surrendered on June 18, 1971, after President Nixon named it, because we were doing better when we were At Peace With Drugs.

I do not want to make light of the drug problem because it is a very serious issue. But our approach is and has been a Failed One. There has to be a better way.

Oh and by the way; President Obama has actually solved the War on Drugs since taking office. It actually was quite simple. HE JUST CHANGED THE NAME!!! See our tax dollars at work solving a problem with Words.

President Obama has ordered it to be called? Wait he as not given it a name just said do not call it The War On Drugs. 'On May 13, 2009, Gil Kerlikowske, the current Director of the Office of national Drug Control Policy, signaled that although it did not plan to significantly alter drug enforcement policy, the Obama administration would not use the term "War on Drugs," as he claims it is "counter-productive". I guess we did not want the Drug Lords being threatened by the word WAR.

I wonder sometimes, well a lot, where the sanity in government is hiding. Globally we are doing studies on Drug Policies and we do not seem to be reading our own studies. 'In June 2011 the self-appointed Global Commission on Drug Policy released a critical report on the War on Drugs, declaring "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world. Fifty years after the initiation of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and years after President Nixon launched the US government’s war on drugs, fundamental reforms in national and global drug control policies are urgently needed." The report was immediately criticized by organizations that oppose a general legalization of drugs.'

We seem to spend more time arguing about each others studies than we do reducing the drug trade.

I have always been taught to look to history for answers to todays problems. From 1920 to 1933 the United States put a Prohibition  the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol. HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR US???  The Prohibition Era gave rise to Organized Crime; another war we are fighting but at least winning after 90 years.

We should take lessons from History. Legalize some classes of recreational drugs, take them out of the arena of profitability for Illegal Drug Dealers and Manufacturers and tax them so we can recoup some of our War On Drugs monies. We will find that with time we will drastically reduce the monies we have to spend to wage war on drugs, clear cases out of the courts making room for real crimes to be disposed of and reduce our prison population thereby saving more money.

Will there always be an element of the population that will find something illegal to sell? Of course there will!! It is Human Nature to Find The Fast Buck. But in the long run numbers will be reduced.

To those that are saying; 'But Night what about the users? Are we not making there problem worse?' Users will be Users whether they have to buy drugs illegally or at the local Legal Drug Emporium. The difference is that at least Users will know they are receiving a drug that is controlled for quality by a professional chemist rather than somebodies brother in his garage.

No answer to this problem is easy and maybe I have gone overboard a bit or over simplified but one thing is perfectly clear. THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS FAILED AND WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION.

I will leave you with one last thought; Drugs~~you do not need them to have a fulfilling life. Life is a High all by itself!!!

Love ya,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Real Housewives Of?~~Where The F$$K Are They From??

The Real Housewives of New York City?
The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
The Real Housewives of Atlanta?
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
The Real Housewives of Orange County?
The Real Housewives of Mars?
The Real Housewives of Alpha Centuri?
The Real Housewives of KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!

I want people to stop blaming President George Bush for how that world looks at The United States. Reality Television has done more to Tarnish Our Image than any president, politician or war could tarnish it. Can you imagine the reaction of some Finnish or Danish family to any episode of the Real Housewives Series. OMFG!!! They would think we were a bunch of stuck up, spoiled, incompetent, over paid, under talented, country club dwellers and family hating bitches who do not have an iota of knowledge as to what a REAL HOUSEWIFE actually does.

Where is the baby puke, dirty diapers, food the husband bitches about, daughters sneaking out in the middle of the night to party, gardening, dishes in the sink, dusting, floor waxing, Baby Bottom Rash, kids running around McDonald's during the only meal they are getting out this week and husbands rolling over for sex and sleeping most of the way through it because they put in a hard day at a real job.

Here is what foreign viewers see when they are unfortunately get  stuck watching this tripe masquerading as television.

Here is what a Real Housewife faces everyday. Need to add some children to this picture.

I think Real Housewives should grab their rolling pins and beat the first television executive that they come across until they have a show named:

The Real Housewives Of The United States~~The Trailer Park Years.


The Real Housewives Of The United States~~With Their Babies There Hips.


The Real Housewives Of Amsterdam~~The Red Light District Years.

Now there would be some fun television, LOL!

If you are looking for pictures of Real Housewives go no further than these two pictures:

I beg you to stop watching these Real Housewives Bullshit Television and get them off the air.

