Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Saturday~~That Means All You Can Eat Pancakes And The Results!!

Yeppers!! Where I live Saturday morning means heading out for breakfast, to a pancake house, and getting your fill of pancakes for the week. Sounds extravagant? Sounds glutenous? No not at all. Because Saturday is also our big shopping day and we need every calorie that those scrumptious pancakes will provide so we can make it through the malls and grocery stores with enough strength to get home, eat lunch and collapse. Or in my case; slip into a bikini and begin tanning so that I actually look like I live at the beach and not in a freaking cave.

           I provide this picture because there is nothing cuter than Cats Wearing Thongs.

Early this morning I went out to my front porch, with my girlfriends 4 year old daughter, and retrieved the Official Mayonnaise Jar that helds the votes for 'Lana's Name That Cow Extravaganza". After a pot of coffee, and much urging from such a cute little girl, I opened the jar and tabulated the votes.

The winner with 62% of the vote is; (there is a drum roll going on here but you can not hear it, lol. Kimmie is beating in a pot with a metal spoon.)

Daisy, Maisy and then there was not another *aisy

Now for the truth about the vote. The  Official Mayonnaise Jar that was holding the votes was hidden under a palm tree in my yard. During the heavy rains and wind that palm tree was uprooted crushing the jar and rendering the votes unreadable. Kiddies you have to know that I was devastated. All this work, done so scientifically, ruined by Mother Nature. I was distraught.

So my choices were few. 1. I could run the voting over again; but truthfully I wanted to put an end to this silliness. 2. I could put the names on pieces of meat and see which one my dog ate first; but I could tell that she wanted no part of this process. 3. I could let this cute little four year old girl pick the winner.

I chose #3. For one simple reason. When Kimmie looks at me with those big blue saucer eyes I melt. So pick she did. Her reasoning for the choice; her favorite name was *aisy. The mind of a child. How could we go wrong.

In other business; with the Royal Wedding concluded, a giant hole has been left in our collective Royal/Celebrity watching mania. So I am proposing a union of two people that would make a wonderful couple and put at least two of Hollywood's Nuts in one basket.

I propose the union of:

Charlie Sheen~~~shown here protecting his brain from transmission from space that are telling him to act like an ass.


Charlene Sheen~~seen here posing for the magazine Transgender Monthly. And looking ravishing I might add.

Now if they want to hold the wedding here in the USA, which seems to be mired in the argument as to what makes up a legal union between two people, man/woman, woman/woman, man/man, fury/human, I have an alternate mate for Mr Sheen.

The beautiful and quite insane Lindsay Lohan~~seen here resting after a hard night of drinking, drug taking and stealing from jewelry stores.

Either way Charlie goes here~~~WINNING!

I so want an invite to this one, lol.

Love ya,

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Big Day For Great Britain~~A Big Night For Red River~~It's Friday!!

Well Kate and William are married and all of Great Britain is in celebration. Finally a Royal that can live up to Diana's legacy and do it quite well. I find Kate to be personable and by the way she has been reaching out to the everyday Brit, approachable. She brings a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stuffy household. But Hey! I am an American; what do I know? Hmmm! Lets see; Grat Britain I propose a trade. Kate and William for Barack and Michelle? PLEASE!!!

No I do not jest!!!!!!

                             Queen Elizabeth looked healthy and beautiful in yellow.

                                And Sir Elton John was stunning as uaual.

Thank God this is all over! Now on to really important stuff, lol.

Tonight at the Red River Saloon DJ Park  we will throw our own version of a Royal Affair. Believe me the outfits will be beautiful and the quests as varied as any human gathering can be.

DJ Thinkie Nicholls will start the night off at 3pm SLT followed by DJ Annie Lane at 4pm SLT. Friday Night at Red River is a tradition that has no match in Second Life.   Come by you will not regret it.

A final note! I will tabulate the vote result from 'Lana's Name That Cow Extravaganza'.

Love ya,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

William Wilkie Collins~~A Man In His Own Right!!

I have been reading a book by Dan Simmons; 'Drood'. It is written from the prospective of William Wilkie Collins, a writer of some note during the time of Charles Dickens. These men were not only friends but collaborators on many books, short stories and plays. The book actually deals with their relationship; in particular at a time after Mr Dickens was a victim of a passenger train accident.

Mr Collins books, The Woman in White, The Moonstone, Armadale and No Name are not as well known as Mr Dickens works but are every bit as good. I have ordered The Woman in White, widely accepted as the first mystery novel, from Amazon. Reading novels from the Victorian Era is a challenge but one that pays great dividends to the understanding of a time in history that has always held a fascination for me.

But for all Mr Collins works; one concept that he developed stands out as particularly relevant to the last half of the 21st Century.

Collins predicted the deterrence concept of Mutually Assured Destruction that defined the Cold War nuclear era. Writing at the time of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 he stated, "I begin to believe in only one civilising influence - the discovery one of these days of a destructive agent so terrible that War shall mean annihilation and men's fears will force them to keep the peace."~~Wikkipedia

Writing some 100 years prior to the arms race between The United States and The Soviet Union; Mr Collins penned the premise that defined the arms race and predicted its results. An accomplishment on par with Jules Vern's predictions to be found in his novels.

