Monday, September 26, 2011

I Talk To Myself~~So What!!!


Talking to yourself can be good for the brain, aiding concentration and helping to lift depressive moods, scientists have found.

Last night I mentioned to someone that before I go to bed each night I talk to her. You know general stuff; bouncing ideas off a person that is 1500 miles away and out of ear shot. Thank God she didn't run off screaming. All she did, in her ever so supportive way, is to ask what I talked about. So upon waking this morning and after lots of coffee I had 'talking to myself' on my mind.

Am I nuts? Do I need to see a counselor?  Generally what's wrong with me talking to myself? I ran across the above statement in an article written by a women who is a confessed 'Self Conversationalist'.

I have always bounced ideas off myself as an exercise in 'feasability' as to the realism of a story line. That always seemed natural to me. I also know that conversation with others does stimulate the brain and I crave brain stimulation. Given that I live alone and spend much of my day alone my conversations with myself also seemed normal. But what of these private little conversations between 'me and myself'?

I believe I found my answer to that question in 'helping to lift depressive moods'. I am a diagnosed 'clinically depressed' so maybe talking to myself may be little way of healing those moods. God I hope so, lol. Because the alternative is that I am a 'flaming loon'.

Dog eared: Tessa Cunningham often finds herself having wide-ranging conversations with her dog Milo. I no longer own a dog so!!!

From the article by Tessa Cunningham; 'Will I ever stop chatting to myself? Unfortunately, I've discovered one very good reason for keeping it up. Once upon a time simply making a mental 'to do' list was enough. Now, unless I tell myself out loud what I need to do (repeatedly) I am liable to forget.'

'My daughters are convinced that I just need a good talking to by someone else. But I know I'm now far beyond hope.'

'And besides, it's always interesting never knowing what I'm going to hear popping out of my mouth next.'

Of course there are times when talking to yourself,in a public place, brings interesting looks form those around you. Recently I was in a bookstore, Oh Yeah I read out loud to myself sometimes, reading the jackets of books in the mystery section of the store. Out loud! I did notice a woman moving away from me with a quizzical look on her face. I own a Blue Tooth thingy for my cell phone but never use it. Now I wear it into the bookstore. People never seem to question it when one is talking and has it stuck in their ear. I wonder how many people are actually just talking to themselves?

I have found the same method works while driving. It covers both talking to yourself and those times when you are caught singing, in a very bad voice, while stopped at a traffic light.

So there is another one of my little oddities for Y'all to mull over.

Another one to think about is 'Why is a guy born in Brooklyn using the word Y'all' in conversation? One more thing to scratch your head about and say 'HUH!' to yourself of course.

Love ya,

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