Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turkish Sex In The Morning~~The Return Of The 'Wanna F$$K Guys

[08:32] GOLGEMM: sexs
[08:32] GOLGEMM: ok
[08:32] GOLGEMM: türkiş
[08:32] GOLGEMM: 
[08:33] Andi: what?

Wanna F$$K Guy Indeed!!!

Notice the time? Eight Thirty in the morning Second Life time. Andi, who has a beautiful avatar, was in a respectable sim( she swears that is true, lol) when she was approached by this neanderthal. I thought that this phenomenon was dead as I had not heard many mention it of late. I guess some things never die.

Although we had great fun at Andi's expense after she revealed this on Face Book; there is a serious side to this behavior. That side lies in the realm of lack of respect for women by men.

I found that this behavior resides in men who are new to Second Life and believe, wrongly, that sex is why we are all in world. It can almost be excused in a newbie. This GOLGEMM character is only 9 days in world. But his revelation of being Turkish may be revealing.

As we continue to mix cultures in our Second Life world the differences in how women are perceived is glaring.  Middle eastern cultures do not seem to show the same respect for women that western cultures do. I am speaking here in general terms and not trying to pigeon hole every middle eastern man into this category.

So his behavior is somewhat understandable but not excusable. The men that concern me are the ones that are still exhibiting this behavior after two years in world. I do not consider a long term Second Life resident acting culturally after that length of time. These are the guys that turn stalker in world and make our second lives difficult.

Let me say here that this behavior is not limited to male avatars. Have you ever been on a sim that has crashed and on relog been sent to an 'adult hub'? I rarely get off that hub without being accosted by a couple of 'Wanna F$$K' females.

Two things about these female; 1. they are either actually female and are here for just sex or 2. they are males, in female avatars, preying on lesbian avatars. Either way thy are a pain in the ass.

I was in my house, changing clothes and naked at the time, when my sim crashed. When I logged back in I was sent to an adult hud. It was like I was the main course of a seven course meal. That was uncomfortable for me so I can just imagine how uncomfortable it is for a woman.

Respect ladies and gentlemen!! That is the key.

As for Andi; thank you for providing us with a good laugh yesterday. I am looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner with you; sans the TURKEY, lol.


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