I am not a Real Housewife in any sense and I am a Spoiled Bitch but enough is enough.


Love ya,

PS....OMG and do not get me started on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette,,,Puke City!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Life Is One 'What If' After Another~~What If We Never Learn That!!

I can't swim. I can't drive, either. I was going to learn to drive but then I thought, well, what if I crash into a lake?~~ Dylan Moran 

Have you ever played the 'What If Game' with yourself? It is sort of like 'Second Guessing  Yourself'. You can apply it to any decision you have ever made. Actually it is a fun exercise to do. A study in alternative paths for your life. As a writer I use the 'What If Exercise' to study different scenarios for my characters but when I apply it to your real life it, for me any way, clears up my train of thought for some of my decisions.

When I make a decision I usually stay the course until I see myself getting into trouble. Then while making a course change; I apply the 'What If Exercise' to that change to help me find a better path. I actually learned to do this in a Creative Writing class at school.

The drawback to thinking about your 'What If's' is that 'What If's' tend to produce more 'What If's'.  Look at this quote from Jack Handey; "It's probably not a good idea to be chewing on a toothpick if you're talking to the president, because what if he tells a funny joke and you laugh so hard you spit the toothpick out and it hits him in the face or something."

Absurd yes but lets apply the 'What If Exercise' to the quote. So your chatting with the President Clinton and he says "Why did the president cross the road?' Punch line; "To get to Burger King!" You start laughing and spit out the toothpick hitting Bill in the nose.

So here we go:

~What if I never got that toothpick?
~What if the president yells at me?
~What if this is considered an act of terrorism against the president?
~What if he gets a splinter in hos nose?
~What if the Secret Service arrests me?
~What if I have to spend the night in prison?
~What if there is a big guy who likes the way my mouth looks?
~What if I drop the soap?

And on and on and on it goes. It could get exhausting. Sure this is the absurd taken to a higher level of absurd so try it with an actual situation in your life. It could be fun and educational.

It seems that fears are all based on these things: illusion and future thinking, with a side order of 'What if.' 'What if that truck turns suddenly into our lane' 'What if I'm all alone at age 80?' What if? What if? What if? Yes, fears must be respected.

For me I think that would be a very good day. It should be for all of us.

The most important 'What If' of all, in my opinion:

What if the hokey-pokey isn't what it's all about?

Love ya,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Madness Of Terrorism~~God Bless Norway!!

I was raised in a military family and I understood war at an very early age because my father was always being called away so many times it is hard to remember the number or even the places he was sent. I will never understand war against children or war against civilians. Whether yesterdays atrocities in Norway were Home Grown Terrorism or Imported; it is an unacceptable situation that seems to have no answer as to its solving.

,Between 1970 and 2010, only 15 terrorist attacks occurred in Norway,according to the Global Terrorism Database, a project of the University of Maryland that has been recording terrorist attacks since 1970. By comparison, 2,347 acts of terrorism occurred in the United States during this period.'(source - Oslo Terror Attacks: A History Of Terrorism In Norway  at The Huffington Post)

That is a staggering difference. Incidents of terrorism was .64% of the in the United States tally. Sill, to me, a staggering amount for a country that is home to the Nobel Peace Prize. I once wrote that I was shocked and amazed by riots in Canada over a hockey game. This incident is far more shocking because it was perpetrated against a country that is seen as a peaceful place to live. I have made three trips to Oslo and have always been impressed with the cordiality and friendliness of the Norwegian People.

The United States has bonds to many European countries because our early population was built largely on European Immigration. Take a ride through Minnesota or North Dakota and Scandinavian names will jump out at you from very corner.

 I want to express my sympathy and prayers to the Norwegian People and the country as a whole. I feel your pain. I understand your anger. Stand tall, be proud and keep moving forward. You owe that to your Fallen Heroes.

God Bless Norway!!

Love ya,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Me~A Publicist~A Beaver Shot? Oh My!!

I hate breakfast meetings because I love breakfast and holding a meeting during this meal does not afford me the opportunity to devour pancakes at a rate that a woman of my age should ever attempt. With that in mind, and under protest, I headed out bright and early today to have breakfast with a Publicist that my editor wanted me to meet.

