Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Books At Home?~~~Shame In You!!!

I was asked once how many books I have in my house? The person asking the question was surprised to hear that my book total, both in the house and in storage, was well over 1000 at last count. I never throw a book away but I do regularly cull my collection and donate books to my local library.

I can honestly say that I have never walked into a book store and not purchased at least one book. I just finished Dan Simmons 'Drood" and have started reading both Patridcia Cornwell's 'Port Mortuary' and Preston & Child's 'Fever Dream'.

For me reading is an escape from everyday life and as a writer reading allows me to study accomplished writers techniques. All my children were required to read at home but once they started there was no coaxing needed to get them to pick up a book.

There is a very sad issue swirling around the homes of Americans and I suspect homes all over the world. Fueled by the ease of the electronic media; many homes have no books within there walls.


Personally I think with holding books from your children, not encouraging reading and a general disregard for their reading level should be considered a form of 'child abuse'. A child that does not read is being set up for 'failure'.

The results of the National Literacy Trust Survey has found that THREE IN TEN CHILDREN HAVE NO BOOKS AT HOME. The online survey questioned more than 18,000 children from the ages of eight to 17 – the majority of whom were aged 11-13 – about their reading and book habits. It found that four in every ten boys questioned did not own a book, compared with three in ten girls.

The survey concludes that: “When compared to peers who do have books of their own, children who don’t own books:
  • enjoy reading less
  • read fewer books
  • read less frequently
  • read for shorter lengths of time when they do read
  • have less books in the home
  • read less of every kind of material not just books
  • are less likely to have been bought a book as a present
  • are less likely to have ever visited a library or bookshop
  • have more negative attitudes to reading
  • find it harder to find books that interest them
  • are twice as likely to agree they only read when they have to
  • have lower attainment.”
I urge you to read the article “Don’t Got No Books at Home”, by Josie Leavitt ; which has been referenced inn this blog before. Some of you may well find it shocking.

Another intertesting article is 'A Book in Every Home, and Then Some', by David Bornstein.

The thing about books in the home, and this is my opinion backed up only by my observation, homes without books is a 'Hereditary Disease'. I am guessing that if the parents, of these book less children, were asked of they had books at home while growing up there answer would be a resounding NO!

I further believe that ONLY PARENTS can solve this problem. Parents have to stop relying on Our Schools and Libraries to do all the work for them. Parents need to take responsibility for educating their children beyond the classroom and libraries.

If y'all do nothing else for your child this coming Christmas; PLEASE BUY THE A BOOK!! In the end they will be better for that present.

So what got me started thinking about this today. I found this picture on Face Book this morning.

LOL! I would not go as far as withholding sex but I would say 'Do Not Have Children With Them Until They Agree To Start Buying Books And Reading Them!!!

Love ya,

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