Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coping With The New Women's Movement~~OCCUPY THE BATHROOM!!!

Men all over the world have been taken by surprise as women have moved to 'Occupy The Bathrooms' for their own use. The National Coalition of Free Men, which has been fighting for men's rights for over 35 years, has stated that 'the Occupy The bathroom movement' is a thinly veiled attempt by women's groups to force men out of the house and into 'out houses' to do their business. Richard Haddad, a founding father of NCFN, stated that "this continued assault on the basic needs of males is just another attempt to force men back to the stone age and into subservient roles under the control of women".

With more men the victims of 'domestic violenc'; NCFN is calling for new laws to protect men from the increasing wrath of women that are using 'PMS' and 'lack of satisfaction in the marital bed' to beat and humiliate their men into a state of subservience. The latest 'Justice Department' figures state that 20 - 25% of all domestic violence involves men as victims. This number could be even higher as men tend to report abuse a a lesser rate than woman.

Just last week I was witness to such abuse taking place at a local convenience store. A woman was verbally and physically attacking her husband yelling "men have no place in a bathroom". The abuse continued until the man finally relented his protest and did his business behind a 'dumpster'.

The abusers are using tactics that leave men with a feeling of 'helplessness and dispair'. I will list just a few that I have uncovered through my extensive research.

~~Perth Amboy, New Jersey--the wife of Mr Alfonse Demarco was seen degrading her husband in a Victoria Secrets store because he had no good anawer to this question, posed to him by his 400 lb spouse; "Honey do you think I would look good in this 'pink thong in a small size?" Mr Demarco was hospitalized after a beating, administered by his wife, after she accused him of 'rolling his eyes' as an answer to her question.

~~Bent River, Kansas--Mr Peter Walcott was found beaten and dumped near a barn, about 20 miles from his home, after neighbors witnessed an argument between him and his wife Bertha. It seems Mr Walcott tried to use the bathroom to relieve himself and was caught by his wife when she returned from a local spa. A witness statement  tells us that Mr Walcott was not seen again until his discovery early the next morning. Witness' also state that they saw Mrs Walcott dragging something, wrapped in a rug, out to her SUV and driving off. Mr Walcott has not pressed any charges.

~~Brooklyn, New York--The body of Wilbert Cranston, age 63, was found stuffed into a trash chute after he was reported missing by his wife. Neighbors state that Mr Cranston was in constant argument over 'bathroom privleges' with his wife Louise. An autopsy revealed that Mr Cranston had not used the bathroom in several days and that he had been fitted with a catheter. Police noted an area behind Mr Cranstons's apartment building that had a very strong urine smell and where they believe Mr Cranston had been emptying his catheter bag.  He had been banned from the bathroom by his wife two weeks prior to the discovery of his body.

I could go on and on with these horrific stories but I believe you get the drift as to the seriousness of this problem.

The number of men suffering inhumane conditions is growing at an alarming rate. Discrimination against men is rampant within the 'marital community' where men are relegated to second class citizenship by 'pussy wielding heartless women' who feed on men's penchant to 'think with their little heads rather than their big ones'.

I am totally sickened by this situation. It is so unnecessary.

When I was growing up; the bathroom was a man's sanctuary for a moments peace and quiet. Where he could read and take care of things his wife was not handling. Now the bathroom is a 'room of terror' where men can no longer feel safe and where the room is actually awash in progesterone at levels that shrivel ones manhood at alarming rates.

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PS.....Kiddies; Please remember I AM A FICTION WRITER!!,,LOL!!

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