Recently I read an article that listed college degrees that are presently considered worthless to graduates in the present job market. Over the years having a degree in History Education has been listed. But when reading works, like those of Mr Collins and other writers from years past; I believe that there are clues to our future buried in their pages just waiting to be plucked out and put to use.

I know! I know! A little philosophical and maybe even serendipitous but with this thought in mind maybe it is time we all reread the old classics. There may well be some thing there to be learned and used when needed.

Love ya,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Do Not Hijack Our Revolution"

 Egyptian activist Gigi Ibrahim is an incredible young women. She is part of the wave of young people pouring into the streets screaming for 'Changes in their governments', Freedom and Democracy". This is a movement that I fully support; in a part of the world that I admittedly do not understand well.  I have made only one trip to the Middle East; in 1999, for a conference and business meetings for a former employer. But in my time there I was treated to the Westernized Version of the Middle East; being shown little outside of my hotel and conference sites.

Many Americans and Europeans to a lesser extent owing to their physical proximity and long standing dealings, have a weak understanding of Middle Eastern Culture and Politics. Our governments believe that they have an understanding and I think they may well be delusional on this point. I believe that most Middle Eastern people would agree with that assessment.

Last night I heard as much from Gigi Ibrahim but I heard something else that was quite disturbing to me. At the end of her interview she said "Do Not Hijack Our Revolution". The people she is addressing are those, outside of Egypt, who want to try and take credit for what the Egyptian people accomplished.

During the crisis in Egypt every American news outlet shook the moth balls off their out dated, and so called Middle Eastern experts, and rushed them in front of the cameras to inform the American public about what was going on . Some of these 'experts' had not been in Egypt since the last Pharaohs reign but presumed to tell us how the Egyptian people, dying in the streets, were feeling or why they were protesting. These 'talking heads' tried to fill us with their ideas, many times drawn from out dated information or misunderstanding, about who was responsible for the Egyptian Uprising. I heard everything from The Muslim Brotherhood and Ben Laden to Western Governments working behind the scenes. Many worked very hard not to recognize a 'People Uprising'. This same event, in Tunisia just a short time before,  went barely noticed until a 'trend' was beginning to appear.

Thank God the 'Citzen News Repoters' were there to tell us what was really going on. They gave us a unique prospective on events in a way not experienced by us before.

"Do Not Hijack Our Revolution"~~Can you imagine if the French tried to claim responsibility for the American Revolution. "Do Not Hijack Our Revolution" would have been heard screamed in 1776 and rightly so. I wonder sometimes if some people believe that revolution, of the sort seen in Egypt and Tunisia, is a strange event because it is for Democratic Freedom and not the sort of freedom that results from 'Marxist Revolution'. Something to ponder?

At this very moment the peoples of other Middle Eastern countries are in the streets. As Americans we need to support them and nurture the glow of freedom. But please "Do Not Hijack Their Revolutions". The work is on their backs. The credit. all the credit, goes to the people who rose up and demanded freedom.

Love ya,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Housekeeping Before I Start A Week Of Tirades, Rants & Raves!!

Housekeeping note #1

The nominees for last weeks 'Name That Cow Extravaganza" are in and some good ones have been put forward. Please vote on them by Friday. April 29, 2011, by leaving a message at the blog. The winner will be posted in Saturdays blog.

Nominees Are:

1. Losaki, Lesieli and Langilea

2. Buttercup, Clover and Daisy

3. Nancy, Norma and Night

4. Daisy, Maisy and then there was not another *aisy

5. 'Ribeye, T-Bone and Sirloin

OK! The Voting Is Open!!!

Housekeeping note #2

The Swiss are gathering by the thousands to get a SNIFF of their Corpse Flower. I read an article yesterday that the State of Hawaii has its own Corpse Flower and it is also making its own big stink. I quote; "'Corpse flower' at Hawaii zoo emits rotten smell". A week ago I had no idea that this plant,  amorphophallus titanum, even existed, Now they are spewing fumes all over the globe. And they say that 'Something is rotten in Denmark". I do not even think Denmark has its own Corpse Plant.

Housekeeping note #3

The Modern Toilet Restaurant, in Hing King is alive and well. Check out their website. The food actually looks very good. 

Notes For This Week:

Lucy Brown crowned "Beautiful Bulldog

                          Look At That Face!! A beauty contest I can support!!

It is my understanding that Lindsay 'I Am To Good For Prison' Lohan got a standing ovation on her visit to The Tonight Show this week. It is really to bad that people would encourage her by applauding bad behavior. No wonder she feels like she can get away with anything.

Today's final idiocy. KFC's founder, Colonel Harlan Sanders, is dancing in is grave at the news that Flavor Flav has closed his chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa. Imagine eating at a restaurant owned by a man who wears a 10 pound clock to remind him to to get off his ass and act like a human being. By The Way; he has never listened to that clock!!

Love ya,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nights Dance To Day~~~Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The hardest part about any operation was waiting for it to begin. This one was harder still because it was personal. The last time I was in Northern Ireland gun running was what I was after. My assignment had been to observe British intelligence while they tried to shut down a gun running operation. It had been a successful day for the good guys but when you are dealing with a business that is extremely lucrative having someone step up and start anew was just a matter of time. That is how Jimmy Bailey got his start and he had made the most of the opportunity.

