Friday, September 13, 2013

Kristy Love~~Boob Masseuse

"Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it's quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid", Rita Rudner

I have been trained as a Physical Therapist and understand the principals of massage but Kristy Love's massage technique is one I was never taught and an anatomically unprepared to perform.

Yeppers; Kristy Love uses her 48NN size breasts to perform massage in the great State of Georgia. Now who said we were not progressive in the south?

Ms Loves advertisement reads ' "THE premiere CMT BBW body rub specialist taking Atlanta AND the world to an all new level of BBW adult entertainment." For those who do not read these types of advertisements; CMT stands for Certified Massage Therapist and BBW stands for Big, Beautiful Woman.

I am sure that Ms Love's clientele consist of all men who tend to think with their little head rather than there big one. The key words in her advertisement are 'adult entertainment'. That tells me that people go there not for the massage, as I see no value in what she does, but rather to be titillated by Ms Love's entertainment abilities. Or in layman's terms; getting the feel of those big ass boobies, lol.

I have no idea what Ms Love is massaging or what her ultimate massage goal might be but I am sure it finishes with a smiling client and a hefty fee.

Any thinking human knows that this is not massage but rather a sexual act. It is also an insult to hard working Certified Massage Therapists who ply their trade in a traditional and legal manner.

I give credit to Ms Love for using the gifts God gave her but degrading a noble profession is indefensible.


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