Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Could I Endorse?

In light of the new David Beckham's new H&M Underwear campaign I have been pondering how I could use my celebrity status to endorse products? Of course I can not boast Mr Beckham's physical presence; except maybe in Second Life where anything is possible.

                                    A little eye candy for the ladies, lol.

I contacted my fantasy agent and asked her to line up, I picture my agent being a woman, some endorsement deals.

This is what she pitched me this morning.

Picture me dressed in assorted colors and being photographed with these yummy little candies. My physical resemblance to them is uncanny. I am the perfect spokes human for Gummy Bears.

I am a perfect match for this cuddly little guy. All I need is a month or two out of the sun to get real pale and poof a living Pillsbury Douhboy.

Oh Yeah!! There I am!! A little makeup on my cheeks, a white wig and that outfit I am the spitting image of the Keebler Elf.

As a matter of fact I tried this outfit out last night and had wonderful results.

Here I am being arrested after I spread my happy cookie cheer around just a little to much. I was booked as the Keebler Elf so not police record, LOL. Whew!!

Some of the other endorsement deals under consideration are;

                                                    The Michelin Man

                                             The Quaker Oats Man

But the gig I really wanted was one that would have stretched my acting talents to their max.

Yes the part of Aunt Jemima!!  But political correctness causing a pure hatred of black face these days prevented me getting this role. God I love this woman!!!!!!  Besides my mother she has had the most lasting impact on my life, and pants size, of any woman I have ever met. I directly attribute her influence on my present day love of 'all you can eat pancake breakfasts'.

Have a great day Kiddies!!


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