I understood Jimmy and his life because I could have easily become him if I had chosen a different path. Growing up in a tough Irish neighborhood gave me many opportunities to choose the wrong side. Luckily a good family and a judge with sense enough to force me into the military gave me better life choices. There was a time when I sent that judge a Christmas card every year. I wish I was still doing it.

“I need another day or two to scope out Glenoe and formulate a plan before we can do anything.”, Pete.

“I am going crazy just sitting around here. I need to do something”

“You can not go anywhere near Glenoe. They know you. Take the car and go down and visit your uncle for a day. I will take Wailer with me and put him to work.”, Pete.

“My uncle! The shock of me walking through the door would kill the old guy. But it will help this empty feeling I have and make my family happy.” My uncle lived about two hours away and it would be a settling thing to do. “I will leave in the morning but you call me and keep me up to date.”

“No problem. Lets get me a beer and I will fill you in on what I have seen so far.”, Pete.


Sean Conor Malone, my uncle and the best man among us. Father Sean Conor Malone; drawn to the church at 22 years of age and he never seems to have any doubts about his choices. Or mine.

He was stationed in Cavan, Ireland; a fairly quiet Irish town that had been his home for almost 20 years. He was always there for the family; whether we were getting married, christening our children or burying our dead. He had married Maria and I and had been there to comfort me when I thought I was burying her. If anyone could settle my mind and give me advice he was the one.

I met him at his church, Saint Patrick’s. I had not set foot inside a church since Maria’s funeral; what I thought was her funeral.

“Been awhile hasn’t Boy?” He always called me ‘Boy’ and he always knew if we had been to church.

‘Not since the funeral.”

“You have the look of a man that could use a drink. Even so I could use one.”, said with that gigantic Irish smile and his patented laugh that I loved as a kid. “Lets go. Your buying.”, another uncle Sean laugh. I already felt better.

Uncle Sean had his favorite places to go and he was a creature of habit. The results of a long life well spent. We settled into a table at Jamesie Mac’s; his favorite pub in Cavan.

With a couple of pints down in front of us he gave me that long look all us Malone kids knew meant ‘Start Talking’.

“Just start at the beginning Boy and tell me it all.”

And that is exactly what I did for the next two hours. He listened and watched me intently saying few words except those to encourage me to continue. This was just like when I was a kid and went joy riding in a car, with Keane, that did not belong to us. The police caught us and after seeing who we were took us straight to uncle Sean, They knew that he would deal with us better than any court. They were right.

After two hours of nearly non stop talking, and I do not know how many pints, I was exhausted.

“That’s all of it. We are here to take it to the next level.”

“Boy I can’t sit here and tell you that what you are doing is wrong. You were taught that family is everything and protecting our family is all our jobs.” His face had a stern look on it that I did not recognize. I think it may have been fear for me. “The loss of life is something we pay for when our judgement comes. I do not condone it but I also can not see a way around it.”

“I have no other choices than to keep looking. There are few people I can trust. The ones with the information we are after do not give it up easily. I wanted to put the violence behind me. I promised Maria that I would. But until this is finished I can not keep that promise.”

“I understand that and I want to help.” I did not want him involved. "There is someone I want you to meet. Stay the night and we will meet him in the morning before you go back north.“ Uncle Sean could always read my mind. “This is family. What else can I do?”

I stepped out of the pub and called Pete, filled him in on what I was doing and got his report. When I went back inside two fresh pints were waiting. “A few more of these and then we get some sleep.” He showed that big Irish smile that I loved seeing as a kid. I always felt at home when Father Sean Conor Malone was close by.

Love ya,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Edible Excretions & Food Trends~~An Easter Story!!

Before I start today I want to apologize for not including Chapter 18 of Nights Dance To Day in today's blog. I found myself in less than comfortable with what I had written and decided to withhold the chapter until tomorrow. I promise it will be here bright and early tomorrow morning.

That said; Happy Easter and here we go.

My housekeeper has been with me for 12 years and I am grateful every day for having her with me. She brings stability to my otherwise unstable and out of control life. In truth; Mette is much more than a housekeeper. She is family. She acts as my housekeeper, cook, mother, father, friend, confidant and spiritual advisor. I am Godmother to two of her four children. On most days she is the first person I see and the last one I speak to at night. Yes much more than a housekeeper.

Last year, for her birthday, I had computers put in her house; for the children and one for her own use. Now she is an avid Internet reader and is always bringing me interesting bits of information. Today's blog was brought to me by her and it is perfect. Perfect because she is an amazing cook and this blog is about food.

"There's poop everywhere! Y-u-c-k," says 6-year-old Jordan Lien as he and his family dine at the Modern Toilet, a popular Taiwanese restaurant chain that's expanding into China and other parts of Asia. The boy was looking at the poop-shaped lights and dish covers and the curry on toilet-shaped plates.~~From
Read more:,8599,1882569,00.html#ixzz1KRAPdDf8

Please read the entire article as it is quite interesting. This is a food trend that may well be shocking but engrossing our senses in new and interesting situations is something we should look forward too. The food critics have given a Big Thumbs Up to the fare at the restaurant Modern Toilet. I would love to try this restaurant but unfortunately it is in Taiwan. If it ever open in the USA I will be waiting in line to get in and give it a try.

