Monday, July 10, 2017

Laughing~~The Best Medicine

"I know not all that will be coming, but be it what it will, I will go to it laughing."- Herman Melville, Moby Dick.

Last night I sat and listened to my real life roommate laughing her head off over her Second Life boy friend making his first journey into wearing mesh clothes.  Up to that point she had not been feeling very well and not sleeping very well. I could tell that the laughing was making her feel better and she woke up, this morning, from a good sleep in a great mood. Still smiling.

Laughter is a key to our well being.

I love to laugh. Subconsciously I believe that I pick my friends because they make me laugh. No matter how crappy your day is going a good laugh will turn it around. I use to think it was a good poop but laughter is better. Well maybe both are soul and body cleansing, lol.

"I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh".-Maya Angelou. That is so true. Life is a serious matter but if all we experienced is being serious our lives would be short and not worth living. My friends, my roommate and my Second Life girl friend make me laugh every day. That is why I will live on for many years.

So get funny friends, watch a little of the Three Stooges, and finish everyday with a laugh. Lord knows there is plenty to laugh at all around us.

I will leave you with this~~During World War I Sophie Tucker was dating a combat pilot named Ernie. On one of his furloughs he went to see Sophia and as loves will do they rushed up to the bedroom. He helped Sophie off with her clothes and laid her down on the bed. Then he set her pubic hair on on fire. Sophie screamed, 'Ernie what are you doing?'

Ernie answered, 'When Ernie goes down he goes down in flames'.

Love ya,

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