Saturday, November 12, 2011

Roller Derby~~It Is Not For The Faint Hearted~~Or Dim Witted!!

As many of you know; I skate in the Second Life Roller Derby Association as a member of The Psycho Riot Bitches. Yeppers; an 'all female team'. I use a female avatar for roller derby only. It's fun and the players are special and some of my best friends. A little weird I know but such is Second Life.

I have one more game to skate; the league championship, before I hand up my skates for good. I just saw my new wife smile very big!!!

At practices we use voice to communicate; but since I am a male in a woman's avatar I do not use voice so spectators don't get confused. This affords me an interesting prospective on what is going on and my 'real' reactions to what the women are saying stays hidden behind my computer screen.

In truth; most of the time they forget I am a male and let the conversation fly to what ever pops into their minds. The mind of a woman is a wondrous thing, lol.

Let me preface anything thing I say with this; these women are intelligent, beautiful, from all walks of life, honest, married, single, divorced, mothers, pregnant, straight, gay, bisexual, diverse as any group could possible be and did I mention 'intelligent'.

That being said; 'Holy Shit What Comes Out Of Their Mouths"!!!!

There are some nights I am about falling out of my chair laughing at the conversation. Take last night for instance. We practiced for an hour, a short practice, and the entire hour was spent on a discussion of 'oral sex'. The images conjured up by this conversation would bring a lesser person to their knees, Come to think of it; getting on ones knees was a 'talking point last night', lol.

But for all their wildness. For all their roughness while on the track. For all the language, that could make a sailor blush, that pours from their mouths. For all their aggressiveness. Taking into account all of this; when away from the track they become something totally different.

The times that I have found myself in 'social situations' with them, away form the track, has forged bonds that I cherish. I count some of them in my short list of friends that I can talk with about anything. One even helped me with 'pre proposal' advice for when I asked Friendly to marry me.

That is me in pink when I was a member of Poison Ivy and before I transferred to Riot Bitches. The other skater is MizDemeanor(Miz) the best pack skater in the league and the person who taught me.

By The Way, Miz may be the only person on Riot Bitches who is exactly the same on and off the track. You just have to love this woman.

Come see a game. You will become an instant fan. Where else can you see all these beautiful woman, and one faux woman lol, kick the shit out of each other and love every second of it.

Love ya,

PS.....The league is always looking for new players. Roller Derby is fun and a fantastic place to meet new friends. Leave a message at this blog, on FB or IM me in world(ZoiloBrando) and I will get you hooked up.

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