Also at you will find a companion article titled 'The Top Ten Everything Of 2008'. One of the top ten lists is the Top Ten Food Trends and I found them interesting.

They are:

1. Recession dining~~A trend that leans toward good quality food, at upscale establishments, for affordable prices.

2. Nanny-state food regulations~~States like New York, but not limited to New York, are passing laws that are meant to guide us in food choices but in some cases may go to far. But this is a subject that deserves its own blog day.

3. Salmonella Saintpaul~~New food problems that alter our way of eating, In this case an infestation from this little critter changed the way many imported fresh produce is inspected.

4. The war on bottled water~~it turns out that in most cases bottled water is no better than tap water and is much less environmentally friendly. Many restaurants have stopped selling bottled water.

5. The Clover coffee maker~~The CEO of Starbucks says that this coffee maker produces the best cop of coffee brewed any where. By The Way~~Starbucks does not use these as the brew only one cup of coffee at a time and cost $11,000 per machine. If you want to give this coffee a try, and you are in New York City, try the two locations of Cafe Grumpy.

6. Caffeinated foods~~We all have seen an increase of heavily caffeinated food products over the past few years.

7.  Goat~~Goat meat has become very popular, especially in some of the new immigrant communities, but is has been slowly sneaking into the everyday American diet. Self serving plug here, lol,. I own a farm that produces goat milk, cheese and meat. Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

8. The backlash against local food~~After being told for years to eat locally; it is being discovered that locally grown products may not be as environmentally friendly as thought because of the local farmers transport issues. I find this one I do not particularly agree with and I do make use of local produce when ever it is available.

9. The year's most celebrated chef for 2008~~Chef Grant Achatz, lost his sense of taste to tongue cancer but has overcome that and is an amazing chef at Alinea in Chicago. Alinea is a dining experience that your palate will be thanking you forever after the dining there.

10.  Mex-Italian~~Italian food is the most popular restaurant food in the USA and many of the new Chefs are from a Latino background. They are fusing these two cooking styles and all I can say is YUMMY!!

This makes 3 days in a row of food related blogs. Now kiddies go out and enjoy a good meal!!!!

                                    Why is there always a cat in my food.

Love ya,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Giant, Stinky Flowers~~Fields Of Sunflowers~~Memories!!

News Flash From Switzerland:

GENEVA — Thousands of plant lovers have flocked to the northern Swiss city of Basel to see a giant, stinky flower bloom for the first time.

The Basel Botanical Gardens expects 10,000 people to see its amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower, in full glory before the bloom wilts late Saturday or Sunday. The plant is 17 years old and has never bloomed before.

Visitors haven't been deterred by the strong stench of rotting flesh the flower emits to attract insects for pollination.

The 6.6-feet (2-meter) tall flower is native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the last one to bloom in Switzerland was 75 years ago.

Worldwide, there have been only 134 recorded blooms from artificial cultivation. ~~ From the Associated Press

Webcam site~~

This is truly an amazing thing to see and coming on the heels of Triplet Angus Cows being born in Montana; I feel like I am doing the Morning Farm Reports From Devils Lake, North Dakota.

I was in Devils Lake, North Dakota, as a child, and what I remember the most about my time in that area were the Sunflowers. Thousands upon thousands of sunflowers baking in the hot sun. But re fun thing about them was that you could sit and watch their heads turn as the sun went through the day. They all faced east for the sunrise and were facing west for the sunset. Kind of like they knew where all the good stuff was coming from and where it was headed. Oh, and yes I was a very easily amused child, lol.

It is truly an amazing site and one I will always cherish as a memory of one of the good times in my life and of a family I loved.

It is funny how the human mind works. It gets stimulated by the site of a very large flower bursting at its seams in an attempt to bloom and that site brings memories rushing back to you.  Memory's that make me smile are always welcome and sunflowers always do that for me. On Sunday mornings my father would drive us out of Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he had a military posting, and onto the surrounding small roads that meandered between large fields of sunflowers and wheat. He always had a picnic lunch packed and we would eat by a little stream or pond. Every outing was not only a chance for me to spend time with this man I adored but he made sure that it was also time spent learning something that would shape my life.

He gave me a little red purse, with yellow sunflowers embroidered into its sides, and he tole me that it was a place to keep all the things he tried to teach me so that I could find what I needed fast. Every time he was deployed to some far off place, and i went to live with my grandmother in Brooklyn, New York. he would leave me a note in that little purse. I still have that purse and every note he ever left me.

I pulled it out this morning and reread many of those notes. At first they always bring me tears because I miss him so much but then he always makes me smile with his little jokes. It is like he knew that some days, you know the ones when you are alone and your mind wanders to a lot of places you would rather not go, a smile would pull me back to a good place. In truth, reading these little notes, works to keep me on a good path.

Today was another slow news day but one story about a giant, stinky flower trying to bloom turned a slow news day into a morning of good memories and a lot of smiles.