For those of you who are not familiar with the critter know as The Publicist; 'A publicist is a person whose job is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure, especially a celebrity, a business, or for a work such as a book, film or album. '

HMMM! I am not a celebrity or a public figure! But my editor feels that I do need someone to manage my public appearances; such as book readings and my occasional speaking engagement. In my mind, my assistant is doing a fantastic job so I felt that this was redundant.

The funny thing about this is what went through my mind after being contacted about the meeting and actually going to it. My experience with publicists was limited to those I had read about when their clients got into some trouble and of course rumors that spread among people who really do not have all the information.

I thought back to all those photos taken of celebrities giving a Beaver Shot, which we all know were staged and done for maximum publicity effect, and thought; Oh No Not Me!!.  It is not that I think my personal beaver is not picture perfect; It Is!. But I certainly do not need that type of publicity.

Y'all know how my mind works and where even the slightest off beat thought might take me. I am the enemy of rational thought at times.

By meetings end I was assured that I would be doing only classy promotions for my books and that I had full control of what I did or did not do. Even better; unless I had questions all contacts would be between my assistant and publicist. So I can just write and let them worry.

So in the end the pancakes went down quite smooth. Isn't life grand!!

Love ya,

PS.....I did get waxed before the meeting,,,Just in case,,lol!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Davy Crocket Knew It~~~Why Is It So Hard For Us To Understand!!

That's what's important, to feel useful in this old world. To hit a lick against what's wrong for what's right even though you get walloped for saying that word. Now I may sound like a Bible beater yelling up a revival at a river crossing camp meeting, but that don't change the truth none. There's right and there's wrong. You got to do one or the other. You do the one and you're living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you're dead as a beaver hat.~~DAVY CROCKETT, The Alamo(1960)

From mans early existence the theme of Good Versus Evil has been a basic premise of the human psyche. Adam and Eve were cast by God as Good with their evil counterpart being the Evil Snake. The Garden of Eden was a Good place to live while any place outside that garden was a place God would send you to if you messed up.

Even the Human Concept of God has its Good Versus Evil aspects. Man concocted Good Gods that were in constant battle with the Evil Gods. This concept, of Good Versus Evil, is an underlying premise for mans existence. I am sure it will always be the case.

In reality, well my reality, it all comes down to choices. How do you want to live your life? What choices guide your life? Do I always have to be Good or can a little Evil slip in every now and then?

Interesting questions. One wonders where the answers lie for us? And there is the basic problem with answering these questions. Every time we think we find our answers we generate more questions. Maybe that explains why the Good Versus Evil concept has been around forever.

I can not answer the questions for you. Each individual has to find their own answers and set their life's course in their own way. As an exercise let me answer the questions for myself. This is a very good exercise for you to do when you have decisions to make and need guidance only you can give yourself.

~~ How do I want to live your life?  This is a question that I asked myself at a very early age. Coming out at 16 years old set my course but for many years my metaphorical ship was all over the ocean never finding a place to dock. In time I learned how to steer myself in a direction that , I feel, made me land on the side Good. That may sound self serving but it is how I have always felt. While so many try and paint my sexual orientation as being Evil; I see myself as gifted by God to be better than my accusers.

~~ What choices guide your life? Here is the meat of the matter. My choices guide me to what I believe is a Good Life for me. But my choices, my decisions, are not a blueprint for anyone else. I can not live your life for you and you certainly can not live mine. The only thing that other peoples choices and decisions can be used for is a guide to see where someone else screwed up. That old idiom, 'Lear from others mistakes', is a very good aspect of any ones plan for themselves.

~~Do I always have to be Good or can a little Evil slip in every now and then?  Oh Hell No!! We are born with the ability to think for ourselves. Perfection Is Not A Human Trait!! No matter what some will tell you; being perfect is not built into us. If we were perfect; 'Why would we need a God?' Perfection is for God. The search for perfection is for man.

So what got me started on this so early in the morning? My Blog writing routine is to review the news and see what I find interesting. Today, like many days, Evil seemed to be winning. It shakes ones spirit a little.

Look! There will always be people that choose a path that flirts with Evil. I think it is Human Nature to do so. Our duty, our course, our lives need to be dedicated to counter acting the Evil in the world to gain a Balance between the two forces.

Sounds Epic doesn't it? It really is simple. Each day do something to help another person. The simple things add up. I believe that there is more Good being done in the world than Evil and how we treat the others we inhabit this earth with is and will be a determining factor in which concept wins in the end. Good or Evil!!

