Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Can Not Find A Girl Friend In Second Life! Do I Need A Shirt?

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society", Mark Twain.

Have you ever wondered why some guys in Second Life are always complaining about being alone. There avatars are no different than any others(unless they want them to look strange on purpose). 

Yes it takes some money to dress well in Second Life. The availability of mesh clothes with hud driven fat packs allows you to look good without selling blood to a vampire clan for cash.

Looking good does not require a jacket and tie everyday. It does require a shirt. I realize all men want to show off their tattoos but if you dress well you will be able to show them off where it counts; in the bedroom. 

These are all examples of well dressed real life men(and yes they are all better looking and younger than me, lol).  I bet these guys do not sleep alone every night.

Second Life is no different. When your avatar looks good you feel good. You become more attractive to women. 

My advice~~invest in some decent clothes, put on a shirt, discover shoes and dress appropriately for your situation.

Before y'all ask, yes I do go about without a shirt on occasion but I am usually at a beach or event that calls for it.

Believe it or not; dressing well will improve your Second life experience. Dressing well shows that you not only have respect for yourself but you have respect for those around you.

No woman, in  real or second life, wants to be seen with a slob. 

Love ya,

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