Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look At The Road!~~~~~What Road?

The State of New York, and six other states, have decided to allow driver to 'pinky swear' that they can actually see well enough to drive. People just go online and swear that they can see well enough to operate a motor vehicle and they can renew their licences. Amazing!!

I have an implant in my left eye that allows me to see if I wear a bifocal lens to focus it. Without it I am blind a as bat in that eye but I do see well enough, according to the State of New York,  to drive with the sight in my right eye. I never would get in a car without my glasses but maybe I will the next time I drive through New York just for the excitement I could cause those driving near me.

Lets carry this farther. If the blind can drive in New York why can't a blind person direct traffic? Here is an example of a 'blind traffic cop' on the job.

After watching this can you imagine the blind driver at an intersection being controlled by the traffic cop in that video. If a television show were based on that video it should be named 'Chaos & Confusion'.

I would like to see a war fought by 'two blind armies'. A war with no causalities because the two armies could not find each other and if they did how would they know if they had found the opposite army.

Maybe the military transports could be driven by New York's blind drivers who are taking directions from blind traffic directors. Sounds like a Peter Sellers movie; 'The Blind Mouse That Roared' or 'The Pink Panther Loses His Glasses'.

There are some things that can not be left to our own discretion. Proclaiming our good eye sight 'online' I believe is one of them.

I am hoping that one of the other six states that allows this idiocy is not Florida. With their aged population a trip to Disney World will be just about the same as driving in a 'demolition derby'

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