Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Battle For The Ages~~Chicken Vs Pig~~A Love Story!!

Every morning I wake up and go down to he kitchen to make coffee and read the news. Today is a slow news day and what is out there is really boring. I generally read the news early to get a handle on what I might blog about on any given day.

Today I found my subject in my FREEZER!

Yeppers, my freezer. I usually pull something out to defrost at breakfast time and today I could not decide on Fried Chicken or Pork Chops for tonight's dinner. In the South both dishes have very large followings and I am a lover of both.

So today we will discuss that results of my Epic Battle To Decide On What I Am Eating For Dinner Tonight!

                                                     Fried Pork Chops

                                                     Fried Chicken

I know!  You are all saying 'Why Fried?'  What a silly question to ask a Southern Girl. So I will ignore it and plod onward.

Calorie and cholesterol wise these meals are very much a wash as to their equality. So this battle will came down to my mood. Chicken makes me feel happy and gives me the feeling that I am doing something right. But pork makes me feel a little frisky and like I am walking on the wild side. My decision will be coming up in a minute.

There are many ways to enjoy these meats but I like frying because of the flavor the meats take on. There are some dishes that I just can not resist.

                                                     Chicken Fried Pork

                                               Chicken Fried Chicken


The following is a picture if something that is so wrong it defies description!!!

God never intended chicken to be made into sausage. Some one is going to rot in Culinary Hell for this one.

So do I want to listen to the cows??

Or get some loving from the pig??

As they say at that Good Old Southern Grocery Store Piggly Wiggly~~I AM STICKING WITH THE PIG!!

Pork Chops Tonight!!

Love ya,

PS...God I hate slow news days,,lol.

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