Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Madness Of Terrorism~~God Bless Norway!!

I was raised in a military family and I understood war at an very early age because my father was always being called away so many times it is hard to remember the number or even the places he was sent. I will never understand war against children or war against civilians. Whether yesterdays atrocities in Norway were Home Grown Terrorism or Imported; it is an unacceptable situation that seems to have no answer as to its solving.

,Between 1970 and 2010, only 15 terrorist attacks occurred in Norway,according to the Global Terrorism Database, a project of the University of Maryland that has been recording terrorist attacks since 1970. By comparison, 2,347 acts of terrorism occurred in the United States during this period.'(source - Oslo Terror Attacks: A History Of Terrorism In Norway  at The Huffington Post)

That is a staggering difference. Incidents of terrorism was .64% of the in the United States tally. Sill, to me, a staggering amount for a country that is home to the Nobel Peace Prize. I once wrote that I was shocked and amazed by riots in Canada over a hockey game. This incident is far more shocking because it was perpetrated against a country that is seen as a peaceful place to live. I have made three trips to Oslo and have always been impressed with the cordiality and friendliness of the Norwegian People.

The United States has bonds to many European countries because our early population was built largely on European Immigration. Take a ride through Minnesota or North Dakota and Scandinavian names will jump out at you from very corner.

 I want to express my sympathy and prayers to the Norwegian People and the country as a whole. I feel your pain. I understand your anger. Stand tall, be proud and keep moving forward. You owe that to your Fallen Heroes.

God Bless Norway!!

Love ya,

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