Wednesday, September 25, 2013

End Of The Earth~~Packing My Bags

I read an article this morning that predicts the Earth will be destroyed by the expansion of the sun as it runs out of hydrogen fuel. OMG!! This puts pressure on my bucket list.

My first thought was to dig a deep shelter and supply it with all I need. Food, water, Twinkies, beer, wine for whom ever joins me for a post apocalyptic cuddle and the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Duck Dynasty.

My second thought was that my shelter may not be enough as the oceans will boil and the atmosphere will burst into flames. I better find a way off the planet!!


I can not wait until the last minute to plan like I do with buying wedding gifts or picking restaurants. My ass will be on fire while I figure thing's out.

So; 1. build a rocket ship, 2. find a habitable planet, 3. load supplies(see list above) and 4. find my Eve for the purposes of repopulation.

Now my mind is at ease. I can live the next 1.5 - 2.5 billions years waiting for all this to take place.


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