Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seven Billion Served And There Is No Stopping Us!!

Yeppers!! We are about to welcome our Seven Billionth Human to the planet. SEVEN BILLION!!! An amazing number indeed. Can you imagine if we never had wars or disasters? Wars and disasters, as cruel as this may sound, are a populations way of culling its numbers. A sort of natural order of things even though they are an unwanted presence.

This event is supposed to happen on October 31, 2011, Halloween. Seems appropriate I think because for the Earth more people mean more stress on our ecosystem. No I am not a Global Warming, Tree Hugging, Animal Before Humans, Abortion Pushing Liberal!!!! Get that right out of your heads. But I do have concerns about how much pressure we put in the Earth. And with the end to our Space Program our escape route to the stars is cut off. So we need to learn to live and thrive together.

Thank God for technological advances in agriculture and medicine. Without them we would have long ago starved ourselves off the planet or succumbed to disease. Thomas Malthus once warned, in the 19th century, that an Earth Population of over One Billion would be disastrous to the human race. Only technological advances has dulled his predictions.

I am certainly not advocating a moratorium on pregnancy. As a parent I could never deny anyone the pleasure of having children. But we do need to think about how we can all lessen the impact on Mother Earth. She is only going to take so much abuse before she gets pissed. Remember she is a woman and like most women  every thirty days she does seem to lose her mind for at least a week.

That's right I just blamed natural disasters on Mother Natures Menstrual Cycle. Dispute that Bitch, lol!

My 'Stupid Award' for this week goes to? I am doing a Drum Roll here. Just make believe you hear it, OK!

And he winner is~~~The Center For Biological Diversity~~for their campaign to commemorate our Seven Billionth Human by distributing 100,000 Endangered Species Condoms, through 1200 volunteers, to people in all 50 states.

Now I am not a condom fan anyway(I do see there need) but if I am going to use one I do not want to see an African Egg Frog staring from my pecker and leading my way.

I need to share these pictures with you because I find them hilarious.

Would you not have loved being in the room when Adults had to come up with those advertisements.

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