Friday, April 29, 2011

A Big Day For Great Britain~~A Big Night For Red River~~It's Friday!!

Well Kate and William are married and all of Great Britain is in celebration. Finally a Royal that can live up to Diana's legacy and do it quite well. I find Kate to be personable and by the way she has been reaching out to the everyday Brit, approachable. She brings a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stuffy household. But Hey! I am an American; what do I know? Hmmm! Lets see; Grat Britain I propose a trade. Kate and William for Barack and Michelle? PLEASE!!!

No I do not jest!!!!!!

                             Queen Elizabeth looked healthy and beautiful in yellow.

                                And Sir Elton John was stunning as uaual.

Thank God this is all over! Now on to really important stuff, lol.

Tonight at the Red River Saloon DJ Park  we will throw our own version of a Royal Affair. Believe me the outfits will be beautiful and the quests as varied as any human gathering can be.

DJ Thinkie Nicholls will start the night off at 3pm SLT followed by DJ Annie Lane at 4pm SLT. Friday Night at Red River is a tradition that has no match in Second Life.   Come by you will not regret it.

A final note! I will tabulate the vote result from 'Lana's Name That Cow Extravaganza'.

Love ya,

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