Love ya,

PS....Tomorrow Chapter 18 of Nights Dance To Day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lana's 'Name That Cow Extravaganza'!!!

In The coming days every news outlet, blog and pair of lips will be talking about the Royal Wedding. I am sure that I will join the choir next week and add my voice to the epic event. But today we have more pressing news and I do not understand why everyone has not picked up on this story. It certainly caught my eye even before my first cup of coffee.

That's right kiddies!! Cow Triplets were born in Montana and they will become all the rage. Before we go on a few facts about this blessed event for educational purposes. The odds of cow triplets being born is 1 in 105,000 birth.  The bouncing bovine babies were born to Cow#403 owned by Lance and Erika Chaney, at there Manhattan, Montana ranch. "She likes all three of them, which they say is rare, too," said Lance, 28. When asked what he was going to name the calves, Lance laughed and said they don't have names.

I have decided that these animals need real names; not just numbers. So this Blog will serve as the name suggestion site under the guise of  'Lana's Name That Cow Extravaganza'!!! Lets have some fun and come up with names these cuties can be proud to have on their name tags.

Lets get imaginative and have some fun. Do not worry about names that are gender specific. Sometimes we just have to do things because they make us smile.

I will list all the names sent to me this coming Monday, April 25, 2011. I will also kick us off with some names, that are not imaginative and certainly are to be expected; Moe, Larry & Curly.

Now the ball is in your court. Lets hear those names!!


In A Related Story:

The price of Angus beef is on the rise. A local cattle merchant, in Bozeman, Montana, has named the Cow Triplets 'Ribeye, T-Bone & Sirloin, and has sent me this chart to explain his choices.

HMMM! I smell something fishy here. Well beefy anyway.

Love ya,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

News Flash~~Gold Fish Racing Banned From Bar!! Really??

The weekly gold fish races at a Tacoma, Washington bar have been canceled after it received complaints from animal rights activists. Gold Fish Racing is an American Pub Sport that is played by using two troughs filled with water. The gold fish are started at one end and prodded along with water squirted from squeeze bottles.

Only gold fish, after properly being drug tested, by the American Gold Fish racing Association, and whose pedigree has been established by papers on file with that association, are allowed to be raced. Gold fish have been specifically bred for racing, in the United States. for over two hundred years.

OK! I made that last bit up, lol. But the canceled races are real. Another American institution washed down the drain, as I am sure the gold fish were post cancellation, by animal rights activists that care more for the life of a gold fish than they do for human life.

I say that with tongue in cheek but one gets that feeling when the replacement for Gold fish racing is Beer Pong.

Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer water on the other end. The game typically consists of two two-to-four-player teams and multiple cups set up, in triangle formation, on each side. There are no official rules, so rules may vary widely, though usually there are six or ten plastic cups arranged in a triangle on each side. Each side then takes turns attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent's cups. If a ball lands in a cup, then the contents of that cup are consumed, and the cup is either placed aside or reinserted into the triangle. If the cup is reinserted and the other team knocks the cup over, it is removed. If the opposing team throws the ball into an empty cup, they must consume the contents of one of their cups. The first side to eliminate all of the opponent's cups is the winner. ~~Wikkipedia.

So a game that was developed as a drinking game, and honed to a fine edge on the college campus and in bars looking to increase beer sales; has replaced Gold Fish Racing.  I will admit that the gold fish were being abused. Especially when they were working without a contract and their compensation was ridiculously low considering that were participating on a contact sport. But where is the balance here? I believe even the gold fish would be appalled at the loss of human life caused by them being banned from racing. Plus, with the decreased sales of gold fish, now that racing is banned, so many more gold fish never make it out of the Wal-Mart's pet department. Now that is a cruelty laid upon these innocent athletes in waiting.

Look at this guy! Do you want him driving around drunk after a night of heated beer pong matches. I think not!!

If you insist on participating in beer pong matches please make sure that they are fully sanctioned by the National Beer Pong League. Yes kiddies there is such a thing. Who knew?

Finally, always drink responsibly. Play by the rules. Have fun. And PLEASE do not drive drunk!!

A quote from a Beer Aficionado and all around World Renowned Humanitarian;;

Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed - Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, "It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver."
~~Deep Thought, Jack Handey

Oh Yeah!! I want Jack on my beer pong team!!

Love ya,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top Ten British Words~~They Invented The Language And I Do Not Understand A Word!!

At Red River, in Second Life, we used to have a 'Word Of The Day' board up in the saloon. Most of the words on the board each week came from our British quests and it was fun trying to fit them into our everyday conversation. So I was delighted to find this Top Ten List of British Words at the Merriam-Webster website.  Although Merriam-Webster is a dictionary of American English, it contains a range of words rarely heard outside Britain.

Top Ten British Words:

#10: Pukka~~genuine, authentic; first-class

#9: Boffin~~a scientific expert and especially one involved in technological research

#8: Gormless~~lacking intelligence: stupid

#7: Whinge~~to complain fretfully: whine

#6: Chunter~~to talk in a low inarticulate way: mutter

#5: Plonk~~cheap or inferior wine( I bet the French hate this one)

#4: Jiggery-pokery~~dishonest or suspicious activity; nonsense

#3: Knackered~~tired, exhausted(One of my favorite words of all time and one that had at one time gained popularity at Red River)

#2: Twee~~affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint

#1: Prat~~a stupid or foolish person

I love everyone of them and I will make an effort to include them in my everyday discourse. I am including some sentence examples here so you can get a feel for how they might be used.


