Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The American Label Makers

In American politics labels are all the rage. To a politician placing a label on a group of people helps them pander to that labeled group.

They are black, white, red, brown or yellow.

They are conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, socialist or communist.

They are Italian, French, Libyan, Nigerian, British, Saudi Arabian or Chinese.

They are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon or Buddhist.

They are female, male, teens or tweens.

They are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

They are Canadian(lol, just threw that in to see if you are awake)

They are tall, short, thin, muscular, flabby, beautiful or ugly.

And yes that are poor, middle class and rich.

Labels are meant to keep us separated and under the control and watchful eye of politicians that know keeping us apart gives them power over us. Politicians who, for the most part, are more interested in keeping their jobs than serving the people of the United States.

Keeping us separated and in competition with each other allows them to play their race cards or class warfare cards with impunity. Keeping us separated is a game played by people sitting on both sides of the isle. Keeping us separated is not the realm of the Democrats or Republicans alone but rather the manifestation of the realities of a system that is rampant with career politicians who put themselves before those they are supposed to represent.

This playing of one group against another sometimes puts the lesser man in Washington, DC and the more qualified sitting at home shaking their heads.

When labeling of the electorate is combined with rhetoric that says nothing, gives no incite into the heart and mind of those vying to represent us and in some cases bends the truth to the point that truth becomes irrelevant; the voters go to the polls confused, uninformed and tend to make choices based on religion, skin color or economic status.

Who is to blame for labeling us? Do we sit back and say, 'It is just the way it is!, Nothing I can do about it!'.

Personally I believe that politicians are playing in the sand lot they were given and using labeling to their advantage. In my mind labeling is despicable but if they have the power to do it than it will never stop.

WE!! YES WE!! We give them the power to label. We allow them to put each of us in a little cabinet drawer and pull us out to use when it is to their advantage. We allow ourselves to be called White Americans, Black Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Gay Americans, a one percenter or a 99 percenter.

We are as guilty as them because we allow ourselves to be labeled.

I am an America. So are you. Let anyone know, who wants to stick you in a group no matter what category it might be, that you are an American and they can shove their label where the sun does not shine.


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