Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obama~~We Collectively Drank The Kool-Aid

I hear this constant drum beat for impeachment of President Obama and it concerns me. Just as it concerned me that those same drums beat for Presidents Bush and Clinton. I fear that this will become a song played for every president in our future.

I did not vote for President Obama but I do not want my president impeached. Yes I said my president because like it or not he was elected and serve all the people.

We elected a man who had a domestic agenda but who was ill prepared to handle foreign policy in a dangerous world. Many Americans rushed blindly to elect our first black president giving little thought to all his qualifications. His lack of foreign policy experience fostered by little experience in Washington as a senator has caused a further deterioration of how the world sees us. The shallow promise of 'change' without substance has brought us to this point.

We have all had to drink the Obama kool-aid, some voluntarily and others forcefully, and we are no better for it. And still I am against impeachment!!!

There are those who need to be impeached. The main stream media who carried Obama's  banner of unsubstantial change are at the top of my impeachment list.

Those who saw the making of history with disregard to the substance of the man running for office are also on my list.

I believe President Obama is a good man at heart. He is likable and a good family man. But these qualities do not make a good president.

We The People are responsible for the situation we find ourselves. I beg you to look beyond shallow reasons in casting your next presidential vote. Elect the most qualified person. Party be damned.

Vote with your brain not your heart. Vote for substance over fluff. Try and understand the consequences of your vote.

The greatness and future of this country depend on our choices.


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