"Went for a 4 miler and then when I got back from work we took the kids swimming. Nice and knackered now." – blog post at, January 18, 2011

"[Greece] flouted European Union rules on the limits to budget deficits; its national accounts were a moussaka of minced statistics, topped with a cheesy sauce of jiggery-pokery." – Jeff Randall, The Telegraph, May 20, 2010  ( I think I just had an orgasm, lol)

"Gormless, unhelpful and poorly trained shop staff create merry hell for customers who are simply exercising their legal rights to a repair, refund or replacement." – Sam Dunn, Two Pennies Worth blog, March 22, 2011

"Brain boffins at University College London have made a major breakthrough in the ongoing effort to bridge the gap between man and machine." – Rik Myslewski, The Register, April 11, 2011 (I think Cally just had an orgasm,,hahahah)

So there you have it. My educational moment of the month. The importance of language in how you present yourself can not be calculated easily; but it is a rare occurence to come across a successful person that is not well spoken, well read and well written.

“Being deeply learned and skilled, being well trained and using well spoken words; This is good luck”~~Buddha

Love ya,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Battle For The Ages~~Chicken Vs Pig~~A Love Story!!

Every morning I wake up and go down to he kitchen to make coffee and read the news. Today is a slow news day and what is out there is really boring. I generally read the news early to get a handle on what I might blog about on any given day.

Today I found my subject in my FREEZER!

Yeppers, my freezer. I usually pull something out to defrost at breakfast time and today I could not decide on Fried Chicken or Pork Chops for tonight's dinner. In the South both dishes have very large followings and I am a lover of both.

So today we will discuss that results of my Epic Battle To Decide On What I Am Eating For Dinner Tonight!

                                                     Fried Pork Chops

                                                     Fried Chicken

I know!  You are all saying 'Why Fried?'  What a silly question to ask a Southern Girl. So I will ignore it and plod onward.

Calorie and cholesterol wise these meals are very much a wash as to their equality. So this battle will came down to my mood. Chicken makes me feel happy and gives me the feeling that I am doing something right. But pork makes me feel a little frisky and like I am walking on the wild side. My decision will be coming up in a minute.

There are many ways to enjoy these meats but I like frying because of the flavor the meats take on. There are some dishes that I just can not resist.

                                                     Chicken Fried Pork

                                               Chicken Fried Chicken


The following is a picture if something that is so wrong it defies description!!!

God never intended chicken to be made into sausage. Some one is going to rot in Culinary Hell for this one.

So do I want to listen to the cows??

Or get some loving from the pig??

As they say at that Good Old Southern Grocery Store Piggly Wiggly~~I AM STICKING WITH THE PIG!!

Pork Chops Tonight!!

Love ya,

PS...God I hate slow news days,,lol.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nights Dance To Day~~~Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The trip to Larne had been uneventful and I actually slept most of the way. Wailer wandered around talking to everyone he came close too. Talking was his way of defusing his nervousness.

In Larne we were met by a sloppily dressed and unassuming man with red hair and a beard to match. He said few words and grunted most of his instructions. This made me very uncomfortable but Pete seemed to be able to pick up everything the guy was grunting and Wailer was so interested in the guy he talked non stop. The guy said his name was Paul and that’s all we needed to know. He was right but I still did not like him even though I knew that giving up as little information as possible, about yourself, would keep you alive if things went south. I wished Wailer had figured that out.

Larne was a busy seaport and we were barely noticed when landing. Paul took us to the a small hotel on the outskirts of the city. Belfast was a twenty five minute drive south with easy access. I liked this set up. Staying this far out allowed us some breathing room away from where we would be working and also put us in close proximity to our escape route. So far things looked good.

Pete went on a quick tour of Belfast and the areas that we would have to learn to navigate. I stayed behind with Wailer and took him on a quick city tour. Something I had no interest in doing but it served two purposes. First, to try and solidify an impression that we were businessmen/tourists. Second, to shut Wailer up. He needed something to do to calm him down and I needed him quiet so I could concentrate.

By the time we got back to the hotel, 5 hours later, Wailer was ready to sleep and I was the one on edge. We had not heard from Pete since he left us at the hotel.

Jimmy Bailey was born into a life of crime. His father was a hustler his entire life and Jimmy took to it naturally. He had taken the family business to levels his father would never had attempted. Jimmy was involved in every thing from drugs to gun running and now the selling of human beings.

I had dealt with him a few times before; helping to stop some of his gun running operations to known terrorists. He dealt with anyone that could pay the price of his wares. One thing that could be said about Jimmy, ‘politics did not mater’; only money did.

All his criminal enterprises were kept away from Ireland so here he was ‘Saint Jimmy’. Living a comfortable life with a wife and 3 children. He had a country estate near the Village of Glenoe and was quite the ‘Irish Country Gentleman’.

