Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Housekeeping Before I Start A Week Of Tirades, Rants & Raves!!

Housekeeping note #1

The nominees for last weeks 'Name That Cow Extravaganza" are in and some good ones have been put forward. Please vote on them by Friday. April 29, 2011, by leaving a message at the blog. The winner will be posted in Saturdays blog.

Nominees Are:

1. Losaki, Lesieli and Langilea

2. Buttercup, Clover and Daisy

3. Nancy, Norma and Night

4. Daisy, Maisy and then there was not another *aisy

5. 'Ribeye, T-Bone and Sirloin

OK! The Voting Is Open!!!

Housekeeping note #2

The Swiss are gathering by the thousands to get a SNIFF of their Corpse Flower. I read an article yesterday that the State of Hawaii has its own Corpse Flower and it is also making its own big stink. I quote; "'Corpse flower' at Hawaii zoo emits rotten smell". A week ago I had no idea that this plant,  amorphophallus titanum, even existed, Now they are spewing fumes all over the globe. And they say that 'Something is rotten in Denmark". I do not even think Denmark has its own Corpse Plant.

Housekeeping note #3

The Modern Toilet Restaurant, in Hing King is alive and well. Check out their website. The food actually looks very good. http://www.moderntoilet.com.tw/en/about.asp 

Notes For This Week:

Lucy Brown crowned "Beautiful Bulldog

                          Look At That Face!! A beauty contest I can support!!

It is my understanding that Lindsay 'I Am To Good For Prison' Lohan got a standing ovation on her visit to The Tonight Show this week. It is really to bad that people would encourage her by applauding bad behavior. No wonder she feels like she can get away with anything.

Today's final idiocy. KFC's founder, Colonel Harlan Sanders, is dancing in is grave at the news that Flavor Flav has closed his chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa. Imagine eating at a restaurant owned by a man who wears a 10 pound clock to remind him to to get off his ass and act like a human being. By The Way; he has never listened to that clock!!

Love ya,

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