Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Republicans Will Not Win In November

"Marino has spent his adult life in policing, and one detail a good cop never overlooks is location. It doesn't do a damn bit of good to get on your radio and scream Mayday if you don't know where you are." Quote from Patricia Cornwell's novel Trace.

I read that the other day and I thought; "That's me!" Calling for help and not knowing where I am. But I am one person and insignificant in the scheme of things. My problems are a small ripple in a very big pond that is filled with ripples. All wandering in different directions with no set course or purpose.

I have come to the conclusion that my particular individual problems, while important to me, are insignificant when stacked up against those we face as a nation. The economy is tanking, unemployment is high, our national debt is staggering and we have a government that floats along with a politics as usual attitude.

So what does all that have to do with the chances of Republican victory in November?

While I consider myself a moderate/progressive or what ever the current term that applies to a person who holds beliefs in both right and left ideologies, I am a fiscal conservative. This is why I believe that conservative victory is so important but we can not get a president elected if we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot and act like the other guy is holding the gun.

Terms like 'legitimate rape', while probably not meant in the vain that it was received, is an example of giving the enemy ammunition to shoot back at us. We make it to easy.

Simple situations are made difficult by our stubbornness to 'stick to our guns' when bending a little would defuse the situation. Take for example Mitt Romney's income taxes. I am sure that he has paid taxes and so are his opponents. Releasing those taxes ends the debate but holding them back provides Liberals ammunition. It allows our liberal opponents the opportunity to plant a seed of doubt that will bloom.

The key to this election is the economy. It is as simple as that but we allow ourselves to be side tracked by stupidity we bring upon ourselves.

Of course Liberals say the same stupid things, the Presidents "You did not build that" statement a prime example, but unlike the Liberals, Conservatives do not have the media on their side. Every Conservative verbal miscue is reported 10 times of what a Liberal mistake might.

Lets clamp down on saying anything that even remotely smells of stupidity between now and election day. Let Vice President Biden make the verbal miscues. He is quite accomplished at  tripping over his tongue.


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