His comfortable estate life was his weakness. He felt himself untouchable in Ireland. To quote an old movie, ‘I planned on treating him a bit less cordially than he was use to in his home‘.


Pete finally returned looking tired and in desperate need of a drink. I had some beer waiting and sat down impatiently to ask a million questions After a few pulls on the beer Pete was ready to answer all of them.

“I think we can get at him in Glenoe but it is going to be dangerous. We have to put everything we have into this or walk away now”, Pete.

We both knew that there was no walking away.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Sunday Morning Confusion~~What To Write Today!!

It is Sunday and I usually put a chapter of my book 'Nights Dance To Day' here but today I am in one one of those non writing moods. For those of you who have not been keeping up with 'NDTD' or have no idea what I am talking about; I am writing a book, inside this blog, one chapter a week and usually write the chapter on Sunday mornings. All the chapters are archived here if you are interested.

OK! Enough about me. I have been perusing the news and have come up with nothing that really interests me today. Well not entirely true. Celebrity Mug Shots did catch my eye but when I looked at some of them, and realizing I had not had breakfast yet, I decided to pass that story up.

Then I saw this picture;

Obviously this beautiful child's mother has not introduced Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream into the diet yet, lol. But it is true that being in shape, and by in shape I mean healthy not 'Super Model or Actress Emaciated', does leave one with a good feeling of self.

But what is an acceptable level of,,hmm OK I will say it 'FAT' on one's body. In an age when so many people are obsessed with the amount of fat clinging to the bodies of the American public; knowing what is a healthy  level of 'being skinny' and balancing that level with a body that is attractive becomes problematic.

I will admit up front that I am no expert on body fat or diet control. I am one of those lucky women that has managed to stay in fairly good health without obsessing over what I eat. One caveat to that is that I do have a regular exercise program and have stuck to it for years.

What I do know is what I like in a woman. So what follows is a 'picture show' of what I like or feel is a healthy level of fat, on a woman, and what I see as to skinny and unhealthy in the opposite direction from the 'less fat is better trend'.

Politics aside, Michelle Obama carries herself extremely well. She is an example of a balanced body; as far as body fat versus trendy skinny goes. Kudos to the First Lady in this regard.

Such a pretty face! Such a shame she has not given that pretty face a well nourished frame to perch on.

OMG! Give me a break! Has she eaten anything in the past 2 years. Again, an extremely pretty girl ruined because she is trying to portray someone else's view of what a women's body should look like.

omg! Death camp UGLY!!

 Now some women who have beautiful curvy figures. Women you would love to have on your arm for a night out on the town.

All beautiful in their own way and all healthy looking. And yes; I have always found Queen Latifah attractive.

Finally!! If Barbie ever comes to this please never allow your daughters to go any where near a Barbie Doll.


Love ya,

PS....Chapter 17 of 'Nights Dance To Day ' will appear tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where Is The Outrage?? American Icon Threatened!!

The headline is just the tip of the iceberg.!!

FBI files show KFC founder received death threat

Who could possibly threaten this man? This human piece of Americana. This grandfatherly figure. The holder of the recipe containing those secret 11 herbs and spices!!!

I do not care that this threat occurred in December of 1973. I can only imagine the impact of the loss of such a man to our nation. A threat against the life of  Colonel Harland Sanders is akin to threats against the British Royalty or the Pope himself.

I must tell you I was more than shocked when I read this story. My emotions ran a full gamut from rage and fear to gastronomic upheaval. My mind was racing wildly.

I am sitting here thinking about a life without  Colonel Harland Sanders and I am amazed at how his loss would effect my life in particular. Even though I had never met the man in person.

Can you even imagine a world without KFC. If we had lost  Colonel Sanders that wonder secret recipe would possibly not be available to us today.

The following is an excerpt from a history of the secret recipe; found at the KFC Historical website.

For years, Colonel Harland Sanders carried the secret formula for his Kentucky Fried Chicken in his head and the spice mixture in his car. Today, the recipe is locked away in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky. Only a handful of people know that multi-million dollar recipe, and each is obligated to strict confidentiality by contract.

OMG!! In his car. I bet the Popeyes Chicken people are saying; 'Damn I never looked in the car!'

A  life without FRIED CHICKEN is a life lived very poorly. I know you Veggie Loving Californians disagree but eventually California will be shaken off of mainland USA and we can send all those veggies to starving children all over the world.

OK! I will get serious. The situation demands a serious concentration of my efforts. Yeah right like that's going to happen, lol!

A life without the Colonel:

1. All we would have is Popeyes, Bojangles, Chik-fil-A and a few other pretenders to the thrown. I have had less than stellar times at Popeyes and Bojangles, while it is good chicken, just does not do to for me. Chik-fil-A and those damn cow billboards turn me off.

2. The gasoline that would be wasted, if KFC was not available, searching for those Mom & Pop Chicken Restaurants that dot our highways; would push the demand for gasoline and its price beyond the reach of most Americans. By the way,,The Mom & Pops are the best but so hard to find near an interstate highway.

3. The development of the BUCKET, as a food transport vehicle, would have been years behind if KFC had not pioneered it on a mass basis.

