Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Am Under The Weather~~So What The Hell Does That Mean!!

I have been feeling ill the last three days and the term 'Under The Weather' seems to fit. In Southeastern North Carolina this time of years our weather changes to the extremes almost daily. This past 7 days we have had highs in the 70's, lows in the 30's, hard winds and cold rain. Until cooler weather sets in to stay, in maybe mid December, we will struggle staying healthy.

My present predicament is further complicated by my 'caffine addiction'. When I am feeling ill coffee does not taste very good but without it I can not tell if my headaches are related to caffeine withdrawal or my battle with my allergies and the weather.

I can tell you that my headaches are much less today than they were yesterday when I had no coffee. My caffeine addiction is feeding into all this quite strongly. I am an admitted 'caffineaholic' and I am sure my lovely wife will quickly agree.

So what does the term 'Under The Weather' mean and where does it originate?

According to the blog Grahams Random Ramblings; 'Most references I could find refer to seasickness. During bad weather passengers would get sick due to the rocking and rolling of the ship. Passengers would go below deck to avoid the bad weather, and where the rocking and rolling was slightly less. Therefore under the storm, or bad weather.'

That makes sense and I do not think I would be remiss if I said that many of the sayings we use today can claim their origins in the old sailing ships.

By the way; this term has been extended to include the 'hangover' after a night of heavy alcohol drinking. Which also makes sense.

The first actual recording of this term was by American author Donald Grant Mitchell in his 'Reveries of a Bachelor'.

So there you have it. I AM Under The Weather!!! This is why I have not posted a blog since Saturday.

I found one other thing in Grahams Random Ramblings today. A quote by Mark Twain. 'The difference between an average person and a clever person is the understanding of a thousand words.' I love this quote and it certainly rings true.

A person who commands a vast vocabulary can win an argument through the mere use of that vocabulary even if he has come down on the wrong side of an issue.

Your words to cogitate upon today my examiners of operable wisdom and knowledge!!

Love ya,

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