Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Lovers VS Cat Lovers

I have two dogs at my house; one is a chihuahua named Klepto, short for kleptomaniac because she steals anything not nailed down and hides it under the couch. My underwear and socks seem to be her favorite targets. The other is hound dog named Brandae who is wild, big and loving. Klepto weighs about 4 pounds, Brandae weighs 75 pounds and they are as different as their weights.

I also have an uncounted number of cats that frequent the area around my house and cause little trouble beyond riling up the dogs late at night and waking me up. There is no love lost between my dogs and the cats. There is also no love lost between my dogs period. All vying for my attention and at times driving me crazy.

People seem to be split between dog lovers(46%), cat lovers(12%), lovers of both equally(28%) and loves neither(15%).  There is quite a difference in the number of self proclaimed dog and cat lovers. Wonders why?

Dogs are described as 'man's best friend' and I think most men who own a pet choose a dog. Cats seem to be the domain of women and being furry, warm and loving(when they want to be) critters might explain why women choose cats.

Personally I believe that cats are 'alouf critters that poop in a box and sleep 23 house a day, eat 15 minutes a day, scratch the hell out of my furniture 30 minutes a day and are affectionate the last 15 minutes if they feel like it, lol.

In an article, written by Mike Singh and titled 'Can Cat Lovers Ever Love Dogs?', he describes The Dog Lover as one who loves their dog for many reasons. Dogs are playful and attentive to their owners. They love to spend their time hiding under their ownerĂ‚’s chair or chasing their tail. It just seems as if they are fun loving creatures. Sure, they bark and they can be very annoying when they want your attention even when you are busy. But, they won’t fail to greet you when you come home and you are where their loyalty lies no matter what.

Mr Singh describes The Cat Lover by stating that cats are more independent and more self centered. But, they can provide much affection to their owners nonetheless. They can be playful when they want to be. They can also be full of personality, good or bad. Cat lovers love this about their animals. Of course, they can be rather snooty to some. They are independent and they certainly won’t greet you unless it is in their best interest to do so.

I agree with Mr Singh that dogs are more trusting. This may be why they are trainable in so many different ways; both for good and bad. Cats on the other hand are trainable for a liter box but beyond that they are independent, curious and type A personalities. Frankly they scare me a bit as I have no idea what they are thinking.

Of course there will be a lot of people that disagree with my assessment. I think what kind of person you are, dog or cat lover, seems to be part of our make up and most likely caused by environmental influences rather than genetic.

One thing I do know; whether you are a cat or dog lover THEY ARE IN CHARGE! We may think we are the boss, we are doing the training or we are calling the shots. Kiddies it is we who are being trained by them.

I picture a cat and dog control tower in heaven sending training instructions to our pets and in turn our pets are keeping us in line.

I am also convinced that Klepto can read as she keeps stealing my research notes and hiding them under the couch. I could have sworn I saw a light coming from under the couch the other night. That is where I found my book reading light. HMMM!!


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