Friday, May 27, 2011

I Have Never Heard A Man Complain About Large Breasts~~Until Now!!

It seems that a lawyer in Chicago can not concentrate because there is a Large Breasted Woman at his opponents table. The headline reads; 'Chicago Lawyer Files Motion Complaining About 'Large Breasted Woman' At Opponent's Table'.

I am thinking that maybe he missed the course on 'How Not To Be Distracted While In The Court Room'. Seems a shame because I am sure that this particular course is one if the only fun courses offered in law School.

Attorney Thomas Gooch, who is representing a Rolling Meadows car dealership in a small claims case, filed a motion last week asking Cook County Circuit Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers to order his opposing counsel's paralegal to sit in the gallery with other spectators. Gooch claims that the woman sitting next to the plaintiff's lawyer has no legal experience and was placed there to "draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings."

This picture is meant to be representative only. An actual picture of the woman in question was not provided in the article.

OK! So you are sitting across the room from these Big Girls and you can not concentrate? I was wondering if Mr. Gooch had a problem with not liking big breasted woman but he is quoted as saying; "that he likes "large breasts," does not believe that Atencia is a paralegal and apparently has a problem with the way she dresses in the courtroom."

I wonder if Mr. Gooch is trying to claim that these Big Breasts are a distraction so as to DISTRACT from the possible lack of merit of his case. HMMM! Food for thought?

In Mr Gooch's defence; I could be distracted by those breasts but I could also do my job at the same time. Of course; I would ask her to dinner after the trail ended, lol.

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