Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love Remembered~~A Short Story By Randy Nicholls~~

This is my entry in the November 2011 Erotic Short Story Competition held within Second Life. Our inspiration for this competition was this picture. I do not normally write in this genre so this was a challenge for me.

Love Remembered

The water feels cool flowing across her bare feet. Her cotton dress moving with the breeze reveals her slim figure. Sitting here on this old dock brings his memory rushing back at her forcing tears to flow.

This dock was their play place as children. They learned to swim and fish here. They made all their promises here too. Promises they both desperately wanted to keep. Promises that faded into the ground with him.

She continuously stares at a heart carved into the end of the dock. Their names, Laurie and Johnny, still clearly visible after all these years. The piercing arrow, that was promised upon his return, still missing.

No one comes here anymore. It has become a cold and lonely place but it is her connection to him. The only place she feels his presence.

Letting the warm spring wind wash over her she lays back and thinks about him and the day he left. The day he promised to meet here in their favorite place when he returned. She is tired. The crying wearing her out. The weariness washing over her forcing the sleep she desperately needs.

Slowly she gives into weariness. Slowly she fades away into sleep.

A hand on her leg awakens her. It is sliding around her knees gently. Her eyes will not open but the touch is welcome, familiar. This lone hand slides up her body caressing her as it moves. Lovingly touching her and finally stopping at her face.

The hand moves gently across her face touching every part of it. She feels a kiss on the tip of her nose. When she forces her eyes open to see who is touching her a dark face greets her. The sun leaving this face in shadow. There is a familiarity to its form.
Gentle kisses cover her face while a hand moves through her hair. He playfully tickles her ears and kisses them.

When his lips finally brush against hers all her muscles seem to tense at once. Her mind screaming "Stop' but her body aching for the touch.

As his lips move across her neck her body begins to give into her needs. This mysterious hand slides across her breasts and her back arches to the touch forcing her body upward and into this gentle hand.

She feels his mouth pressing against her dress and kissing her breasts through it. Her nipples responding and inviting him to continue. Her control quickly giving way to her pent up desires.

She knows this touch. Somehow she wants this to continue.

His hand starts to lift her loose fitting dress up her body as it slides across her smooth skin. Reaching her breasts he rolls her nipples between his fingers gently putting pressure on them and causing her to moan.

He cups her breasts roughly massaging them as he pushes her dress over her head and presses his lips to her nipples. Sucking them into his mouth as they harden to his touch. Her moans mixing with a smile that betrays her inner desires and encourages this stranger to press on.

His hand reaches her inner thighs and gently strokes them before he cups it over her and gently squeezes. His thumb applying slight pressure to her clitoris and starting a flow of wetness that covers his hand. As he begins to massage between her legs he lowers his head to kiss her stomach. Using his tongue to draw a visible wet line down her body.

Her hips start to lift in time with the pressure of his hand and her back arches upward to allow him better access. Her legs relax and begin to freely open for him.

Still not a word spoken between them.

Somehow her panties are taken off and she lays in the dock naked and exposed. Memories rushing back to her from a time before he left.

Now she feels his naked body pressing against her side. His muscles tight and his skin smooth. She feels his manhood hard against her leg. She has missed this feeling.

His leg moves over the top of hers opening her legs wider and sending a sense of anticipation through her entire body. She relaxes her body and awaits his entrance.

He stops for just a brief second and replaces his hand with his mouth. Forcing her to expel air so quickly she feels faint. Shivers racing across her body. Her hands reaching for the back of his head.

His mouth covers her clitoris and his lips apply pressure to it. She is starting to lose all control and giving in to him is her only thought.

She squeezes his head with her legs to keep him in place but he has no intention of moving. As he continues to pay attention to her clitoris he slowly begins to open her by inserting a finger into her. Then a second as she starts to loosen up.

Her tightness betrays her inexperience. He is gently preparing her for what he knows has only happened once before.

As he opens her wider his tongue begins to kiss and lick each fold, each petal of her womanhood causing a steady flow of her wetness into his mouth. She thrusts her hips downward offering him easier access and pushing his fingers deeper into her.

Her hips driving her body in a grinding motion on his face causing him to move his tongue faster and pushing it in as far as it could go.

Her back arches once again as she feels an intense orgasm send her body into convulsions. She tries to muffle a scream but it bellows out unencumbered mixed with unintelligible words.

He slides up her body, keeping one hand clamped on her, while he kisses her breasts before firmly pressing his lips against hers. Her mouth opens to suck in his tongue tasting her love on his lips.

How could this be happening? Only one man made her feel this way.

He took her hand and moved it to his cock. It automatically encircled it and began to squeeze and move along the shaft. She found herself kissing his neck and then his chest.

Her mouth sucking in his nipples and feeling them harden. Something was drawing her head lower on his body kissing her way down until her lips brushed against the base of his shaft.

Taking him into her mouth she hears him moan and then run his fingers through her hair. She could not believe that she is doing this but can not stop herself.

He stops her after a minute and pulls her back up for a long passionate kiss before mounting her and slowly pushing his cock into her. His first thrust moving slowly inward until her pussy totally engulfs him.

His hips start moving with increased speed as she matches each thrust with a rise of her hips. She feels the power of him within her. Her body gyrating with each thrust.

He rolls her over on her stomach and raises her hips to enter her from behind. Driving deep into her she feels her release her loins with an intense orgasm while feeling him spill his love into her.

They fall into each others arm. Their legs dangling into the water. Her breathing is fast and she is gulping for air. He holds her until her body calms down. Kissing her face and lips.

She tries to speak but he covers her mouth with his hand. Looking deeply into her eyes he says.

"I love you Laurie. I will always live in your heart".

Then he uses his fingers to close her eyes and he fades into the shadows of her mind.

She wakes as the sun is beginning to set. She is naked, her clothes lying by her side, she is surprisingly warm. No one is around and the only sound is the crickets and an occasional fish showing off its jumping skills.

As she dresses her eye catches the heart on the end of the dock. The piercing arrow freshly carved through the heart. Tears start to flow and she collapses to her knees.

Remembering his words; "I love you Laurie. I will always live in your heart".

It was true and the thought warmed her and for the first time in months made her feel safe.

"I love you Johnnie. I will always live in your heart".

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