Monday, November 21, 2011

Boxes, Kids And Cats A Love Affair!!!~~And Rick Santorum Is An Ass!!!

In the summer of 2000 I was forced to buy a new washer and dryer as my old ones were worn out and died within a week of each other. So I headed out shopping. After about 500 different stores I arrived back at Lowes, which is the first store I went in that morning, and purchased the first washer/dryer pair I had seen. No wonder I am divorced from that woman, lol.

The next day the new appliances arrived and were installed. The old ones were hauled away and my kids ran off with the boxes and built a fort that they played in for 2 or 3 days before the rains came and destroyed it.

Why do kids love boxes so much? A very interesting question. Why do cats love boxes so much?

Kids/Cats love boxes therefore either kids are cats or cats are kids. I see another opportunity to get an Obamination Stimulus Grant to study this phenomenon. My house in the Caribbean is within site.

I know that y'all are saying to yourselves; "Why is he rambling about such a silly subject?"

Thank you for asking, lol. I have been trying to stay away from a subject that really pissed me off this morning. I have tried and tried to be good today and spread sunshine and flowers around all of you but now that you have expressed concern for my behavior I am going to let loose.

HEADLINE: Rick Santorum: Gay Marriage Would Make Our Country Fall

Before I start; sorry Angel for my language. This is going to get a little rough.

Rick Santorum is a fucking idiot!!! We live in a world where heterosexual marriages fail at an alarming rate. We have celebrities that get married and 72 days later divorce after spending $34,000,000 on a wedding. We live in a society where infidelity is rampant. Where children are being raised in single parent families at an amazing rate. A society that, through the antics of some celebrities, puts a stamp of approval on out of wedlock births.

Where FAMILY has almost become a dirty word!!!

Our society has made religious education and church attendance things that are radical to our pallets. A country where the rights of a minority dictates the path for the majority. A place where priests and ministers are molesting our children and visiting prostitutes.

Where our politicians pander to special interests and can barely agree on a course of action to revive our damaged economy. A place where our political leaders spend time sending naked pictures of themselves to people. Where a President thought it was alright to get a blow job in the Oval Office from an intern and then had the balls to ask us to 'define the word IT'.

A place where our supposed news outlets spread bad news as being the most important news of the day because it is sensationalistic. Where some of those same news outlets hack personal accounts in search of a story and dismantle what ever privacy we have left.

All this is going on around us and Rick 'The Asshole' Santorum spreads hate by claiming that 'Same Sex Marriage' will cause the United States to FALL. GOD!!!! It is Mr Santorum and people of his ilk that will destroy our country.

"We have to fight the battles in the states," he said Saturday night at Iowa's Thanksgiving Family Forum. "We cannot defer. We can't say, 'The 10th Amendment, they can do what they want.' This is too important for that. There's a basic and central value. The family is the bedrock of our society. Unless we protect it with the institution of marriage, our country will fall."~~A Rick Santorum quote.

Our society has been experiencing the failing of the family unit for decades and all of this failure can be placed at the feet of our 'heterosexual population'. Our 'homosexual population' has been denied marriage and designation as 'a family'; so how can we determine that they will destroy our country and bring us to the brink of failure.

We have a group of people that want to strengthen there bonds as a family unit but we deny them that because we are prejudiced and just plain stupid.

Will some same sex marriages fail? Of course they will but I believe that their failure rate will be no greater than that of heterosexual couples.

Do same sex partners love their children any less that the rest of us? HELL NO!! They love them as the rest of us do and probably with far less prejudice.

Kiddies lets clean up our own houses before we try to impose our misguided will on others. Lets leave others to lead their own lives and spend our energies strengthening our own lives.

Rick 'The Asshole' Santorum is a Neanderthal!!!!! This man will not be President thank God. He needs to conduct a massive soul search to find out if he is actually a human being or just a political hack trying to gain votes.

As much as I dislike the course being plotted by President Obama; I will withhold my vote rather than cast it for the likes of Rick Santorum.

Love ya,

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