Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reincarnation According To Randy

I believe in 'reincarnation'. I believe that reincarnation is God's way of making us take a 'do over' in life until we get it right and are worthy of joining Him in Heaven.

We read so much about people 'seeing a light at the end of the tunnel' and 'being drawn toward the light'; so how can this be explained?

This is a well traveled saying but I put it on my list of possibilities. Think about a person that has lived a questionable life; me for instance. God's judgement of me will be hard and deservedly so. I picture Him assessing my life while I am on my death bed, judging me unworthy and assigning me to live another life to prove my worthiness. 

I would be assigned a new mother and pushed out into the world in search of redemption. What I come back as is irrelevant as all life forms have value. 

There are those that say they have seen a flash of strong light rather than a light at the end of a tunnel. My explanation for this is what form your rebirth takes. If you are reincarnated into a species that gives birth through eggs than as the shell cracks open a flash of light would hit you.

Being reincarnated as a higher thinking, more intelligent, species would make it easier to live a quality life and find your way into heaven. I believe that there is a predetermined number of reincarnation events assigned to someone according to their failures in life. If your sins are not bad you may earn a reincarnation event directly into Homo Sapiens.

I suspect that people like Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot might reincarnate as bugs and have to work their way up until they live a life worthy of God.

I am hoping for a cat or dog as my first reincarnation. Animals that are loved and can show love while living a valued life.

I pray to God I am not a bug reincarnation prospect!!