Love ya,

PS.....Song of the day~~~Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If God Is Gender Neutral~~Then Why Do Religions Try And Make Women Second Class Citizens?

If God Is Gender Neutral~~Then Why Do Religions Try And Make Women Second Class Citizens?

I Know!! I Know!! I just opened up a very big can of worms and a shit storm is headed my way. But I am a big girl and I can take it.


'Christianity is a prime example of this. Not one book of the (accepted) Bible was written by a woman. None of the apostles were women. (Why wasn’t Mary of Magdalene considered to be an apostle?) Jesus of course was a man and he didn’t even marry. Why did God send a Son and not a Daughter? (Why did God become a man when He Himself has no gender?) The people who decided which books were in the Bible and who developed the doctrine of the Triune God were all men. Is this just an accident? Or was Christianity shaped to fit the viewpoints of the men who set themselves up as experts?' (From an article written in Femagination)

'Or take Islam. The Qur’an doesn’t say that women have to stay in the house, that they don’t belong in the mosques, that they can’t go anywhere without their husbands’ permission, that they must cover their faces, that they can’t go to school, and yet over the years scholars who were men added these restrictions based on the way they wanted society to be structured. Their reasons were political not spiritual. They saw society as a patriarchal system and they sought to keep it that way.' (From an article written in Femagination)

The bias in interpretation and origin in The Great Religious Books is obvious to me. "A God who is beyond sex/gender has no investment in favoring males or oppressing women.” So wrote Asma Barlas in her article “Islam and Feminism.” 'Barlas states at the beginning of the article that she doesn’t like to call herself a feminist and yet she made an observation that could revolutionize religion.'

There is much food for thought on this subject and only each person, both men and women, can decide for themselves what is right and just. I ask of my Sisters that they use the God Given Ability Of Free Choice And Open Thought to draw their own conclusions and proceed on those conclusions as they feel is correct.

You all know by know that I have developed my own beliefs about God and have my own way of worship based on those beliefs. Within each of us is a desire to believe, or not believe, in the existence of God and how we, withing ourselves, deal with that existence.

Always remember; God is on your side. God is not only Gender Neutral but will come into your life in a way that is individualized for you and you alone. God does not operate a Wal-Mart Of Worship where a single philosophy is sold over and over again for your consumption. I see God as a Mom And Pop Business where everyone is given Individual Attention.

As for my feelings about Male Dominated Religion; I leave you with a quote from on of my sisters at Heartless Bitches International.

"If a bunch of guys are calling me a Bitch, I know I must be hitting a nerve, if they start calling me a Heartless Bitch, I know I've got them running scared, but the best part is when they call me a Cold, Heartless Bitch (my brother's personal favorite), because they know I am someone they will never be able to subjugate." -- -HBI Member, Dana

Love ya,

PS.....Websites to reference~~   and

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Am Back~~~Coming Off The Week From Hell!!

Last week ended The Cure Chasers Official Fund Raising Events for 2011. We had a final push to reach ONE Million 'L's' raised in this years campaign. As of Sunday, July, 10, 2011, Chasers total is, $L1,037,707 or $4151USD. An amazing amount considering we took an entire month off from fund raising in the middle of the campaign and did not run our usual long shows. This amount is also a Chasers new record.


Now we move on to RFL of SL's Final Weekend. A well deserved Celebration of Life for all of us. It is something all Second Lifers should experience so even if you are not on a team come and visit the RFL  Sims and visit all the team campsites. You will see some amazing builds and more importantly meet so many amazing people.


Whether you are a soccer fan or not; yesterdays Women's World Cup Match between The USA and Brazil was an amazing feat that as an American gives me great pride. But more importantly,as a woman, shows me what the Human Spirit can accomplish when crunch time arrives.

Down 2-1 to Brazil with just seconds left in Overtime, and playing with just 10 women against Brazil's 11, the USA's Abby Wambach scored an amazing goal to tie the match at 2-2 with the USA winning in a penalty kick shootout to move on to the semifinals of the World Cup.

Coaches always talk about 'HEART' when it comes to athletic competition and the display of 'HEART' by the USA yesterday was an example that all athletes should bring to their game.

Congratulations Team USA!!


