Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kirstie Alley Lost Weight Again~~~And The World Has Gone Wild!!

'Hey Bob did you hear that Kirstie Alley lost like 2,000 pounds?"

"Wow tha's amazing. had no idea she was that over  weight. How did she do it?"

"She went on that new Pigs Feet Diet everyone is raving about. They eat nothing but pigs feet for two months and it's so disgusting they throw it up and lose weight."

"I would do that but I am in love with my pig and could never take her feet off."

"Bob your such an ass! Eat your neighbors pig.'

"Hmmm! Now that makes sense."

There are days when I want to open my head and scratch my brain directly. Ever day I read about people who are said to be to fat, or to skinny or to ugly, or to petty for their own good. Let me say this as directly  as possible so no one reading this can possibly misunderstand where I stand on these issues.


That felt really good.

Kirstie Alley has a weight problem. So What! It's her life. Let her deal with it in her own way. When will people finally learn that a persons life is their own and to stay the fuck out ot it.

I so wanted to write a funny story today about some insignificant thing like Navel Lint or Stray Mustache Hair. BUT NOOOOOOOO!! Y'all had to piss me off.

Kirstie is quite a good looking woman; with or without the weight. None of these cretins that write about her struggle with weight would kick her out of bed if they were lucky enough to find her there waiting for them. And yet they write about her weight like it is an Earth Shattering Revelation that requires page after page of garbage reporting by people that are probably 200 pounds over weight themselves.

I picked this story off the Huffington Post and by the way no writer was attributed to the article. How would this writer, if he/she/or it was out in the open, like it if I wrote a blog complaining about their significant others abundance of or lack of weight. Or if their significant other had Pea Sized Boobs or a Penis that requires a magnifying Glass to find. I am sure they would be beating down my door with law suit papers in short order.

Please find something to write about that is significant. Something the appeals to our intellects not that tiny tabloid grabbing part of our brain that we need to evolve out of our physical beings.

Kirstie you are a beautiful woman. Slap these assholes with a law suit and get on with your life.

The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life is the source from which self-respect springs. ~~Joan Didion


PS....There were no Huffington Post reporters injured in the making of this blog but how I wish!!!

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