4. Without KFC my Friday night meal selection would have been down to just pizza. Damned if I am cooking on a Friday!!

6. Where would I get a mock Chicken Cordon Bleu if KFC had not developed the Double Down.

7. Finally; I would not have this extra inch on my hips to keep me warm in winter therefore driving up my heating costs and forcing me to COOK ON FRIDAY NIGHTS AND NOT GO OUT TO EAT!!!!!

I have had a little fun with this but threats against people that are in the public eye are a serious business. I am sure that these situations occur an a nearly daily basis. The crazies are out there and I hope none are ever successful in carrying out any threat.

Colonel Harland Sanders passed away in 1980 at the age of 90. KFC has some 15,000 restaurants in 109 countries. A tribute to a man who began life in such a simple way.

If you are ever in Corbin, KY stop by the Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum. It is where it all began.

Love ya,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Meant To Be A Historical Fact!! WTF??

The Colbert Report, with Steven Colbert, is running a series titled 'Not Meant To Be A Historical Fact'. This all started with Senator Kyl's office trying to distract us from a blatant lie Kyl told, on the Senate floor, about Planned Parenthood. It seems that now many things are being held up to the 'Not Meant To Be A Historical Fact' test. Of course most are done in jest; so I thought it was time I threw my fantasies into the ring and set some records straight.  I bet you can already guess where this is going to lead you, lol.

Lets play the game 'Can You Guess The Real Historical Facts'. The The initials 'NHF' will be placed after the fictitious statements and 'HF' will be placed after the true statements.

1. Saint Simeon Stylites (pictured) was a monk who gained fame in the 5th century for spending 37 years standing on a small platform on top of a tall pillar in Syria. (HF) 

2. Scholars agree that Eve didn't eat an apple in the Garden of Eden -- it was more likely a fig or grapes. (HF)

3.  In 1911, pigtails were banned in China because they were seen as a link with its feudal past.(HF)

4. Ben Franklin Discovered Electricity.(NHF)

5. The Great Wall of China Is Visible from the Moon.(NHF)

6. In April 1919, England enacted a 48 hour work week with minimum wages.(HF)

7. Witches Were Burned at the Stake in Salem.(NHF)

8. Abner Doubleday Invented Baseball.(NHF)

9. In December of 1657, the Massachusetts General Court ordered a fine to be payed by anyone celebrating Christmas.(HF)

10.  Lady Godiva's Naked Ride.(NHF)  I might mention here that the ONLY OFFICIAL NAKED RIDE sanctioned by this Blog is MY NAKED RIDE done on my Real Life Birthday. Th ride is in the Lilith Sim. I will keep all you pervs updated on this one, lol.

OK! So there are some things to mull over. All can be easily checked online. Two website to get you started are:


Love ya(HF)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Armpit~~A Thing Of Beauty Or Just A Connecting Thingy?? BY REQUEST i AM REPEATING THIS BLOG POST!!

I was watching the Colbert Report today and saw a segment on ARMPITS. Now to a normal mind this would have been a funny bit and that mind would have moved on to something else. But Normal and Night just do not meld well before my first pot of coffee.

First my admission of fascination with the armpit. I find a well manicured armpit to be sexy. So smooth with long sinewy lines of muscle structure stretching between the side of ones body and extending to the upper arm. Sorry guys; I am speaking of a women's armpit here. Because when presented with this heavenly piece of human real estate my eyes feast upon it in ways that can only be compared to Lady Chatterley's eye popping moment when she first saw her lovers penis in the light of day. Her reaction, of letting out an audible sigh and moan that was an orgasmic meal in itself, is very similar to my reaction upon seeing a well kept armpit.

OMG!! Thank You Selma Hayek for displaying, what can only be described as an orgasm waiting in the wings. YUMMY!!

In medical terms the armpit is called the AXILLA and in commercial terms it's name is UNDERARM. It is this underarm, the outer surface of the axilla, that is my fascinations. Dare I say my fetish. I know I am not alone in this obsession. I take pride in keeping my underarms in perfect Greek or Roman sculpture form. I see people staring at them when I am out and about and frankly I am turned on a lot. The mere thought of kissing or being kissed there makes me quiver you know where.

There are Armpit Fetishes described as an attraction to the areas aroma, YUCK! My attraction is to the beauty of this erotic piece of human sculpture. I want my armpits clean, smooth and smelling like a fresh morning breeze or with a light scent of flowers after a morning shower.

Look at this delicious piece of real estate. Could you just not kiss and lick it until this beautiful woman is ready to full fill all your desires. Do not lie! I can hear you rustling around craving the awaiting erotic experience.

Desirable Armpit~~Sarah Silverman

Undesirable Armpit~~No idea who this is,,lol.

Desirable Armpit~~Vanessa Hudgen

If you are reading this book~~I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!!

But if you have this feeling everyday~~LETS TALK!!

Love ya,

PS...I know! I know! How do I live with myself? LOL! An easy question to answer! I HAVE AMAZING UNDERARMS!!

PSS.....This is a reprint of the most read of my blogs. I have no idea why, lol?  This morning, since the weather was good, I decided to take a ride down to the beach for the sunrise. I am smiling now. Sorry babe; I know you are up to your cute little arse in snow,,,,KISSES