Finally a thought for women who feel sorry for themselves or are down because they have no Love Interest in their lives. For those that need someone to lean on or find it difficult to get out of bed because they think they are depressed~~~

"...if you're not bleeding, vomiting, or on fire, chill out and stop crying."
-- Heartless Bitch Member, Stephanie

You Know I Love Ya,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chely Wright~~Confessions of a Gay Christian Country Singer !!

I ran across an article about Chely Wright titled 'Confessions of a Gay Christian Country Singer'. I must tell you that I do not usually cry about people's struggles with being gay but Chely's story touched me deeply. Maybe it is the emotions and memories that came crashing back about my own struggle with being gay at an early age.  I understand her struggle with trying to balance the religious education she was given with the Life That God Gave her To Live.

Chely was a brave soul to stand up to her religious beliefs and try and reconcile that with her life. Her struggle makes me feel small as while she stood by religious upbringing I ran from mine spending many years in search of a place I felt welcome and safe. I took the easy road. Chely took the hard road.

But her struggles took their toll.  'I was alone, I was tired, I was hopeless and I was done. Early one cold winter morning in Nashville, I nearly took my life with a gun. Let me be clear, my decision to take my life was not because I am gay. I had long understood, since my late teenage years, that God had made me exactly as I was supposed to be. And may I add what a huge comfort that has always been to me. The reason I was ready to end it all was because I didn't know how to be me in this life that I'd carved out -- this gay, Christian, farm girl from Kansas who sang Country Music. I just didn't know how to make those pieces fit.'

'I didn't pull the trigger.'

 'When I finally got out of bed, days after holding a gun in my mouth, I didn't make it much farther than the carpeted floor by my bed. I'd been saying prayers to God since the day it all began, but on this day my approach to prayer was different. I actually knelt by my bed, put my elbows up on the edge of the mattress, clasped my hands together, and rested my forehead on my hands. I prayed a different kind of prayer. I began to speak to God out loud. As I forced the words to come out of my mouth, I realized that my voice was scratchy and weak. I knew God would hear me even if I didn't speak the words, but I wanted God to know that I was committed to my plea. I didn't ask Him to stop the crying or the pain for good. I simply asked for a moment's peace. "Peace" I'd heard that word used my entire life in so many contexts -- war and peace, a peaceful meadow, peace be with you -- but I never really knew what it meant until that moment." (From Chely Wright's "Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer")'

The thoughts that came crashing back at me when I read these passages were like a look back at my life. Many times, when I was young and struggling with Who I Was, the thought of leaving this world was high on my list. Thank God I found an understanding person to guide me. Maybe that was Gods way of speaking to me.

I encourage all of you to read this article and listen to Chely's music. LGBT or straight there is a lesson to be learned here.

The full article can be found at:

You can listen to Chely's music at her website:

Love ya,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Is All In The Smile!!

I was on the beach quite some time this past Sunday relaxing and doing one of my favorite things; Watching People.  While I was there a quite attractive woman and her boy friend settled in about 20 feet from me. On the surface an attractive couple indeed. But there appearance is where the attractiveness ended. In the two hours that I was there; she smiled not one time. It bothered me even though I had no investment in this couple at all. But her outer appearance of attractiveness was betrayed by her lack of happiness that was portrayed in strained and forced facial features.

SMILING is an outward manifestation of your inner happiness. My Dad use to say that smiling was the result of being happy and that happiness needs a place to spill out. That may well be true.

A smile also overcomes physical flaws that my cause someone to say that you are not attractive. A very good example is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Divinci.

All people ever talk about is Mona Lisa's Smile. In my opinion, and I am stating this hundreds of years after it was painted and the perception of what is attractive was much different in the time of its painting,  Mona Lisa, the woman, was not that pretty. But that smile draws you in and makes her an extremely desirable woman.

Kate Middleton has smiling down to a science. It seems to come to her as natural as walking. Even more than her natural smile is the fact that it always seems genuine. I could over look a scar or facial flaw on her because her smile is compelling and draws the looker immediately to her.

A person does not have to be famous to have an effective smile. The Art Of Smiling is a gift we can give others to brighten their day.

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

                   If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.
~Andy Rooney

  Everyone smiles in the same language.

~Author Unknown

So Kiddies spread you smile around and show people that you are happy. Let that happiness spill out and spread to those around you. And if you are feeling down find a way to smile or laugh. It will lift you up and make you feel much better.

Love ya,

PS....If you are hunting a smile or laugh try watching any Three Stooges or Abbot and Costello show. They always make me laugh.