Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend At Bernies 3 Being Filmed In Denver?

I do not think that I have ever laughed harder than when I saw 'Weekend At Bernies'. The movie took a completely stupid premise and made it not only funny but put it into the realm of possibilities. I was delighted when 'Weekend At Bernie's 2' came out. While it did not reach the level of the original it was entertaining and funny.

So when I picked up this story, coming out of Denver, I was jumping for joy. Bernie was going to make a return in a THIRD movie. I am sure Bernie fans every where were as happy as I.

The plot line looked to be hilarious.  In version three; Robert Young arrives at Jeffrey Jarrett's house( I am assuming we are learning Bernie's real name here) and finds him dead. Robert, in a total concern for his friend, rushes to find his friend Mark Rubinsion and they both return to Jeffrey's house and confirm he is dead.

In their grief they put Jeffrey into a car and drove( not to a hospital,,where is the comedy in doing that) to a local nightspot and drank for an hour with Jeffrey's lifeless body left in the car. They even used Jeffrey's credit card, without his permission of course, to pay for the drinks.

Later that same night they drove Jeffrey home and gently placed him in his bed. I guess he was exhausted from all the driving.

After putting the exhausted Jeffrey to bed Mark and Robert, being the rocket scientists they obviously are, ate at a burrito place and took in a strip club. All on the $400 they removed from Jeffrey's bank account. What a generous person Jeffrey must have been in life to extend his generosity to the afterlife.

But this amazing story does not end here. I quote; 'As the men left the Shotgun Willie's strip club parking lot, one told the valet and a police officer standing nearby that "they were driving around with a dead guy and they didn't know what to do with it and they were just going to go home really fast," general manager Matthew Dunafon said.'

The police went to Jeffrey's house and discovered the body.

At this point it is unclear how Jefferey Jarrett died. Probably of boredom from having friends like these two cretins.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

That pretty much says it all. I am still waiting for 'Weekend At Bernie's 3'.


PS.....Baby I hope these are not relatives of yours. I do not want 'Weekend At Bernie's 4' filmed in North Carolina,,lol,

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