Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Doctor Today~~Yay!!

My three month check up was today and I mostly passed, lol. Have you ever noticed how doctors can express what they are thinking without saying a word. Well this morning my doctor's mouth was saying, "Everything looks good but we need to do a cholesterol test". But his eyes weer saying, "You bastard ham many Twinkies have you eaten since you were last here?"

Really not that many Doc but yes I have had a few, lol. By the way, my medications are working well, I have lost about 10 pounds but I am no prettier.

Yesterday I told you all that you should avoid looking in the mirror but today I broke my own rule. When I  got home I decided to take a good look at myself and see what areas I wanted to work on first. My level of activity is limited by my physical condition post illness so I decided to choose a couple of areas and concentrate on them specifically and the rest of me in general.

My mirror is a not so kind bitch and what she showed me was frightening. As we age our body parts seem to migrate southward giving us a 'Java The Hut' look that is only flattering on him.

Even my dogs were scared by my reflection in the mirror. They have not wanted to come in the house since seeing it and believe me its hot and humid out there.

A side bar here, everything seems to go south and enlarge except the only thing I would want to stretch south and enlarge. I think it was hiding from my mirror image too, lol.

Presently I am up to one and a quarter miles with my daily walking and it is getting easier. I will be adding resistance exercise to that this week and hopefully I will see faster improvement.

I am in the process of starting a 'whole foods diet', minus the crazy eating that will come on my birthday, so more veggies and less meat will be in my daily diet. I will try an avoid processed foods for awhile and see how that might help.

I am giving up beef and pork, God help me there, but keeping some chicken and fish. I tried soy milk in my cereal this morning and it was pretty good but I will not give up all dairy as cheese and yogurt are a diet staple for me and I will need both in the meatless dishes I cook to make them eatable.

So there is my plan. Ambitious sure but I have my life goals and want to try and accomplish them before I am called to a better place.

I am hoping that better place is an 'All You Can Eat Buffet' that has no affects on my body beyond putting a smile on my face, lol.


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