Thursday, August 23, 2012

Patriotism And Taxes?

Can you believe that we are actually having a national conversation about who is more patriotic, those who pay what is considered their fair share of taxes or those who pay what they are supposed to pay?

Patriotism is not a dollar and cents measurement or even a quantifiable entity. The billionaire who pays 50% of their income is no more patriotic than a pauper that pays no income tax( I am specifying income tax here as everyone pays other types of taxes so I feel those taxes are a wash). A person is no less patriotic for trying to avoid paying taxes than anyone else is for paying extra. Tax avoidance is an international game that has been played since the concept of taxation was conceived.

Attaching a level of patriotism to the paying of taxes is idiotic and just another discussion that tries and side track us from our real national problems.

Patriotism is a soldier fighting to protect this country and our constitution. Patriotism is our citizens voting. Patriotism is defending, discussing and understanding the Constitution of The United States.

Patriotism is taking part in the political process to improve this country. Patriotism is obeying the laws that are meant to govern us.

Patriotism is supporting your family unit no matter what form it takes. Patriotism is protecting the rights of our citizens and assisting all Americans to achieve the American Dream. Patriotism is taking care of our less fortunate, our sick and our elderly.

The amount you pay in taxes is not a measure of your level of patriotism.

But you know what else is patriotic and this will surprise you kiddies? It is patriotic to question any circumstance that you might find unfair or unethical. That does not mean that your questioning will lead to a change or the your premise is correct.


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