Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not Every Word Spoken Should Be Considered An Evil Intent

I am taking a chance here as I expect that by the time I publish this blog I will be called a sexist, racist, homophobic pig. But those accusations may actually prove my point.

I will start out by saying that, yes there are racists, homophobes and and sexists in this world. They tend to be closed minded, ill bred people that cling to archaic thoughts and ideals.

Basically they are the purveyors of hate and vitriol aimed at giving credence to their point of view.

I use to say that I only hatred stupid people but even that has been matured out of me. Life should teach us that everyone has a point of view and that we need to respect it. We do not have to agree with it.

I have four daughters, one transgender, who practice tolerance and a spice for life that amazes me. When children are young we are responsible for their education. Teaching them that they are free to develop their own thoughts and ideals. As the grew they taught me that hate was pointless and a waste of energy. Love learning from my children.

The little victories of my families view of hate is being over shadowed by people applying some form of hate, through accusations of racism, gender bias, homophobia, sexism, and hate speech.

Political hate speech in this country is out of hand. Accusations of intolerance are bandied about like hot dogs at a baseball game.

In my mind accusing someone of intolerance is the epitome of intolerance. Professing hate for someone, for any reason, is a ridiculous exercise.

These days we accuse people of things just because we find there political and social views not in tune with our own.

Not every word spoken is spoken with evil intent. If you spend your time searching for evil intentions ,in all you hear from someone that you disagree with, your life is being robbed of valuable energy that could be used to actually be tolerant.

If you follow the crowd just because it might be the popular thing to do you devaluate your own ability to form your own opinion.

Tolerance and love are gifts we need to pass on to our children.

I do not have the time to hate. What ever time I have left, in this life, screams for me to show tolerates for everyone.

Love you,

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