Thursday, May 26, 2011

Someone Always Supplies A Laugh When I Need One!!!

I was searching the Web for things that would make me laugh this morning and came across a site that had 'The 9 Funniest 'Crap Souvenirs' of the Month! ' I thought I would share a few of them with you. With summer vacations coming up ad so many of you traveling; I thought you might want to know what is out there, for you to bring back, to grace your families Nick - Knack Shelves.

Hard to imagine anything as adorable as a blow fish (or perhaps a potato) with a custom fitted sombrero and eyes that move when shaken.

Conjure up that stoned, expensive memory every single morning. For a perfect cup of coffee while waiting to get your lab results back. This is my personal favorite, lol.

These South Korean wooden members are not just handcrafted, they can also stand on their own two legs! You know you all want one of these~~Come on admit it!!

Just leave it to the Dutch to come up with this eco-brainchild. This high-tech vase utilizes wind power to generate enough energy to safely hold a bouquet of fake flowers for hundreds of years without needing to be replaced. I love the Dutch!!!

Show off your financial acumen by keeping your coins in this refined and practical Cane Toad Purse.

This seaworthy garden shoe will sail one of your feet away to a paradise island, which you can then declare a Dutch colony. Comes with three sails, three flags, and as many Dutch icons as you can reasonably squeeze onto a single shoe. LOL!! My Second Life Partner, who is from Holland, will be convinced that I searched for things from Holland on purpose. I promise Thinkie; I DID NOT DO IT!!

Last one,,from another source and what I want for Christmas,,HINT HINT!!

                                                  I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you Doug Lansky for giving me the smile I needed today. I hope one day I can return the favor.

Love ya,

PS.....I will post a Pippa update some time later today.

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