Sunday, July 31, 2011

If There Are Brains On The Menu~~There Are Zombies In The Pantry!!

In a Post Apocalyptic Zombie filled world every day will be a struggle. Most people will be held up in make shift strongholds holding off the horde while trying to scratch out a living for what ever family they have left. In reality; Family will take on a different look than we see today. In some areas women may out number men bringing on the necessity for polygamy. The reverse may be true where men out number women causing female run polygamist families. No matter how this plays out one thing is certain; re population with unaffected humans is tantamount to our survival as a race.

I foresee several game changing situations for women in this Era Of The Zombie. First, and I believe foremost, I see a world where women can and should rule. Women can and will hold up their Military Combat roles against the zombies. Of that I have no doubt. I believe that on the basis of ability to protect their group; women will be men's equal in every way.

Secondly, women's innate ability to hold a family unit together, in what ever form that unit might take, is far superior to that of the men. Holding the Family Structure together will be what eventually leads the Human Race to a full recovery once the Zombie Hoard is disposed.

Combining these two fact brings me to the conclusion that the leaders of most of the remaining pockets of Human resistance will and should be woman. They will hold power by their ability to protect the family, organize the survival strategy for the group, their ability to be the saviors of the Human Race through re population and through the Power Of The Pussy that will hold men under their control by its shear presence. We all know that last point is true. Even now in a Non Crisis Existence men will do anything for a glimpse of The Almighty Pussy. I am sure women will use that to their most effective advantage.

Another change I see is a population shift by survivors. Cities will become uninhabitable. Even rural areas adjacent to the cities will be over run by the Zombie Menace.

I see a shift to living to remote areas, at least in the weeks and months following the zombie outbreak, because this will afford the best chance of survival. Fleeing past populated areas, as quickly as possible, is key to survival especially in the early days.

The less populated western and northern plains states have an advantage here and I see people trekking to those areas and establishing Protected Communities. Other areas will serve quite well to; the mountains of West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia, The wide open spaces of the plains states like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Where ever a Protected Community can be established and be able to support itself. Life will be hard but we can and will survive.

This is no joke. It is no flight of fancy. I have seen this coming for years. Small outbreaks have already begun in Asia, India and Africa. They have been controlled so far but all these previous incidents have occurred in sparsely populated areas so we have been lucky.

Governments are just now coming to grips with this situation and find themselves utterly ill prepared. Hopefully the world governments, through the United Nations, will institute a Task Force On The Zombie Threat, and come up with a plan to help us survive.

The key to the survival of the Human Race is our preparedness to get through the first 3 or 4 days. Once we are beyond that we will begin to adapt and fight back.

By The Way, Zombie Outbreaks are not all confined to the areas I have previously mentioned. I believe that there has been a sustained and unchecked outbreak here on the United States. How else can we explain what goes on in California everyday. Think about it???

See you all in the trenches on Invasion Day. God Bless You All!!

Love ya,

PS.....Happy Birthday Annie,,This one's for you!!!

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