Monday, August 6, 2012

Yay!!~~The Week Has Arrived!!

Yeppers the week I turn 101 years old has arrived, lol.  I have been looking forward to this week.  It will be one of celebration, happiness and joy. It will be that way because I want it that way.

The start of my second century in the Second Life Universe will not be a time for refection because looking back hurts my neck. It will not be a time to ponder things lost but to revel in what I have and who I share my days.

Life, whether real or virtual, is to be lived and enjoyed. So you do not have a lot of money and maybe your avatar looks a million times better, like mine does, than the real life you. So What!! Poor ugly people have good lives too, lol.

The effects of aging are beginning to show on me but I do not fear aging. With age comes wisdom developed from living a life filled with successes and yes failures. Wisdom is a good thing to have especially if you have grand children or younger people that you may advise. Impart you wisdom upon them and then sit back and watch them fuck up as much as you. After all failures teach more useful lessons than successes do.

A bit of advice; when completing a shower, if you are still capable of showering after age 100, do not look in the mirror. You will not recognize the person in the mirror as one you have lived with all these many years. It is better that you avoid mirrors at all costs once you have achieved advanced age. The good news is that your memory starts to fade and you will quickly forget what you saw until tomorrow's shower.

Many men start to lose their virility with advanced age. I can safely report, at age 101, that I am fully operational and stand ready to perform at a moments notice. As long as I can use that moment to find my Viagra bottle, lol.

The key to 'centenarian sexual performance' is patience and lots of it. Not on my part of course as I pop off while my partner is taking off her clothes. No your partner needs to be patient as at 101 the hips are shot, the back muscles are only a memory and stroking, in any form, comes between short naps once my business is done. A good partner for any centenarian is one who knows how to utilize the 4 hour Viagra high with little or no help from, emmmm, well me, lol.

The key to a good sex life at 101 is to have a partner that will go to a motel with you, ride your Viagra high after you dose off and have enough quarters to keep the vibrating bed going so her needs might be met.

Thank God I am partnered to a saint!!!

Well kiddies it's time for my afternoon nap. You know the nap that I dream about actually having all my parts fully functional.

Oh the good old days!!


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