Thursday, September 19, 2013

Women Drivers~~Yikes!!

This past week I was in Second Life, at a go kart track, with my SL partner. It was frightening. She barely got out of the go kart garage and onto the track.  I fear for people in her hometown if this is how she drives a real car.

So which gender is actually a better driver? According to Tom Vanderbilt, in his article Traffic, Why We Drive The Way We Do (And What It Says About Us), men are more aggressive drivers who drive at higher speeds, drive closer to other cars, do not wear seat belts and are more likely to drive intoxicated. But they do show more efficiency at certain tasks like parking where they take less time and are more accurate.

Men's riskier behavior does translate into more accidents and more traffic tickets but as women are driving more and learning to be more aggressive drivers the gap between ticket and accident totals is decreasing. Especially when you factor in the 'show more cleavage/raise your skirt behavior women tend to display when pulled over by policemen. I do not think I would have the sane advantage if I opened my shirt and unzipped my fly when stopped by a female officer, lol.

According to Mr Vanderbilt's article it is hard to judge who is the better driver and that in reality men and women are about equal. There is a lingering perception that men are better drivers. Another myth destroyed like foot size is an indication of penis size. If that were true I would be Sea Biscuit.


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