Monday, August 27, 2012

Darwinism Is A Four Letter Word?

To hear some people talk Darwinism must be a four letter word. The Theory of Evolution is attacked like it was something Darwin made up while vacationing in the South Pacific with an atheist youth group instead of documented scientific research done by a meticulous researcher.

I have heard people say that his research is flawed, that he is an atheist trying to discredit God and that his theory is based on junk science with little proof. Lets think about that for  a second? All those criticisms come from people who would have us take a book, whose authors are obscure and mysterious in origin, as the only word in human development.

We have allowed our thoughts to be usurped by people who claim to speak for and in some cases to God Himself and we as asked to do this on faith. Not Proof! Faith!

State governments are falling prey to biblicists who are pushing creationism over all other possibilities. Schools have been banned from teaching The Theory of Evolution based on the beliefs of a few cretins who wield God as a vengeful sword at their parishioners. The ability to teach any scientific theory, no matter what the subject matter, should never be stifled.

I believe that all theories should be taught in our public schools, including Creationism. Of course then we would have the Atheists jumping about complaining.

We are falling behind the world in science and mathematics education and will continue to do so until we get all special interests out of our curriculum's and teach what is necessary to be competitive in today's world.

I look at the excesses that brought down great civilisations like Rome and Egypt and see parallels here with the United States. We have grown fat and lazy, we let others do our thinking and have become a nation that allows others to raise our children and take little interest in what they are being taught.

Last night I was in a conversation about 'it takes a village to raise a child' and truthfully it does indeed take a village but we can not abdicate our responsibilities to that village. We each have to be personally responsible for the children we bring into the world.

We need to be responsible to see that they are taught everything, without exception, so they can be functioning adults absent of government intervention and interference.


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